37 Weeks – And Suddenly, She Decides to Get Organized!

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Christmas Eve it happened.

I was sitting there, minding my own business, when I suddenly felt like I needed to organize my life.

3½ weeks to my due date and I’m going to get organized…makes me chuckle.  It must just be that time of year!  Or I’m nesting. 😉

I did manage to refrain from spending all Christmas Eve and Christmas Day immersed in school books and cleaning charts, but now I’m in the middle of it, telling myself not to overdo it!  However, I must say, it does feel good to be productive!  I know there is no way I can implement much of what I’m planning until after baby is here, but at least I have more of an outline and a place to start than I did a month ago.

I wanted to let you know about a few organization-related sales going on right now as well as some tools I use for getting organized.  I’m sure there will be more with this being the ultimate organizational season!  (In fact, there is one I am really excited about coming January 1, but I can’t say anything more than that.  I’ll let you know more on that day!)


The Weekly Homeschool Planner from Homeschool Creations is on sale for $12 until December 31.  This planner is completely customizable, so you can reuse it year after year!  Use code ORGANIZE13 to get your $8 off!

2013 Daily Planner smallThe Homemaker’s Friend Daily Planner is offering FREE SHIPPING!  This book is a simple, easy-to-use planner that doesn’t clutter mom’s life with extras she doesn’t need.  I keep mine on my kitchen island.

My friend Sarah from Sidetracked Sarah has started a new thing on Wednesday afternoons called Stop Procrastinating! She and I used to do the 15 minute cleaning sessions she talks about and it really is quite rewarding, so consider joining her!


The Homemaker's Guide to Creating the Perfect Schedule


And don’t forget my Homemaker’s Guide to Creating the Perfect Schedule Deluxe Edition which includes how-to help for creating a household schedule AND a homeschool schedule!  Only $4.99!


I’ll also be getting the car seat ready and packing a hospital bag this coming week.  Not that I anticipate going early, but I do have quite a drive to my OB’s office and if for some reason I should need to stay in town, I want to be ready.  I’ll share my list next week after I’ve thought through everything I need.  In the meantime, feel free to share with me any essentials you take to the hospital!

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32 thoughts on “37 Weeks – And Suddenly, She Decides to Get Organized!

  1. Hi Amy- first of all Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones! And thank you for your uplifting messages and great advice to us fellow moms!
    Apart from the obvious (bathrobe/toiletries/babygear) I would take a pair of dangling earrings (if you wear them) and a beautiful necklace- for those first pictures of you & baby. You might feel tired and sore but these will make you feel beautiful instantly and you will want to smile even more!
    And why not bring a framed picture of your entire family- you will definately miss them even if it’s only one day until they come visit you in hospital!
    All the best to you!

  2. Hi Amy! Happy Nesting! Is it nesting, or do you have that urge every year at Christmas to get the presents and decor where it belongs? I do that, and am in that phase of life right now. I try to supress it and continue to enjoy the Christmas season and the lights and the tree. But sometimes I just want the house to be less full.

    • I think it is a little of both. We still have two more Christmas celebrations, then I’ll start taking down the decorations and getting things ready for baby to come home!

  3. Oh, I wanted to ask – do you feel all those organizational tools are necessary and complimentary to one another, or do they duplicate each other? If you could have just one of those tools, which would you choose?

    On packing for the hospital, I too took pillows like Rebecca, and my fleece tie blanket has been to the past three deliveries. I am never warm in the hospital. And we take a fan for white noise – even in December. Maybe that is why I am never warm! :)

    • They are not the same since one is homeschool and one is homemaking. My book is more of a how to and then you choose how to implement it. I would lean more toward the homeschool lesson planner, but only bc that is where I typically need the most planning. I use the daily planner as a place to jot down notes to myself, which is why it is on my island. Hope that helps!

  4. I also make a list of last minute things to put in my bag (and the kids -they go to the grandparents) such as camera, phone chargers because on a normal day I’m forgetful, so that helps me. And this is a given, but I have forgotten a baby book before. I really don’t fill much out in it anymore, but I like to have their footprints in them and so much easier to have the hospital do it than me remember when I get home.

