You Have a Large Family, So You Must Be Organized!

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I’ve come to realize people look at large families and assume they all started out organized, and because of their tremendous organizational skills, the Lord blessed them with a ton of kids.


If anything, having a large family throws you headlong into the world of organization, whether you like it or not…whether you are good at it…or not.

Being organized has never come easy to me.  I’m really good at seeing the problem, not so good at fixing it.  That’s why I love getting together with other large family moms and picking their brains and watching them run their households.  And every now and then, in a moment of unexpected brilliance, I come up with something on my own like our Van Seating Chart.  (Yay me!)

While I know many larger-than-average families who aren’t even remotely organized, I do know my fair share who are, and apparently, even my own grandmother thinks I’m quite organized!  That got me thinking about how even the organizationally-challenged mothers of many, like myself, end up looking like organizational divas.

*Chaos control – It naturally stands to reason that the more children you add to a family, the easier it will be for chaos to ensue.  I don’t know many moms who like chaos, so those of us who would like to avoid living in chaos, find ways to control it.  It can be something as simple as color-coding the children’s things to something as major as creating full-blown schedules.

*Finding things – Take the issue of finding a matching pair of shoes for one child and multiply that exponentially.  Huge headache.  Moms of many learn to have a place for everything and occasionally everything is in its place.

*My brain on paper – I make lists for everything.  It’s the only way I can keep track of anything.  Moms of many often have a planner they can use or a dry erase board or household binders.  We utilize everything we can to keep our brains straight and our day moving forward.

*Many hands make light work – As the children age, there are more hands to help out and more creative minds to organize and plan and execute.  The organization in my house isn’t all me by any means!

So, as you can see, I’m not some organization expert.  I’m just a mom of many who has kept learning and growing as her family has grown.  Being a mom of many has made me hungry for creative solutions for every single snag I encounter.  I try things, I tweak them, I make them mine and then I run with them!  So, please don’t think my organizational skills have qualified me for this job as a mom of many.  God called me to this.  He’s equipping me every day for this.

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5 thoughts on “You Have a Large Family, So You Must Be Organized!

  1. Ha! I get that comment alot, “You must be SO organized.” In reality, I’m alot like you in that organization does not come naturally to me. I’m spontaneous, creative, and messy. I have made so much progress in my 16 yrs. of parenting, but I have so much further to go. My 16 yo dd is FAR more organized than I am. I love utilizing her organizational skills now, besides she will clean out a closet for the mere price of one FRAPPUCCINO :) and I get a date w/ my daughter, win/win! Also, I’ve found my dh is good at organizing so I can ask him to help w/ things and he can help me set up a process. Our current “Chore Team” schedule is his brain-child and it works well Thanks for the tips Amy.

  2. Thanks for your honest post. I always marvel at big-family-mums and how they do what they do! There is so much to learn for me, especially how to be efficient and keep up with doing housework. I sometimes have a hard time to motivate myself – reading blogs and searching the internet can be very addictive. Therefore, I just stop reading NOW and tackle something on my to-do-list! Regards and thanks for your encouraging blog – Beate

  3. Organization has been very heavy on my heart. I have 3 young children and it seems the older they get the more chaotic the mess becomes. I am working towards an organized well-structured home but it seems to be very slow in progressing. I am finding that teaching the older ones (5 & 3) a few simple chores is helping in some areas. Thank you for sharing your tips!