36 Weeks – Christmas Parties & a Little Bit of Progress

This time of year typically means Christmas parties and get togethers.  Thankfully, my sweet husband has made sure that as soon as I’m uncomfortable, we head back home.  (The photo above was taken right before we headed to a party last weekend.  I’m wearing a black velour outfit that feels as comfy as pajamas!)

For our Christmas celebrations this year, we are having everyone come to us rather than travel.  I have traveled before when I was due near Christmas, but not as far as we would have to travel this year, so we opted to invite everyone up here during the next week.

My mom will come for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (we’ll have our usual Christmas Eve Service here at home on Monday night.  Don’t forget you can get yours by becoming a Raising Arrows subscriber.  The link to the Christmas Eve Service will be at the bottom of the next email you receive from Raising Arrows, which should be tomorrow! :)  CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE! )

Ty’s mom, granny (you know, the one who gave me that fabulous whole wheat bread recipe!), as well as Ty’s brother and family will be here later in the week, with Ty’s dad coming on New Year’s Day, which also happens to be our little Micah’s 4th birthday!

After all that, I’ll be about 2 weeks out from delivery, give or take!  WOW!

Now, here’s the progress report, and for those men who might be reading this, it’s time for you to leave the room. :)

I had my GBS screen this past week, and since I won’t be going back to the OB for another couple of weeks, she went ahead and checked me for dilation and baby’s positioning.  Baby is head down and I’m dilated to a 1.5!  Both are great news.  Now, if we can just keep baby where he/she is supposed to be these next few weeks!

Have a blessed weekend all!

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14 thoughts on “36 Weeks – Christmas Parties & a Little Bit of Progress

  1. Does the whole wheat bread not have to rise until doubled then put in pans and rise again? That is what my recipe does.

  2. Fantastic news about the baby! Praying you and your family have a wonderful Christmas together. Can’t wait to hear about Baby’s arrival! :)

  3. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas at home! We’re at home this year too as everyone is a bit far away (8 and 12 hour drives) to handle at 31 weeks pregnant. Ours will be quiet as we don’t have any family coming, but it is still a welcome distraction as time for baby draws nearer, and I start getting impatient. Have a blessed Christmas!

  4. So glad everything is going well for you! I understand that sometimes it’s best to just let family and friends come to your home during the holidays. This year we’re forgoing the usual massive Christmas party and just taking it easy. Much happier all around.

  5. Lots going on in your life right now! (:>) Add a baby on top of all this and wowza…I can’t even imagine how you are doing it all! (:>) By God’s grace and a lot of prayer I imagine. I pray all goes well for you and yours Amy!

    Merry Christmas!

    Love, Linda

    • Ha! I actually feel like I am nearly standing still compared to my usual pace. I kind of like the fact that pregnancy slows me down and I get to just sit and soak it all in. :)

  6. I don’t comment very often although I follow your blog. I just had to say- man, you take such good pictures! I am not kidding. Everytime you post a picture I think, she looks so nice. I’m one of those who, when pregnant, always gets the comments, “oh, you look so tired.” Even when I’m well rested, feel great, and have taken my time on hair and makeup!!! Anyway, glad things are progressing well with your pregnancy. Merry Christmas!

  7. Aww…Amy, you two are so cute together! I’m praying for you and am so thankful to ‘know’ you. May the Lord bless you and keep you as you celebrate this CHRISTmas season.
    Love to you in the Lord,

  8. Merry Christmas to your family. I hope you get to relax and play together and have great fellowship, making new and wonderful memories. We are heading to the mountains in search of a white Christmas this year! I’m looking forward to our down time, which hopefully includes doing our new puzzle & game, and hopefully a Christmas movie or two… with chocolate added in of course!
    I can’t believe you are so close to having the baby! It’s so exciting and I anticipate the arrival and the unveiling of this little person. Talk about the anticipation of unwrapping a gift :)