Why Be an Organized Homeschool Mom?

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While I’m sure many of you do not need me to convince you that being an organized homeschool mom is a good idea, you may need that good strong shove over the edge to force you to begin.  Today is your shove…

Imagine Helen Homeschooler, if you will.  She is your age and has the same number of children you do.  Some days she is a stellar homeschooler and some days she is a stellar housekeeper, but those days are few and far between, and more often than not she can’t finish a lesson plan or put together a meal plan to save her life.  Her homeschool days are random and confusing.  Her home is a cluttered stressful place to be.  She rarely manages to throw together a decent meal and she calls for takeout more often than she cares to admit.  At night she drowns her sorrow in the internet or the television or the occasional organizational book (because she’s determined to keep trying), but the next morning as she hits the snooze button, she feels the weight of the world waking her up to yet another day of barely surviving.

Sometimes Helen thinks if she quit homeschooling all would be well, but she doesn’t really want to do that.  She wishes someone would tell her how to be the homemaker/homeschool mom she’s always wanted to be.

I’ve been Helen.  In fact, I’d venture to guess if you are reading this you might be Helen too.  And what you really want and need is for someone to tell you how to break this cycle.

The over-simplified, super boiled-down answer is to get organized and stay organized.  However first, we have to stop seeing the word organization as something only hyper Type A people do and out of our commoner reach.  We also have to stop seeing it as constricting and confining and start defining organization in terms of what we need it to be for our lives.

My mom’s organization as a widow living in a 2 bedroom home is not going to be the organization I need as a pregnant homeschool mom with a busy household.  I can’t compare my life to hers because its apple to oranges.

As homeschool moms, we have to look for ideas that other homeschool moms (preferably those with similar circumstances) have tried and found to be helpful.

So, what will being organized your way give you?

  • time
  • energy
  • confidence
  • vision
  • rest
  • peace

Write down why you want to be organized and what that looks like in your head…then be realistic and start writing small goals to get you there!

Download Day 2 Worksheet

This series is part of the Fall 2012 iHN Hopscotch.

5 Comments on Why Be an Organized Homeschool Mom?

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5 thoughts on “Why Be an Organized Homeschool Mom?

  1. Nice post Amy, Thanks! I think I have unrealistic assumptions about what an organized homeschool mom’s life/house/family should look like. I never measure up!
    Your post today brought to mind the talk you gave to some of us moms-of-many a few years back, the one on comparing ourselves.
    I like your worksheets — listing out our own personal to-do’s and necessaries is very helpful.

  2. Oh my its like you are speaking my language. I feel just like the mom you describe. on days were we are going to have company over, It takes me all day long to pick up my house, school does not get done, and I feel like I am racing the clock. By the time my company arrives the house looks great, but no real living was done, and I usually am coming out of my bedroom with wet hair and no make up to greet our company. Thank you so much for doing this series! I appreciate your blog very much!

  3. I am new to homeschooling and feel that my home is suffering. I have a neat freak for a husband and so there is extra pressure. He is great about it, but I see that little look when he comes home and it looks like a hurricane has hit our house! 9 weeks of homeschooling has completely erased the order of our home. I am really looking forward to the continuation of your series! Actually, if you could just email the whole thing to me that would be great :)