Where Household Management Begins

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Often, as homeschool moms we feel a little helpless.  Our day sort of happens to us rather than us controlling it.  Homeschooling at its most basic level creates a household that is full all day long rather than empty of children and adults during school hours.  Add in messes and meals, field trips and music lessons and next thing you know the day is full, the house is full and your life is full.

But there is one thing you can control in every aspect of your day as a homeschool mom –


That’s right!  Even when all else is crazy and hectic, you still have control over the one person you know best – yourself.

Your reactions, your attitudes, your motivations, your vision…all depend on YOU!

Tantamount to all of this is your relationship with Christ:

These commandments that I give you today are to be upon your hearts.
Deut 6:6
(emphasis mine)

One thing I love about homeschooling is that I can show my children that Scripture is the most important thing by which all else is judged.  While my own spiritual life is directly reflected in my homeschool day, I also have the express benefit of learning the things of God alongside my children.  I don’t have to be perfect, I just have to be teachable.

So, how does this apply to how I manage my home?

I will not be a good home manager if I am not first managing myself.  I need to be walking in the Spirit and displaying the fruits of that walk (Galatians 5).  I need to put aside laziness and selfishness and pride and put on a servant’s heart and the Proverbs 31 work ethic.  I need to humble myself and know when to say no, and gird up my loins and know when to say yes.

I will never get organized and run my household with wisdom, grace, and love if I do not work at it.  Paul says we are running a race, not taking a nap.  There is ACTION and forward movement in this analogy.

Running our household for the glory of God should never be a stale, stagnant thing, but rather a vibrant and active progression toward more and more of Christ, His ways, and His Truth!

Where can you start today?

With His Word!

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