A Raising Arrows Recap on 2012

Family photo in ColoradoI usually post my recap prior to the changing over of the new year, but I just couldn’t get it all together this year.  However, last night I didn’t sleep well at all (after sleeping a whopping 9 hours the night before!), so rather than sit and fidget, I set my fingers to typing!  So, here’s your 2012 Raising Arrows recap!  Enjoy!

January –
The year started off in a way I would never have planned for myself.  After losing a baby at Thanksgiving, I found I was pregnant again by Christmas time.  However, I carried that knowledge around in secret here on the blog because we soon learned, the baby would not live this side of Heaven.  I blogged about not baby-proofing the house and I started a new link up, even offering a free mini-ebook on my Facebook page and a Homemaking From the Heart package on my Subscriber Freebie page.  I was keeping busy so I wouldn’t have to sit and think about anything.

Some of my most highly-trafficked posts came during that month.  Among them were my FREE Fruit of the Spirit devotional for young children, my Murphy’s Law for Mom post, and my Large Family Napkins post (which ended up featured on ParentHacks.com).

I also began to feel very strongly about the need to encourage homemakers and homeschooling moms even more than I had been doing here on Raising Arrows.  So, I focused my energies there and kept putting one foot in front of the other.

February –
Not only did I know I would eventually miscarry, I also had to pack up and move for the second time in just at a year.  The blessing of it all was that we were now in the country!  After waiting 3 weeks for my body to finally recognize my pregnancy was over, I miscarried as we grieved the 4th anniversary of the loss of our precious Emily.

After all the upheaval, I decided to throw myself into writing a couple of series posts on things I truly enjoyCloth Diapering and Blogging.  I also geared up to announce a new blog project – HomeschoolBlogging.com.  I was still trying to keep my mind and hands busy while helping others in an area where I saw a need.


March –
After the launch of HomeschoolBlogging.com, I started revamping things around the house, which led to the most trafficked post on Raising Arrows this year (thanks to Pinterest) – Homemade Liquid Laundry Detergent Gets An Upgrade.  (And yes, this is the detergent I continue to use.)  I also redid my household binders and added to our routine one of the biggest and best changes our household has seen in a long time – a One Day House Cleaning!

My homemade laundry detergent

I also revamped our homeschool to include more nature walks and encouraged other homeschool moms to avoid curriculum guilt and stop seeing homeschooling extras as extras, but rather to invest in their child’s interests as much as they invest in their “traditional education.”

April –
Ty and I had the pleasure of attending the first ever Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention in March where we snagged this interview with Doug Phillips.  And it was the bar soap in the hotel at the convention that prompted me to figure out a way to use leftover soaps by turning them into liquid hand soap.

I shared with all of you our big weekend of celebrating Passover, Resurrection Sunday, and an Egyptian Feast for school as well as how I had found shopping one store to often be the most frugal way to shop.  I also wrote a 10 day series on Homeschooling the Large Family.

And after speaking at the 2:1 Homeschool Blogging Conference in Washington, D.C., I began to suspect I might be pregnant again…but my lips were sealed. 😉

May –
I launched my Homeschooling With Purpose ebook and finally got around to giving you a tour of our new home.  I was obviously doing a lot of soul-searching this month too as I wrote posts like When You Know You’ve Messed Up and A Little ME Management and UNdomestic.  I also hopped up on my soapbox about the Self-Righteous Mommy and the Defensive Doing Too Much Mommy.

I had also just gotten an iPad, so I was thrilled to find some great FREE homeschooling books I needed.  And I introduced you to my favorite preschool curriculum…just letting your little ones marvel and wonder at the world around them!  I also had the pleasure of talking about how to keep dad the head of the household when he is away.

Ty deployed

June –
I announced I was pregnant and promptly disappeared from the blog as morning sickness got the better of me.  I did manage to eek out a few posts, including a post on how you do not need to have a perfect understanding of Scripture to be able to teach it to your children and my oh-so-controversial post on the fact that my children actually LIKE being homeschooled.  It was also in June our family said goodbye to an amazing man…my grandpa.

Grandpa and Micah

July –
I began to feel better as I came out of my first trimester of pregnancy and decided to get my household back on track with a couple of new seating charts – one for meals and one for the van.  I told you what moms of many think about when all is {relatively} calm, what you needed to know before you came over to my house for coffee, how to make a travel toothbrush holder, and the ever-popular 10 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Homeschooling.

August –
I hit the halfway point in my pregnancy and told you why I thought my protein intake had helped my morning sickness.  I also jumped back on my soapbox for a little rant about Baby Bashers.  I made a Mom I Want To Be List and found some great old Christian Classics on Kindle for FREE!


September –
I ushered in Autumn a little early and gave you posts with our Autumn Pancake recipe, our Caramel Apple Party, and our Manly Fall Mantle.  I answered the burning question: Do Moms of Many Have More Patience? and gave you some ideas for homeschooling outside the box.  Then, I proceeded to touch a few nerves with posts like

October –
I introduced you to my Mommy Closet and showed you a display I had put together of my daughter Emily’s funeral program and flowers from her casket spray.  I left the 2nd trimester behind and asked you if you had a child who could never be “good enough” in your eyes.  I did a series on Home Management for the Homeschool Mom and launched my ebookThe Homemaker’s Guide to Creating the Perfect Schedule.  I also started Ask Amy as a way to keep up with my inbox and answer reader questions.  I should have known my very first Q&A would end up being incredibly controversial!

The Homemaker's Guide to Creating the Perfect Schedule

November –
We braved the stomach flu and geared up for the holiday season with a Little House on the Prairie theme, a list of meaningful gifts, as well as ideas for remembering your loved ones during Christmas.  I also did a vlog (video) on how to stuff FuzziBunz diapers that featured me un-makeup-ed and messy-haired me!  ACK!

December –
I told you how to make your own cough syrup, showed you our manly Christmas mantle, and told you a couple of newlywed cooking stories.  I did a series on Delight Directed Homeschooling, gave you some insight into boys and bad attitudes, as well as what it is like to be an older mom.  I also wrote from the heart on the lessons Christians needed to learn from the shootings in Connecticut.

super man

 What a year!  Thank you, Lord and I ask your blessings over 2013!

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2 thoughts on “A Raising Arrows Recap on 2012

  1. I came across your website as I was searching for ‘how did the mother of Jesus deal with the loss of her child’. I awoke at 3:24 am, and had been crying for hours. My 30 year old son BJ died May 13, 2011. I am filled with gratitude for finding your website!