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Fit Mom of ManyMany years ago, I was visiting with a friend who casually mentioned the fact that she had no intention of trying to lose any excess weight until after she was done having children.  And even though at the time, I thought that was a rather bad idea, I found myself falling into the very same mentality the more children I had.

I made excuse after excuse as to why I could not possibly exercise or eat right, and most of my excuses revolved around my brood of children.  Not enough time, not enough money, no one to watch the children, no way to exercise with them in tow.  Besides, I might be pregnant.

During my pregnancy with Creed, I began to spend time with several moms of many who had become determined to stop going from pregnancy to pregnancy gaining more and more weight and feeling more and more run down each time.  For the first time in years, I feel motivated to stop barely getting by and start working toward being a temple to the Lord in a body that is as fit to run the race as it can possibly be…no excuses!

I’ve been thinking about this journey I am on and whether or not I wanted to share it here.  The more I thought about it, the more I became convinced it needed to be shared because there had to be other moms of many wondering how in the world they could find the time and energy to do anything but raise their growing brood.  So, I decided to start a page here on Raising Arrows labeled Fit Mom of Many to offer resources and encouragement to BE THE HEALTHIEST YOU CAN BE AS YOUR RAISE YOUR FAMILY.  (The page is a work in progress, as am I, but I plan to write posts about the things I am doing and the progress I am making and add to the resources on the page.)

As of today (4 weeks postpartum), I am 4 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight. That’s 36 pounds down from the weight I went into labor at.  However, before you ooo and aww, I need to be honest and tell you that I was about 50 pounds overweight when I got pregnant, and about 30 pounds from a weight I am actually comfortable at.

I have Diastasis Recti, so without some sort of brace or shapewear, my belly looks like this:

3 weeks postpartum

3 weeks postpartum

A few more pounds down and wearing shapewear, I look like this:

4 weeks postpartum

(I do not recommend wearing any sort of compression garment/brace/splint prior to about 4 weeks postpartum.  Give yourself time to heal and listen to your body.  Get yourself a nice pair of elastic-waisted pants or skirt – like the one I’m wearing in the top photo – and don’t stress about getting into your “normal” clothes.)

This is the first time in several pregnancies I’ve been anywhere near my pre-pregnancy weight this soon.  There are two things I feel are really factoring into my weight loss…

1.  A few weeks before giving birth, I started implementing the ideas from this book:

Trim Healthy Mama by Serene Allison & Pearl Barrett (daughters of Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies) is a 600+ page book that taught me an easy way to balance my blood sugars by keeping fats and carbs separated as much as possible.  I found that eating this way kept me from those awful sugar cravings I tend to have near the end of pregnancy.  Once Baby Creed was here, I kept eating this way and found the weight was coming off much quicker than it had in years.

I’ve started putting together my own Trim Healthy Mama Pinterest boards with recipes I either want to try or really like, but Serene and Pearl also have boards on Pinterest, and if you follow them, they will invite you to pin recipes you find on their boards.  They also have a Facebook page to lend support and offer recipe ideas, as well as a forum you can join.

2.  I started exercising sooner.

Now before you reprimand me, let me be quite clear…I am walking…that’s it.  But, it IS exercise and I did start at 3 weeks postpartum because I felt ready.  About 3-4 times a week, I walk the perimeter of our property.  It takes only 10 minutes to do, and even though I feel winded in the beginning, by the end of the walk, I feel energized!

I have no desire to be a super model.  Honestly, I don’t mind looking like a mom.  These posts aren’t going to be some mid-life crisis quest for the body I left behind in high school.  They are going to be the real me as I find real ways to be a fit and healthy mom of many!

What specific areas do you struggle with as a mom of many and trying to stay healthy?

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67 thoughts on “Determined to Be a Fit Mom of Many

  1. Actually Amy you can binnd your belly right after burth. It helps with your belly going down. You can look up belly binding.

