Shopping Azure Standard as a Frugal Way to Eat Healthy

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Today, I’m writing at on eating healthy in a frugal way.  One of the things I mention is ordering from Azure Standard.

I’ve been familiar with Azure for many years, but I never ordered from them until this past year.  Part of the reason I never ordered was because I was afraid it was too complicated.  So, I thought today I’d take some time to demystify Azure and give you some tips on making ordering easier, plus introduce you to the family behind the trucking company that handles the Midwest area orders.

First of all, what is Azure Standard?  You can read how their company came into existence here.  Basically, they are a bulk food company out of Oregon.  The food is trucked all over the country via private trucking companies like the Christian family-owned and operated Covenant Ranch Trucking, who delivers my order every month.  (For a listing of routes CRT delivers to CLICK HERE.  For a listing of all Azure drops, CLICK HERE.)

So, how do you order from Azure?  If there is a drop near you, you can sign up as a customer for that drop via the Azure Standard website.  If there is not a drop near you or you would like establish a new one, please read this information and/or contact Covenant Ranch Trucking or Azure Standard. (you can reach CRT via email here: CovenantRanchTrucking at gmail dot com)

To order from Azure, you need to be purchasing at least $50 worth of product each time.  However, you don’t have to order every month.  The food comes in bulk quantities, so it is perfect for larger families, but if you are not able to use up as much as is packaged, you can split an order with someone else (often drop sites have a facebook page or yahoo email group that makes it easy to find someone who would be willing to split an order with you.)

So, you have your account set up, now what?

The simplest way I’ve found to keep track of what I need is to use my online shopping cart as my list.  Anytime I find I need something, I throw it into my cart and it stays there until I am ready to finalize my order and pay for it.  I get an email notice telling me the deadline is nearing, so I don’t accidentally miss it.  The next week, on the scheduled route drop off day and time, my husband or I show up to grab our order off the truck.  It’s that simple!

What do I order from Azure?

I order a multitude of items from coconut oil to palm shortening to whole wheat pastry flour.  Next time, I’ll be ordering almond four and flax meal because I have a serious addiction to the Muffin in a Mug from Trim Healthy Mama! 😉

So…how would you like to meet the family behind Covenant Ranch Trucking?  Here they are:

The Wood Family

 Wood Family

The Wood Family, including Jeanette’s parents who will soon be living on the farm with them.

Hi, my name is Jeanette Wood. My husband, Joseph, and I operate Covenant Ranch Trucking LLC, along with our 11 children.

If you€™re interested in saving money and eating Real Food then we just might be of interest to you. In 2010 our family started hauling organic and natural food for Azure Standard to 14 of the Midwest states.

We love working with families who are just learning of Azure or wanting to develop a drop in their community. No town is too small for us to come to delivery too. If there is enough interest , we€™re willing to bring you your groceries each and every month. To learn more about the Wood family please visit us at:

Our family lives in Topeka, KS on 16 acres where we enjoy fresh air and farm life. We have multiple fruit trees, a growing garden, and many livestock to tend to each day. We have been home educating our children for the last 19 years. Joe, my husband has driven truck for 28 years; he is the owner of Covenant Ranch Trucking LLC. and I tend to the endless paperwork and record keeping that owning a trucking company requires. I also help develop new routes, set up drops and any other customer service needs that might come up.  Several of the children go with Joe to help unload the truck, making multiple stops across the Midwest. Bethany, Joe€™s second oldest daughter, helps in the office with phone calls, emails and customer assistance.

Please, take a moment to connect with Covenant Ranch Trucking and the Wood Family!  (and don’t miss the story of why Jeanette signs her name Mrs. Joseph Wood – I LOVE this story!)

Covenant Ranch Trucking

Joe & Jeanette Wood & Family

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One thought on “Shopping Azure Standard as a Frugal Way to Eat Healthy

  1. Thank you so much for writing about Azure Standard. I do wish they offered services to those of us on the east coast. Last time I contacted them, they had no plans to head to the Southeastern area, which makes us sad. It would be nice to know of a reputable company that is not only healthy but also helping us stay frugal!