Thinking of Starting a Blog in 2013?

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Over the last several weeks, I have gotten several inquiries from readers asking how I got started blogging.  Early last year, I wrote a series of posts I think would be quite helpful for those of you looking to start a blog in 2013, so I’m reposting the link to that series along with some resources I feel are very beneficial in helping set your feet on the right path.

Christian Mom's Guide to BloggingYou can also peruse the Blogging Category here on the blog to read all the posts I’ve written that have to do with blogging.

If you find you still have questions, feel free to send them to me at Amy @ RaisingArrows (dot) net and I’ll either answer them directly or here on the blog if I think others could benefit from the answer.

Here is a list of resources to help you get started, but also to help you grow your blog and reach a wider audience.

affiliate linkaffiliate linkaffiliate linkmake-money-blogging-coverI also highly recommend sites like:

And I would love to see you at the 2:1 Conference where I’ll be speaking on Building a Blog That Reaches Out.

buttonspeaking{I’ll be sharing more about this topic and the conference next week}

There’s a bit to get you started!  And don’t hesitate to email me.  I can’t answer each question individually off blog, but it’s likely you have some of the same questions other readers have and I can answer them here on Raising Arrows.  So, tell me what you’d like to hear more of regarding the topic of blogging!

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8 thoughts on “Thinking of Starting a Blog in 2013?

  1. This is all in fun – but clearly you have lost your mind – you just ENCOURAGED peopled to email you in the last two weeks of your pregnancy…
    Thank you for the information and for your generous spirit!!!!

  2. Were you reading my mind, Amy? 😉 Lol. Thank you for this post. I just put this topic in my planner as one of my goals to pray about in 2013. I might be a little over ambitious since it’s only been a few months that I started following blogs. I even just joined Pinterest two weeks ago, lol! Anyhow, thank you so much for all your posts. I know they are absolutely Christ-centered because the Lord has a message for me through you almost daily. God bless you and your family!