12 Ways to Raise Strong Daughters

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12 ways to raise strong daughters | RaisingArrows.net

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5 Comments on 12 Ways to Raise Strong Daughters

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5 thoughts on “12 Ways to Raise Strong Daughters

  1. Great post! I try to instill all of these things in my daughter. ps i love this whole site and all the wonderful articles!

  2. I love the prayer that is written in Psalm 144:12 “… that our daughters be as cornerstones polished after the similitude of a palace” Teaching our daughters to be strong is as though we are setting the foundation stone for them to later go on and teach their daughters… it’s a beautiful picture!

  3. Amen and Amen! I couldn’t agree more! This is an issue that arises among many families who try to teach their daughters to be feminine, but end up probably unknowingly depriving them of having a “strong” mindset.

    The points you outlined: learning apologetics & evangelism, exercise and weight lifting, and being discerning are vital elements that I see lacking and that young ladies need to practice today! We live in a dangerous day and age. And being “strong” in this sense of the word is actually BIBLICAL like you said, and necessary.

    • I agree with your assessment of the situation completely! Biblical womanhood is not a call to be weaklings, but rather a call for women who stand strong in the Lord!