  2. Okay this is my contribution to the getting healthier page/comments…we happened upon Forks Over Knives recently and have changed what we eat darastically! I never realized how much FAT was going through our bodies & well we are all told olive oil is so “healthy” w-r-o-n-g…I was buying the Costco double huge bottle size, 3-4 5# packages of cheese, butter, sour cream, yogurt, milk etc…Well! Of course we have all heard once on the lips twice on the hips…NO WONDER fat hangs off the body of one eating all this fat!! In any case, after watching this documentary, my mother was diagonosed with cancer & I was even more convinced that what we eat is what is killing America! Now! I have ran 4 mini-marathons & several 10k’s in my life, gone to the Y, the Spa’s & gym’s off & on for the past 30 yrs, so I am not opposed to exercise & have done lots of it, but since just changing my diet, I have dropped (and my husband) weight like no tomorrow & without even trying! I do not even crave sweets & chips like I used to or just sitting & binging….it’s weird…anyway check it out & check out the rates of heart disease & cancers that happen in the USA from diet!!

    • My youngest (my 5th baby) is now 4 months old and my whole family has gone plant-based as well for the past three years or so! We feel wonderful and my hubby dropped 20 lbs. and lowered his cholesterol by almost 100 points in the first few months of eating this way. Love it!

    • i watched this too. these doc. and the book Eat to Live, have totally changed my thoughts on food and the way we are made to eat. i have lots 5 pounds in 1 week and have not been hungry once! i am not even doing it for the weight loss, it’s just an awesome perk to taking care of your body! i have dieted most of my life and i know now i will never count points, calories, or weigh my food again AND i feel amazing! plant based food is the best!

  3. I’m excited for your journey! For me, being a fit mom of many is all about triggering in my kids a joy in moving the body that God gave them. I used to be a fitness fanatic and a model when I was in the Army and I had nothing but time on my hands, but once I had a little one to care for I found it was twice as much fun being fit because I had to find ways to exercise with two! We would go for long, brisk stroller walks while belting out silly songs. We’d do baby-lifts and baby-on-your-belly sit ups. These days with so many kids, there’s always someone to challenge to a quick sprint or a frenzied game of freeze tag. Quickly hopping up and back down stairs or having a no-holds-barred dancing session has never been more fun! I wish you both success and joy in your fitness journey!

  4. I love this! I am a *few* years past having my last baby but I want to join you in your journey to be a “fit mom of many”! It would have been nice to have been healthy and fit back then but now is all I have so I will consider myself signed up for the journey to fitness. My two Boy Scouts are working on the Physical Fitness merit badge and so it will be kind of fun to work together on getting fit with you and with them!

  5. When I only had one, there was a mom at my church who was teaching a class on parenting. I sort of expected her to be overweight and tired-looking (she had 10 at the time, I believe she has 12 – 13 now). But she wasn’t. She was fit, trim, wearing nice clothes and make up. I saw that my stereotype was wrong and it was possible to take care of yourself even if you had a lot of kids!

    I am weeks away from baby #4 now, so nearly a “mom of many” myself. I intend to lose the baby weight within 3 months (I do not have diastasis recti or any other health concerns). I am considering a dance-based workout video starting around 6 weeks. I will walk as soon as I feel up to it, a small bit at a time.

    I discovered that a magnesium deficiency and possibly some other deficiencies prevented me from losing all my baby weight last time (I was within 10 lbs.). I began supplementing to prevent morning sickness at the beginning of this pregnancy (it worked) — I used magnesium topically and a liquid herbal multivitamin, in addition to eating well. An unintended side effect was that I didn’t gain any weight for 20 weeks! I have gained perhaps 15 lbs. this pregnancy only, which fits in with ‘normal’ for me — I typically gain 25 – 30 so that puts me about where I “should” be from my normal weight. And baby is healthy and strong. :) I really do think that nutrient deficiencies play a large role in the struggle to lose weight and I can’t wait to see how losing this baby weight goes now that I know that!

