38 Weeks – Time to Hibernate

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New Year’s Eve, we received a beautiful blanket of snow.  New Year’s Day we had company and the day after I had an OB appointment.  Yesterday, I began my hibernation phase.

I do this every time I have a baby. While I still go out a bit, I typically stop driving (my belly is against the steering wheel!) and I slow down all outside activities, barring doctor’s appointments and the occasional just-for-fun trip out and about (like today, when I get to go pick out a new rocking chair!).  Meals become simplified and Ty does all the shopping.  (Last night, he picked up most of what we will need for the next 2 weeks and found a nice surprise of milk at a $1.99 at ALDI!)

I did change my mind and decide to do a little bit of school with the kids as a distraction for all of us.  As always, I am tweaking and revising and working toward a tailor-made education for each of my children.  My oldest two are also hard at work doing TeenPact assignments.  (This is a fantastic Christian program that teaches children the ins and outs of government in a God-honoring way.  You can also definitely count this as a government credit for your homeschool!)

While 2 weeks until Baby Day sounds so close, there are moments when it seems quite far away.  I am feeling VERY ready to be holding this babe in my arms.  I am anxious to see what he or she looks like, I am excited to have a new little one in the house, and the children are nearly beside themselves with anticipation!

And then, there is always the thought of…What if I go overdue???

Once upon a time, my due date was my due date.  I always delivered within a day or two (or right on) my due date.  Clockwork, you might say.  After Emily’s death, things changed.  I had fears to work through, and I honestly believe many of those fears kept me from laboring well.  As Baby Day approaches, I have had to be very diligent in praying for this baby and for my labor and delivery.  I am human, and must continue to give things over to God even when it seems I have conquered those things.

So, as I begin this hibernating and waiting game, I might be a bit more scarce here and other places online.  I find my mind wanders a lot and I have much bigger things to think about than emails and facebook statuses.  You might notice my posts are not as meaty and there are more guest posts, but it is all for good reason…I’m growing another human being and that human being is nearly here!

Have a blessed weekend!
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15 thoughts on “38 Weeks – Time to Hibernate

  1. Wow Amy 2 weeks. I know i shouldn’t be jealous but I am I still have a little over 12 weeks 2 weeks seems like it will never be here for me.

    Praying for you and baby these next few weeks.

  2. Amy, my prayers are with you! Enjoy the wonderful, yet tiresome, last two weeks. Pregnancy and birth are such miraculous things! God bless you & your family!

  3. Hi Amy! I am happy that you’re almost there. I pray that everything goes well during labor and delivery. I am 30 weeks and wish I was 38 weeks! I know that I’ll be there soon but it just seems like the weeks are slowly passing. Congratulations and God Bless!

  4. Hibernate away. We’ll be right here waiting with bated breath for news of that little one. Blessings on you and yours as your walk these final steps of the baby journey.

  5. praying for your family! I understand all too well the fears that come…..and pray God will calm and comfort you. I am pregnant again after two miscarriages…and fear is a daily battle! Take care and get plenty of rest!

  6. I’m praying that you and baby will be just fine during labor and delivery. I wish you well during the hibernating phase. I’m 28 weeks along and sometimes delivery day seems like it’s right around the corner, and other times it seems so far away. Hang in there and enjoy your new babe!