Manly Christmas Mantel

I shared with you our manly autumn mantel earlier this year.  Well, as we were taking it down to do our Christmas decorating, my husband asked if I would put together something using the antlers for Christmas too.

Last year, we attended a family Christmas party as a cousin’s house that was decorated with a beautiful array of burnt oranges, golds, and pheasant feathers.  I’ve wanted to recreate that all year, but wasn’t sure I could pull it off.  But, with my husband blessings and a trip to Hobby Lobby, I managed to pull together something that incorporated the wildlife my husband enjoys and the beauty of the season!

At Hobby Lobby, I bought 2 groupings of burnt orange poinsettias and 2 groupings of gold with berries and pinecones.  I also bought several pheasant feathers.  My husband cut all the poinsettias from their stem so I could easily work with them.  I had this oval basket on hand and liked how it went with the colors in the arrangement.

Above the fireplace, I took what poinsettias I had leftover from the basket along with a few pheasant feathers, a bit of garland, and an antler or two to make a simple display.

As you have surely noticed from other photos, I have a very 60’s mantel with 3 stairstep stones jutting out of the wall.  While this is not your ordinary mantel, you could most definitely incorporate this look into a traditional mantel quite easily.

Even though not every man is into hunting the way my husband is, I’d encourage you to find a way to incorporate the uniqueness of your family into the decor of your home.  If you are looking for some ideas on how to do this, I have a series of posts about creating beauty in your bedroom and brainstorming how to combine your tastes with your husband’s tastes that can help you decorate throughout your home.

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6 thoughts on “Manly Christmas Mantel

  1. LOVE IT! I had a feeling I might see something ‘deer’ related….lol – now if I can just do that in my house, I know my dh would be ecstatic…. maybe I’ll surprise him tonight!

  2. I loved the autumn decor and I love this Christmas/winter one too!!! My whole family hunts (including our 4 girls) so any wildlife decor is awesome in my book 😉 I always put a santa hat on my hubby’s bear mount and my kids think it’s hilarious. He just got a buck back from the taxidermist…..maybe a trip to the dollar store is in order…lol

  3. I don’t know about my husband…he enjoys hunting, but I wouldn’t call it a passion. However, my 11 y.o. son would LOVE this. He is very into hunting and anything involving antlers would surely please him! By the way, I think your mantle is pretty neat…good character =)