Do Siblings Always Need to Be Best Friends?

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Today, I am at Raising Homemakers talking about sibling relationships. While I know many of you long for your children to all have deep relationships with one another, I want to offer another take on these relationships and how each unique personality may play into which children “click” and which children do not.  While I do believe it is very important that siblings be friends and get along well, I do not think it is reasonable for all of them to be best friends.  Take some time to read the post and feel free to offer your thoughts!

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One thought on “Do Siblings Always Need to Be Best Friends?

  1. thank you for this post!! I agree – as a daughter who was forced to have my sister be my best friend….and made to feel guilty if she wasn’t!….I’m seeking to put a different emphasis on sibling relationships in our home. (my 4 children are as different as can be!) I’m glad they get along – and we require they learn how to work together and be kind to one another – but if they are not the best of friends, that is okay. Especially as children maturing at such different rates, their relationships will change quite a bit throughout childhood.