A Much Needed Break, Some Exciting News, & a Fresh Focus!

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breaking through | RaisingArrows.netLast week was rough.

I had been walking through a rather spiritually dry time and was finally breaking through that, when I found myself knocked down at every turn.  I was overwhelmed beyond belief, I was worn out, but couldn’t sleep, and I was second-guessing every little thing I did.

So, I shut off my computer, put on my armor, and dug deep into Scripture.  I came away from this past weekend refreshed, revived, and refocused!  So thankful for a Savior whose patience with me is long-suffering and whose mercies know no end!

It thrills my soul that the Lord has seen fit to use my meager offerings here on this blog to reach others.  This past week I was reminded that this blog is not mine and what I share here must be done humbly and heartily.

On that note, I want to share with you a couple of things I am really excited about…

#1 – Teach Them Diligently Marketplace

Marktetplace TTDI am so excited to tell you about this amazing vision from Teach Them Diligently!  They so desperately want to see ALL homeschoolers encouraged and inspired, they have branched out beyond the traditional homeschooling convention to put on 9 mini-conventions across the United States!

These Marketplace conventions will offer homeschoolers a chance to hear great speakers, buy great curriculum, and start their year out with a focused and refreshed vision for homeschooling, all at very little cost!  So many homeschooling families are never able to attend a convention.  Marketplace is about to change that!

Where will Marketplace be in 2013?
TTD marketplace locationsPlease, check out the website and keep checking back often as more information is being announced daily!

#2 – Welcome Home Link Up

Welcome Home Link Up | RaisingArrows.net

 My original intent with the Welcome Home Link Up on Mondays was to encourage homemakers to start their week joyfully, but it isn’t really Mondays when I need the most encouragement.  I hit the ground running Monday morning.  Come Wednesday, I’m begrudgingly dragging myself out of bed and counting the minutes until the weekend.  So, I am moving the Welcome Home Link Up to Wednesdays starting THIS WEDNESDAY.

I also want to refocus my Welcome Home Link Up posts.  I want to offer you a glimpse inside my home.  I want to share with you the way things run here, tools I’ve found helpful, tricks of the trade and much more!  I want Welcome Home Wednesdays to feel like a comfy couch with a good friend where you gain the energy and joy to keep going!

Mamas, we are the hands and feet of Christ on this earth.  We serve a King who is stronger than any problem we have ever had or will have in the future.  We have victory and we have purpose!  Put your armor on and stand firm upon the Rock!

Have a blessed Monday!


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5 thoughts on “A Much Needed Break, Some Exciting News, & a Fresh Focus!

  1. That is cool they are doing more mini- things – Just wish they could come to Idaho. Oh well, some day I will get to some of the sites

    I am glad you were able to get refreshed. I know how you feel at time.s

  2. So glad you got the rest and rejuvenation you needed, Amy. I’ve been struggling with this myself and I will schedule this time for myself. I can’t fill my children if I have nothing in me to give. THANK YOU!

  3. I’m glad you posted this information. I was so surprised to see that one of the mini-conventions is taking place in my state of Washington! It’s not even an hour away from where I am. I’m going to be looking more into this. Thank you.