  6. I am so needing this right now. I just had our 4th baby…our 1st reversal baby…after 8 years. I’m 35 and feeling every second of it. I knew I wasn’t in shape before but I wasn’t much overweight either. Well, 6 1/2 months after having baby, ugh! That’s all there is to say. My body is a mess! My cravings are insane! I am in such a slump. I want to exercise and eat better but, but, but, there is so much else to do around here. (I homeschool my other 3 who are 13, 11, & 9) I’m excited to follow you on this journey. I’ve been eyeballing that book for a while now and haven’t committed to purchasing it. Guess I need to get on that! Anyway, thanks for being willing to being vulnerable in this area!

  7. I appreciate you sharing this post. I’m currently in my 9th pregnancy (4th bio child to bring home), and I’ve found myself making the same excuses for not eating right or working out for years. We have five kiddos at home right now (three of them age three and under) and I’m dealing with some thyroid and adrenal issues. All of those things combined, and I am far more exhausted this pregnancy than I’ve ever been in my life. I’m convinced eating better and doing some gentle exercises would benefit me greatly, but again, fall into that trap of time, kids, homeschooling, meals, diaper changes, etc. Thanks for pointing out that I’m not alone, and that my excuses are neither new nor valid. Blessings to you on your journey to good health!

    • Welcome! Have you ever tried T-Tapp? I mentioned it last week and I’ll be talking about it again, but it is a VERY gentle workout that your kids can do right alongside you and it only takes 15 minutes out of your day. That might be a good option for you.

  8. What has always been hard for me is to eat a lot of veggies because I hate feeling I’m always washing and chopping them. I recently implemented something I saw on Pinterest where you prepped all your veggies and store them in airtight glass jars. It has helped us eat soooo many more veggies and fruits. A snack, here is your pick of this veggie or berry. :) I HIGHLY reccomend doing this with your fruits and veggies so you’ll always have an easy snack and your dinner prep is short. Can I also say how much longer the veggies last? Particularly spinach and cucumbers.

  9. I soo need this encouragement- thanks! I also have a DR and it is quite discouraging- why does no one seem to know what to do? Doctors and even chiropractors seem to not have any knowledge in this area! Do you know if it is bad to bind your belly right away if you have DR? Anyhow, hoping to be a trim fit mama of many as well- our newest baby is 1 month old :-) Having a giveaway for that book anytime soon?


    • The PT at my midwives office told me to come in at my 2 week check-up to get a binder for my DR when I got a support to use during the pregnancy. Maybe call for a PT referral and see what they say for you– the one I saw was at a hosptial for women so probably has more experience with DR than some do.

    • Hmmm…wonder if I could talk Serene and Pearl into letting me giveaway a few copies. 😉 And as far as binding and having DR, I know for me, it just doesn’t feel right to bind my belly right away. So I don’t.

    • I bought the Tuppler brace during my third pregnancy (third in three years) at my midwives advice. I was to tired with two babies and one on the way to do the exercises, but the brace alone helped significantly with both DR and pregnancy back pain. I wore the brace as a tummy wrap home from the hospital and every day for the first few weeks. It was my best recovery yet weight and shape wise. I need a new brace before I can really work on the DR now though, what worked for DR brace while 9 months and as a tummy wrap post-partum is just way to big now.

  10. You are such an encouragement to me in so many ways, Amy. I’m so glad to read this HEALTHY perspective of your expectations for yourself. It’s so helpful to me. Weight is something I’m struggled with my whole life, and of course, is only more amplified by having my 3 babies.

    • For me, it has always been a struggle with food. I kept the weight at bay by exercising, but once that was gone from my life, the food issues really reared their ugly heads. I need to learn a healthy balance and I need to do it not just for myself, but for my family and my God. I so want to be a good testimony for Him.

