How to Stuff Your FuzziBunz Pocket Diapers {vlog}

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Many of you know that I almost exclusively use FuzziBunz for my toddlers.  All of my newer One-Size and One-Size Elite Fuzzi Bunz have come from Sweet Little Blessings, but I also have a stash of older style (now known as Perfect-Size) FuzziBunz that came to me used.

There are some definite differences between the old and new, starting with the fact that the old style required you to buy according to size while the new ones are a one size with adjustable button elastic.  Additionally, the new FuzziBunz are narrower, creating even less bulk (although in my opinion, FuzziBunz are some of the trimmest cloth diapers out there).  However, the narrow width causes a bit more difficulty when it comes to stuffing the insert into the pocket.

Because I still really like the FuzziBunz product (especially now that they come with minky inserts!) I wanted to share with you my no hassle method of stuffing not only the new One-Size FuzziBunz, but also the old style, as well as offer you some options for inserts if you happen to find yourself in need of more pocket diaper stuffers.

Below, is a vlog I did this past Friday right after we had finished our One Day Home Blessing, so you are getting me sans makeup, sans hair done, and sans decent clothing.  Oh, and you are also getting the treat (*snort*) of having my huge pregnant belly right in the middle of everything!  However, I knew if I did not do this vlog that very day, I would never get around to it.  So, I really hope you enjoy this!

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17 thoughts on “How to Stuff Your FuzziBunz Pocket Diapers {vlog}

  1. Do you have anymore videos on cloth diapering “how to’s”? I’m a visual learner and these are very helpful. We plan on cloth diapering for the first time when this baby arrives (with fuzzibunz) but I’m still not feeling confident.

  2. We have 8 children, and I am just starting to cloth diaper. I loved this video. Thank you so much! Any more info on cloth diapering, bring it on!! I have no idea what I am doing! I bought some cloth diapers for my toddler, and baby. I think they are pocket one size. Would love to learn more! Thanks!

  3. Thanks so much for the vlog! I love my fuzziBunz but I always have had trouble stuffing them! I have the new elite ones and never thought to turn it inside out! Since yesterday was diapers washing day, today is stuffing day, so I will definitely be using your cool method! Thanks!!

  4. Thank you!! We got some of the newer fuzzy bunz and especially my husband has an impossible time getting the inserts into them. This was a very helpful trick!

  5. I never thought to turn them inside out. I also figured I would never be able to get more that one insert into my fuzzi bunz elite. I am glad I watch the video. I prefer BG 4.0s, but thanks to your video I might buy some more FB elites. Thank You!

  6. Awesome Vlog!! We use pretty much only FB and BG’s….I’m so trying to inside our technique on wash day. I spend over 30 minutes stuffing and smoothing diapers just for them to get a crinkled up again.

  7. How many have you diapered at the same time? And would you recommend newborn diapers? My absolute favourite diaper is my Fuzzibunz but due to limited funds, we haven’t bought any yet.. I can’t seem to let myself let go of that kind of money for diapers. I’m still on the fence about purchasing some right now because I don’t know if it would be a waste, I exclusively cloth diaper my lil one (turning a year in 9 days) but I have my newest joy coming end of December beginning of January. My mom thinks our dates are close, (midwives are saying January 14th) hubby and I still swear that we will have her December.


    • Hi Lizzy! I have diapered 3 at one time (with the 3rd only being at night). I have used FuzziBunz for year and they have continued to be a favorite here for convenience and durability. I own some that have been through 6 children! I do not use them at night because I don’t like manmade fibers next to baby’s skin for that long of a time and I don’t use them on my newborns until about age 4 months because I prefer the fit of fitteds and covers at that age. I actually own very few newborn diapers because I tend to have large babies who go right into small sizes. I make a lot of my own small diapers and buy Bummis Super Whisper Wrap covers. I also like prefolds and wool covers for night time because they are natural fibers and protect from leaks quite well.

      My advice is to evaluate what you NEED right now and purchase those and then maybe ask for some “baby money” to purchase some of your WANTS. Less guilt that way. 😉
      Congratulations on the pending arrival of your new little one!

      • Thanks so much :) I’m wanting to try prefolds but I have no idea how to use them or anything, and I love fitteds as well.. Problem is LO right now is allergic to wool & fleece so I’m limited on what I can use on her bum. Hopefully the new one can use them. I’ll definitely do that, my plan was to have a diaper party instead of having a baby shower.. That way I get what I need.. Cause I really don’t actually need to anything else as we have 2 girls already :) and this one is a girl.

  8. Thank you for this vlog. I’ve been cloth diapering for years now- mostly I use prefolds or Kissaluvs with the Bummis whisper wraps. Alot of my diapers are getting worn out so I just purchased some of the new FuzziBunz for our 8th baby(she’s 2 weeks old). I had no idea how to stuff them- it seems so simple now. I do like my newborn Kissaluvs ( they’re so soft) and the whisper wrap for this newborn stage though as they aren’t as bulky as the FuzziBunz even though they say they fit all stages. Thanks again!