The Winner of the Lilla Rose Giveaway and Misty’s Diagnosis

The winner of the Lilla Rose Gift Certificate is…

Angie Aluni


And I wanted to thank all of you so much for praying for Misty and her family.  Two days ago Misty received a final diagnosis after extensive testing and interventive methods to restore her health.  She has Lyme Disease.  As you can imagine, there is relief in a conclusive diagnosis, but so much ahead of her from here.  None of this comes without a price tag, so again, I ask that if you are able to support her in her Lilla Rose business this Christmas, it would be very much appreciated.




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2 thoughts on “The Winner of the Lilla Rose Giveaway and Misty’s Diagnosis

  1. Hi Amy,
    I’ve been reading your blog now for about a month… found it as I was searching for some help with our homeschooling as we are going through a difficult season right now. It has been very helpful. One of the reasons the season is difficult is I have just been diagnosed with Lyme’s Disease as well. I just wanted to have you let your friend know that if she ever wants to talk about Lyme or needs help navigating the waters, that I would love to chat. I have a blog I just started about it at and also a fb page The Lyme Project. Thanks Amy for all you do on your blog.