  5. I always buy new slippers to take to the hospital. I hate those terrible socks they provide you with. I usually just get a cheap pair at Walmart, nothing fancy. It actually started when I had to be in the hospital for something else and my hubby bought me slippers and flowers. It was so nice to have them, I’ve been doing it every since with all my births. :) I also bring comfy clothes to change into for the day or two of staying there to recover. Hospital gowns are fine for giving birth, but once I’m feeling like I can get up and take a shower, I would much rather hang out in yoga pants and soft shirt of my own. As you can tell, I’m all about being comfortable!

    I’m so excited for you! I will be praying for your upcoming delivery and the adjustment that will follow.

  6. Since this is not your first baby you probably already know these tricks but I thought I would share….I always take the thermal care hot pads for cramps, the ones that heat up when you open the pkg. I get horrible afterbirth pains and my last hospital birth, they would not let me use my rice sack because someone had started a fire in the microwave and thus now only food was allowed to be heated up. I also always buy a pkg of depends undergarments for the first few days, it is so much easier to just throw it away and get a new one and then you don’t ruin all your underwear, plus they sit very high on your tummy to help keep that heat pad in place. I just found out that baby number 5 will be coming in September, I sure wish I was near the end already like you:)

  7. I keep a brand new toothbrush for both me and my husband in the bag so that they’re not forgotten. The last thing you need while concentrating in labor is to notice and be distracted by bad breath anywhere nearby. :) Also a spare toothpaste, chapstick, and I enjoy having my own water cup. Heating pads came in handy right after I had my last, and I was so glad I’d packed them for those after pains. Fresh pajamas to feel pretty in afterwards, (nothing light colored though) and my lightweight housecoat, which didn’t take too much room but was so much better than a backwards hospital gown. I always buy a fresh pair of cozy/pretty socks, in case my feet get cold, but that can be laundered easily as well. I bring my own roll of soft toilet paper, as hospital grade stuff can be pretty harsh, and after a particular gross experience in one room once I often bring lysol wipes so that I can disinfect a few surfaces in the bathroom if I so chose. So excited for your coming day. God bless you.

  8. So excited for you! I always take my little baby nail scissors. They don’t have anything there to trim baby nails with (!?!?) and I just hate seeing those teensy scratches on a new little one’s face! Random, I know, but so nice to have if you need them for the babe. And I second the yoga pants and comfy shirt. I always felt more like a real person in clothes rather than those terrible gowns. Will be praying for great health, great joy and safe delivery for you and the baby!

    • I’ve heard legally, they cannot have nail clippers for your baby. I had a reader suggest using a soft sponge type Emory board on my last baby bc I am no good with the clippers anyway! It worked great!

  9. We packed our favorite movie during our last baby!! We made it date night after baby came and just enjoyed the time with only one kiddo around;) My only suggestion is don’t choose one too emotional or too long. We chose a LONG movie and we really wanted to finish it… LOL!! So we missed some precious sleep time :/

  10. FOOD! I can’t stand hospital food that isn’t the least bit natural hello jello for breakfast after popping a baby out or having it cut out seams to be the healthiest meal for healing :X lol But seriously I eat organic/natural food and I know you have been making changes with your diet, and healthy food is so important after major “trauma” to your body!
    Also maybe and mp3 player or cd player to listen to hymns/spiritual music on?
    I like outfits for the babies to wear :)
    Definitely pictures of your family! I would miss mine dearly too!
    I third chapstick hospitals are so dry! And coconut oil for the baby!
    Cloth diapers?
    If you do breastfeeding maybe supplies like breast pads, nipple cream (I so could have used that last time!) stuff like that
    Maybe a little gift to give your other kids for the babies new arrival? I only have one little one right now and with our next one she will definitely get a gift, but I know some people aren’t really into that.
    Hmmm…sorry I’m writing a book I just needed a lot more stuff then I thought the last time I was at the hospital!
    OH I FORGOT Your Bible! You may get to do some nice quiet reading there :)

  11. I liked to take a nice notebook and thankyou notes and birth announcements. We usually made ours, and I would love to sit and write my newborns name over and over! :)

  12. Definitely nesting!! :)

    For my last baby that I had in the hospital, I didn’t take anything. I figured I would just wear the clothes I took off since I would be going home right away. And my hubby brought me some extra underwear and the camera. For my kids I took less and less each time since I didn’t use most of it. I do wish I had taken my own pillow and an extra blanket or socks since the hospital beds are not that comfortable and always cold. Oh, and bring snacks since they don’t give you anything during labor and you need to keep your strength up. I forgot last time.

    But the last baby I had at home so I literally had the kitchen sink! LOL :)
    Congratulations on being close to the end!