  11. I was totally okay with being heavy. It was who I “am.” Then….last March I attended an out-of-town work event with some ladies from work. We walked a short distance from our hotel to the mall. I thought I was going to die trying to keep up with them. One of the ladies, although not overweight, was in her late 50’s and getting ready to have her knee replaced. Another, about the same size as me, but obviously healthier. So…I began to see what I could do to be healthy. At 39, mother of 3 (via c-section’s), homeschooling, working part-time as a nurse, I am down 40 pounds a year later. Of course my BMI is still way too high, but I’ll never be the 130# that is “normal” for my height. The kids & I took the dog for a walk the other day. It felt wonderful. The kids were asking for a rest :)

    I am on this journey with you!
    Blessings to you.

    • Way to go, Julie! Sometimes it is the “little” things that suddenly show us the truth. That’s where I am. Seeing a couple of my friends MAKE the time to exercise even though they have large families showed me that I was just making excuses for my lack of self-control. So proud and encouraged by what you’ve done! Thank you for sharing!

  12. We also need make sure we don’t foget our children and the exercise they need everyday. I have always tried to include my children in my exercise so I know we all are benefitting from it. We take walks around the neighborhood, play basketball out front, etc. Many days I get up and exercise before my family is awake, it is a great way for me to start my day. However, I do need to be careful, if I do that everyday, then I have no motivation to get my children out to exercise and they need it to!!

    • Great point! I am really looking for ways to include my kids in the exercise as well. Today, we did T-Tapp for the first time since baby was born. All of them (except baby) were doing it with me…even the 2 year old, who looked utterly hilarious and kept us all in stitches! :)

  13. I’ve had two children both c-section (unfortunately) so that is my problem area. I used to be so proud of my flat tummy =(. I was given a binder to wear in the hospital and it felt sooo good to have it all tucked in.
    What we are planning to do with some of our tax money is to replace our broken Wii and buy the game Just Dance, that way we can ALL work out and have family time as well.
    We just watched Hungry for Change (netflix) and have decided that there is too much junk going in to our bodies. I’ve joined a veggie co-op and we are working to eliminate all processed food from our home. Also check out Living Fuel tv. They can be found on facebook as well as the website there is a lot of good info there about how to eat, and I know some of the people who help with the nutrition and trust them (both with nutrition and as Christians).

  14. Well, after 5 babes I have yet to figure out how to loose weight without adversely affecting my milk supply :/ I loose some weight at the birth (obviously) but then I can’t really loose anymore until baby is about 9mo old and the weight starts almost falling off on it’s own. When ever I decrease my calorie intake or try to be more active than my normal activities require I notice a drop in my milk and so does baby. And I have never been done nursing all together before being pregnant again (our longest spacing is 22mo) so it has been challenging to stay near my pre-baby weight. I usually can manage to loose each pregnancies pounds but there are always a few that stick with me. I am 4 months post-partum right now and I am guessing by the time baby is a year most of the remaining pregnancy weight will be gone but I will still have about 15lbs of weight that has hung around over the years… not sure I will be able to loose that until our child bearing is complete because it seems it will take a focus my body can’t sustain while nursing.

  15. Great idea, I am 16 weeks pregnant, and since losing a baby during pregnancy (between my second and third), I have never lost the ten pounds extra I gained overeating during that time…. and I don’t feel comfy in it! I, like you, have no desire to be a skinny supermodel, but would like to feel fitter and healthier, fewer back pains, more energy would be great!!! My biggie is not enough exercise, and not enough time/not making time to exercise!! Do you read ‘The Mouro Family’ blog? Laura has eight children and the same abdominal condition as you (and me lol) and she has just recommended a workout dvd with small sections of exercises that she says has really improved her DR despite nothing working before…. could be worth a try?? Take care, Jenni

  16. This is awesome! I am a Christian mom of 3, determined to help people get healthy in all areas of their life–Body, Spirit and Soul! I love to help others–if I can help with your new page in any way, let me know, I’d love to be of assistance! I’m not affilitated with any home-based business, I just love to help people achieve their goals!

  17. My FIRST thought when I saw the title of your post was “hope she knows about the THM book”! So excited to see that you do and have already started using it! I’ve only been on the THM plan for about 4 wks, and I am FINALLY seeing some pounds drop after years and years of trying to be/eat healthy, excersize and do all the “right” things – with nothing to show for it!. My energy is up, and my hubby feels like his wife is the woman he married so many years ago :) My New Year’s Res. was to strive to make good choices so that I could be the woman God wants me to be and I think THM has really helped. Hope you find this to be true as well. Bless you!

