Organize Your Entire Life & a Decluttering Book From My Favorite Expert!

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I am thrilled to be able to offer you 2 wonderful organizing related ebooks today that are top notch!

First up…

POYELHere’s the organizing ebook I mentioned being so excited about on Friday!

When I was asked if a link to my Age Appropriate Chore List could be a part of the new ebook Project Organize Your Entire Life, I had no idea just how phenomenal this book would be! There is so much practical, easily digestible information packed in this book, you will want to get started immediately!  (Remember me, the organizationally nesting pregnant lady?! 😉 )

Here’s a little more info on the book:

  • Step-by-Step action plans for conquering some of the biggest obstacles to living the simplified life: decluttering, cleaning, organizing, meal planning and more.
  • Customizable strategies for it all. We€™re of the belief that one size does NOT fit all. Which is why the quick start guide is full of resources for a variety of lifestyles, schedules, and personalities.
  • A built-in support network.  Yeah, we know, a support system for organizing? Sounds a little over the top €“ but you€™d be surprised how motivating a facebook group of over 4,000 fellow simplifiers can be.
  • No unattainable goals, only real-life expectations.  If there€™s one thing we€™ve learned, it€™s that simplifying and organizing is a journey, not a destination.  So we€™ve set up our quick start guide accordingly.  By offering lots of different strategies for tackling a problem, we€™re arming you with the tools you need to be successful when life changes on you.
  • Bonus Material: We€™re also teamed up with our favorite meal planning service to offer everyone who buys the eBook an exclusive 20% discount code €“ it€™ll make dinner prep a snap!

Right now, the book is selling for
however, you can get it for
15% off
with this special code just for Raising Arrows readers:

(expires January 7th)

Click here
to peruse the Table of Contents & order your copy!
I’m already digging in!

POYELAnd then, I found out my friend Dana from A Slob Comes Clean has written a Decluttering ebook you will not want to miss!

drowning-2501The best part of her ebook, Drowning in Clutter?, is that you can trust what she says because she has transformed her own home and her own thoughts on clutter and genuinely wants to see you succeed.  There is something comforting and motivating in having someone who knows exactly how you feel cheering you on!

Drowning in Clutter? is on sale for only
$3.00 through January 2nd
and then $4.00 until the end of the month.

Click here to order your copy & see her packaged deal!

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6 thoughts on “Organize Your Entire Life & a Decluttering Book From My Favorite Expert!

  1. I tried to use the “arrows” coupon code for Project Organize Your ENTIRE Life” and it said ‘invalid code.’ Any suggestions? Isn’t January 1 AWESOME for getting life out of chaos mode? I love new beginnings!!!