Coupon Codes for Conference Season!


I’m at the Midwest Parent Educators Homeschool Conference in beautiful Kansas City this weekend!  If you aren’t able to join me there, you can follow along on Twitter at the hashtag #MPEConf or on my Facebook page!

In honor of conference season kicking off, I have some great coupon codes just for you from some Raising Arrows favorites!  I will also try to tweet or facebook any codes I find while I’m at the conference!

First up, Swagbucks!


We use Swagbucks ALL the time!  We simply use Swagbucks as our search engine and get points that can be redeemed for all sorts of things – including the Amazon and Paypal gift cards I use to buy curriculum!

to sign up and use coupon code

to get a BONUS 70 points
on top of the 30 points you get just for signing up!
(code expires Friday, April 12th)

NOTE:  To enter registration codes, you click the text that reads “I have a sign up code” when you are signing up.

Next, is DrinkBands!

DrinkBandsLast year I introduced you to DrinkBands and told you how they solved our too-many-cups-on-the-counter problem.  We love these bands because they keep everyone’s cups straight (and I can tell who left their drink downstairs after I told them NOT to forget to bring their cup back up!)

DrinkBands has a 15% off code for all of you!

to order and enter coupon code:

to get 15% off your order!

And lastly, Scholaric!

ScholaricThis is the online planner we use and love.  Use this link to get your first 60 days with Scholaric FREE!

As I find more codes, I’ll try to list them at the top of my site in the Announcement Box, so check back!

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One thought on “Coupon Codes for Conference Season!

  1. Thank you for the coupon codes!

    Please, everyone, be good stewards of the income God provides. Amazon is a major supporter of same sex marriage. Along with Target. These companies donate money and advertise is opposition to God’s Word. Don’t take my word for it, though. Research and pray. And be sure to contact the companies and voice your displeasure!