  18. I have been watching The Biggest Loser on hulu and it has really motivated me to lose weight. My goal was really to get to a healthy weight and healthy BMI when I started. All I did really was to eat healthy foods and watch my calories. I have not found any time for working out. I have however lost 55 pounds in 6 months and was a size 16 before and now am a size 8. Learning so many things about healthy eating now and not having empty calories and eating more protien with my carbs etc. Not drinking my calories is such a good thing too. I hope taking care of my 7 children counts a bit for working out, because I just can’t seem to fit that into my schedule!

    Just wanting to reccomend here that the diet part of the equation is just as if not more important than the excercise. I know many ladies who excercise a LOT and do not lose any weight they keep asking me what I have done and are shocked to hear that I lost ALL my weight without excercising. It is simple math… calories in calories out. BL reccommends that you take your current weight times 7 and that is your total calorie intake for the day. (Add more for breastfeeding). Take that number and divide it by 4, one is breakfast, one is lunch and one is dinner. Take the last one and divide it in half and that is your calorie count for your 2 snacks a day. This has been so eye opening for me! So for example if your calorie count is 1200 for the day the for breakfast you eat 300 calories, lunch 300 calories, dinner 300 calories, and 2 snacks for 150 calories each. The KEY to this is chosing whole grains and healthy foods like veggies and fruits to make it work. A twinkie is not going to keep you full for very long because it is empty calories. I have NOT been hungry nor am I starving myself, quite the opposite! I would heartily reccomend any of the BL books, they have good healthy lifestyle changing principles in them.

    Would love to read the book you recommended too! Hope you can have a giveaway! WIll be looking forward to reading your posts on this, Amy. This is a subject I really enjoy. I feel SOOOOO much better now and am more able to care for my children and be involved in church ministry opportunities.

  19. Thanks for this book info. I would be interested in reading it. Although I am not overweight I am always interested in staying healthy and fit. It is so important to our bodies health and also our marriages!

  20. I have recently finished reading this book too, and am in thr midst of working up a plan. Finances are making it very challenging right now. I am defintely along for the ride though!! Need to lose right around 20 lbs or so. My youngest is 6.

    • One thing a friend suggested is to focus on how you can make the meals you already eat more THM friendly. At first, I got quite caught up in buying everything they suggested, but that’s a little much! lol There are some things I really, really like, but I don’t have to follow their recipes necessarily.

  21. This is the first time I have commented but I have been following your blog for many months now and I absolutely love it!!! I am homeschool Christian mother of 4 and helpmeet of 16 years. I live in Idaho (the most awesome/free state to homeschool in!) and I have been doing this for about 7 years. So I wanted to comment because the best Christian “diet” book I have ever read and followed is The Eden Diet by Rita Hancock, MD. It helped me to lose the last 8 lbs of my 4th baby pregnancy weight (of course that was 4 years after he was born!)
    You can get it for the Kindle free if she is still offering that so check it out if you can. Thanks for putting out the most amazing and helpful information. I printed out your blog post right after the school shooting in CT and I put it on my fridge. I read it often to remind me what is most important. Take care! I will try to comment more :)
    p.s. Congrats on your baby boy, he is so cute!

  22. Great for you! My biggest struggle with fitness and being a mom of many is meal planning. Organization does not come naturally to me, so it takes a huge intentional effort to plan out the week’s meals. If I fail to do so, we are more likely to eat quick, less healthy items, because I failed to plan… and.. they are, well, quick. Preplainning helps me know what we are having for dinner, and do preparation earlier in the day. By the end of a long school day, I dont have the gumption to wash and chop up a bunch of fresh veggies for say a healthy stir fry. I just want full tummies. Also, I tend to skip breakfast and sometimes lunch because I am schooling someone :) So I overeat at dinnertime because I am famished. I am trying to eat small portions of healthy snacks (which again, requires preplanning) throughout the day. It is my goal this year to address my health issues that largely come from being overweight, and lose weight and gain fitness!

