Check out See the Light and Enter to Win a Cartooning DVD!

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It’s time to start thinking about next year’s curriculum, so let me suggest one of our favorites…

See the Light |

See the Light has an amazing lineup of art projects and curriculum that having meaning and message behind them.  We have used their Art Class DVDs as our homeschool art for the last 2 years.  I had all but given up on doing art as part of our homeschool until I found See the Light.  So many of the art programs we had tried were not practical for our family.  See the Light was different and very much what I was looking for.  A few of the reasons I am so impressed with See the Light are:

  • Practical art lessons
  • Great for a wide range of ages
  • Doable projects
  • Scripture tied into lessons
  • Evangelism tools tied into lessons

See the Light has also released stand-alone Art Projects.  We ended up trying the Bonus DVD Cartooning because my children are forever doodling on their schoolwork!

Cartooning from See the Light | RaisingArrows.netAfter chores on Friday, I sat all the children around the table while I started lunch, and they worked through some of the lessons on the DVD.  It kept everyone busy and happy, and best of all, they were having fun!


Want to know more?  Watch my video review of Cartooning:

And guess what?!  Tonight (7pm ET), you can catch Pat Knepley at the Schoolhouse Expo, giving a lesson from the Cartooning DVDClick here for more information.
Pat Knepley

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85 thoughts on “Check out See the Light and Enter to Win a Cartooning DVD!

  1. I just received the Crossmaker pack and previewed it to find out the supplies I would need. It looks great and my children are excited to begin! Thanks for that discount code and for this giveaway.

  2. My 10-year-old daughter loves books with cartoon like drawing in them! And she loves creating art!! This sounds like a great way to incorporate both into her education. I am forevermore perplexed how to even teach art. I don’t have an artist’s bone in my body. This DVD would be a tremendous asset to my homeschool. The curriculum as a whole sounds fantastic as well. I want to incorporate Biblical principles into our school as much as possible. I will definitely check into their products.

  3. I’ve been seeing their reviews for a while, but their curriculum hasn’t reached the top of my MUST get now pile yet, probably come fall…….

  4. I’ve only heard of this comapny from you. It sounds interesting. I have one child who wants to be an artist. He would love it.

  5. We bought the 9 DVD art class as a Christmas gift in 2012. – after your review and “special”. What a blessing to our home school family of 10! It is great for all my children (preschool to 12th grade). They all are enjoying it. I too put art on the back burner, but knew need to focus more on implementing. See The Light fits the bill! Extra projects sound even more exciting. Blessings!!

  6. I am not an artsy person…and art is hard fro us to be excited about at home…I’ve never heard of this, but would sure like to let my children test it out.

  7. I checked out their website and looked at a couple of her free videos. I really like this program. She is very engaging and I know my DS would really enjoy learning about cartooning. Thanks for the chance to win.

  8. I’m not familiar with this product. But it looks like an interesting art program that does not require a ton of supplies.

  9. Thanks Amy, This looks very good. I , like you have always wanted to be able to teach art to my children, but did not know how to go about it. The DVD’s sound like a great way to do so, especially since I am not an artist!!! I am sure that even I can learn to draw using these right alongside my children!!!

  10. What a great curriculum idea! I’ve been wanting to do something like this with the kids, but didn’t know this was available. Would be super cool to win it. 😉 Thanks for sharing!!!

  11. I had not heard about “See the Light.” I am excited to check it out! My daughter loves Art but until this, I had not found a doable Art Curriculum. Thanks, Amy !
    I have been encouraged by your blog in many ways. Thank you for being a great “light” to other Mom’s. This is my 2nd year homeschooling, so it means a lot to read about your journey; it encourages mine :) :) BLESSINGS!!

  12. No, I am not familiar with See the Light Art curriculum. This sounds very interesting as several of my children love to draw.

  13. I am familiar with See the Light only through Raising Arrows. I would love to try some of their stuff. I think my sister would especially enjoy it. It would be nice to win!

  14. my daughter is an art girl so this would help give her some direction. she does manga art but this would be nice to check out as well. thanks!!!
    p.s. I had not heard of this before…

  15. I have heard of See the Light, but never really met anyone that used it. I am in the process of looking for an art curriculum for my budding artist.

  16. We LOVE See the Light Art Classes. I have two budding artists and have seen such a difference in their work and ability (mine too, though no artist!). The cartooning would be fun to learn. I especially see my son getting into that aspect. Thank you for a great give away.

  17. My kids love to draw! I will be looking into this. All the other art programs we have used have been a lot of work for me, and not as much fun for the kids. This sounds very promising!

  18. Wow! This looks awesome! Art has intimidated me a bit due to all the planning ahead I feel like I need to do. Therefore we don’t do nearly as much as we all would like. This would not only help with that, but it is also art with a biblical perspective! I have never seen that before in any other art programs I’ve looked at; i LOVE that!

  19. Saw this online recently and planned on checking it out at convention in a few weeks. thanks for keeping this ‘out there’ to remind me!

  20. WOW! I love this. We have put off art cause I just am not and artist and don’t have the extra time. This would be perfect.

  21. I just watched a webinar on this curriculum last night and I was impressed. I would love to win this! My husband does a webcomic and my children love to draw and make their own stories and strips-I have one child in particular who would sit and draw all day if I let her! Thanks for the giveaway!


  22. I haven’t heard of “See the Light” before, but they sound wonderful!! I have children that are always drawing, painting, creating, and since it is NOT a skill of mine, I know that art is seriously lacking from our homeschool curriculum. I’m so excited to hear about a great christian resource!!

  23. I would like to win this, but I hope whoever needs it the most wins! Also, I must say thanks so much for the encouragement you let God bring through you. :)

  24. We love See The Light! We recently reviewed the “Repeated Sweets” art project and we were thrilled – great art lessons perfectly paired with Bible truths and stories.

  25. This is the first I’ve heard of this curriculum. I too vary in my ability to add art into the day (aside from crafts). thank you for posting this. I just found your blog, it is lovely. Thank you for sharing from the heart. I spend hours reading about your journey with Emily. I think it is beautiful how you and your husband have allowed Jesus to flow through you through such an unimaginable tragedy. I pray God’s continued blessings on your loving home.