How To Plan a Delight Directed Curriculum

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NOTE:  Before reading this post and downloading the worksheets, I’d suggest you read through the previous posts in the series to get a good grasp on what a Delight Directed Homeschool is and how it can work in your home.

Today, I’m offering 2 worksheets to help you with planning your Delight Directed Curriculum.  One is a Delight Directed Planning page and the other is a Delight Directed Unit Study Planning page.


A few tips to planning your Delight Directed Homeschool and using these worksheets to do so:

  1. Be aware interests in children (especially young children) change quickly and often.
  2. Plan by semester, rather than by year.
  3. Borrow any resources you can before you commit to buying them.
  4. Utilize your library.
  5. Utilize the internet.

So, without further ado, here are your downloads:

Delight Directed Planning

Delight Directed Unit Study Planning


You can also find other curriculum planning guides from other bloggers at iHomeschoolNetwork today!  Just click this link and look for any that interest you!

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4 thoughts on “How To Plan a Delight Directed Curriculum

  1. Amy ~

    Happy New Year and thanks for hosting Welcome Home. I pray that 2013 holds many times to learn from and encourage one another, as we love the Lord more.

    Blessings ~


  2. Amy, this series on Delight Directed Learning has blessed my heart so much! Today, we did our first day of DDL. At supper tonight, my hubby asked my son how was school today, and my son replied: We didn’t do any school today!

    I whispered in hubby’s ear we did. :) Because we did DDL and focused on Botany (my son’s love and passion), he didn’t feel like we were “doing school.” Success!!!!