    • I’m bad about missing lunch too! I just pinned an idea from another reader about salads in a jar that looks like a good way to make sure I at least eat something at lunch time!

  23. Amy, I really appreciate this post (and your blog, in general; have been following since an online conference you spoke at a little over a year ago). I’m not a mom yet (but hope to be soon!), but already struggle with healthy habits. So I’m concerned that this will become worse once I have children! I’m looking forward to what you have to share, as I could use some practical tips that will help me to be healthier without being extreme. I don’t feel the need to look like a supermodel =)

    • Hello, Kate! So good to have you on board. And for what it is worth, my unhealthy eating habits began long before I had children, so you are wise to start changing things now!

  24. I will be following this. I read your blog and I love it. You have encouraged me so much.
    I am a momma of 10 (4 sons, 1 daughter, and 5 angels). Before children I weighed 115. 14 years and many babies later I find myself well over 200. I struggle with making time for exercise because I spend all of my time either schooling, cooking, cleaning, and taking care of everyone but me. I have made the decision this year I will make time for exercise so I can live a long full life serving God and my family.
    God Bless you for sharing your journey.

  25. Oh my gosh, thank you thank you!!!! I really don’t have words except to thank you for doing this. I NEED the encouragement and you are right where I am at! You are the best, love your vulnerability and honesty. Love that you are real!

  26. can’t waite to visit with you in march! i have been on a weight loss/fitness/healthy eating journey for the past 3 years! i have yo yo’d with several different ways of thinking that are out there. it is indeed a jorney, but i guess what i have learned is most important is that Our body is the temple of the Lord, and diet is no longer in my vocabulary (did that for over 15 years) it really is a life style change…doable even with lots of kiddos!! i don’t know where your at in this, but i just finished reading “Eat to Live” and while i don’t follow this guys thinking 100%, i have made some drastic changes because of it. i could rattle forever, but i”ll save it for our visit!

  27. Amy, you look very beautiful in your most recent photo, and you could never tell you just gave birth. I pray your journey to a healthy life goes well. Blessings!

  28. I had my eighth baby eight months ago, and blog sporadically about my fitness journey. My husband is a great coach and fitness buff. We eat paleo, run, exercise. I don’t include the children as much bcz it’s mostly couple time for us :)

  29. So glad you are doing this, Amy. As a mom of many (7 from ages 12 to 6 months), I feel being healthy and fit is a good witness that having a lot of babies doesn’t mean overweight, tired and out of shape. 😉 I find that it gets harder to lose the weight as I get older (10 lbs. away right now at 6 months postpartum) but what really motivates me is having a goal. Right now I’m training for a half marathon. I won’t win any medals, but just having paid money to enter and having the training program written down on my calendar is enough to keep me accountable. I also love to exercise with my husband and kids. We make it a regular thing…my 3 oldest run 1-2 miles everyday as part of their school, and it’s fun and good for them. Family walks and hikes are popular here, too!

    Don’t forget weight training…one of the fastest ways to slim down, even faster than just aerobic exercise.

    Afa the DR, have you ever read any of Katy Bowman’s information? Great stuff.

    I have a significant separation (4-5 fingers and deep) after birth, that is down to about 1 1/2-2, with walking, running, and weights.

    Thanks for encouraging moms of many to be and stay healthy and fit!

    • Thank you for the encouragement, Gwendolyn! I will be adding in weights (looking into kettlebells). I’ve also read through some of that website but need to look a little closer at it. :)

  30. I am happy and excited to see this post! I am right there with you! My eating is pretty good, but I need to really have motivation and praying for desire to exercise! I know it’s good for me and I want to keep God’s temple healthy and be strong and healthy for my family. I have a walking DVD that is good, however, I’m looking for something I can continue through future pregnancies too. I also have THM book – I took a lot of good ideas from it, some of the recipes are YUMMO! We love choco pudding….it’s a staple!
    Thanks, again for leading a cool journey to healthy bodies! I’m in!

  31. I can see from all the comments that your readers are as excited as I am to read this post. Thank you for your transparency. Don’t we all need, love and crave that? I, too, have a large fam – 8, youngest is 3. Just started reading “The Blood Sugar Solution” and really like it (not so much his world-view, though). I was able to lose all my baby-weight until the last three…then the pile-on started. I am very determined now to change that course! I am 45 and feel every bit of the drag, fatigue, and emotional drain the “not taking care of myself” does to us. Father really does want us to live in vitality and strength and be able to finish the work He gave us with joy. This is a huge part of that. I love this blog. I just started following it and I feel proud to be part of the Mom of Many world! : )

  32. I love this! I’m only a mommy of one right now, but I want to make an effort to be healthier. I was told I’m “skinny day”, meaning that even though I’m quite thin I’m carrying too much fat. I actually weigh less than I did pre-pregnancy, but I’ve lost a lot of muscle and I’m not physically fit. I want to set a good example for my daughter. I know I will feel better if I can put on some more muscle. Are you setting specific goals? I find I do best when I set a measurable goal and share that goal with my husband or an encouraging friend.

  33. Hi Amy,
    I’m looking forward to this page and following you on your journey as well as joining you after I have baby #4 in July. I am 31 and will be having my 4th c-section. I will have had 4 babies in 4 years and needless to say, have not dropped much wait before getting pregnant with the next. In July ’12, I started and walking and lost about 19lbs before I got pregnant again. I have since done 3 5k competitions, mostly just walking, however, my best time was when I was 13 weeks pregnant and in freezing cold temperatures. I have a membership to a 24hour fitness place, but have such a hard time finding the motivation to get up in the morning to go walk or run, before my hubby has to leave for work. I think I’ve been twice in the past 2 months. I would love to have some motivation and encouragement to get myself back to going at least 3 times a week. I’m trying very hard not to gain too much and am doing well. I only gained 15lbs with #3 and would love to be about the same with #4. I just want to stay active, so after delivery, I can start back up sooner and try to get back down to a healthier weight. I want to have more energy and be able to be more active to keep up with my 3 boys and baby girl on the way. =) Thanks much for including us on your journey.

  34. I am currently trying to heal my diastisis recti. After four babies mIne is 10-10-10. A perfect ten! NOT! I did some Tupler stuff a couple months before my last baby was conceived and lost a couple inches off my waist, but hadn’t started closing the gap yet. I am currently doing Fit2B (about 4 weeks) and lost 1.5 inches and started Tupler stuff again today. I am hoping to get down to about 4-5-4. I haven’t decided if that is under ambitious or over ambitious, yet! I would also like to lose 10-15lbs this year, too. This summer it should be easier.

  35. I just bought the ebook of THM a few weeks ago. Started a couple weeks ago and have noticed a few things already. My blood pressure went down, I didn’t gain weigt (except when I went off it for 3 days) and I feel so much better.
    I am almost 17 wks pregnant with #7, our first reversal baby after 11 yrs.
    I am doing the best I can on THM as I am still on a semi bedrest and my children and hubby get most of my meals.
    I gain way too much weight while pg and was about 20lbs overweight before getting pg this time. I am so excited to see these posts on Fit Mom of Many!! This is wonderful.
    Question about Ttap: I need something gentle after baby is born. I also have fibromyalgia and burstitis in my hip. I deal with alot of pain, alot! I cant do any bouncing, jumping or something too strenious. Is Ttap something that you think I could try? I’ve been hearing great things about it, but I hate to throw more $$ away cause its not something I can physically do.

    • Yay, Lori! As for T-Tapp, there isn’t any jumping at all. There are a few of the exercises that might bother your hip, but it is low impact and only takes 15 minutes. It might actually help limber you up a bit, but I would definitely read through the website and pray through it. I recommend the Basic Plus workout. :)