Raising a Current Events Child {In an Ungodly World}

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Raising a Current Events Child in an Ungodly World | RaisingArrows.net

Our oldest son, age 15, is our resident researcher.  If we need to make a packing list, or find the best hotel to stay at on vacation, or figure out which computer to buy, he’s our guy.

He also likes to stay on top of the latest news, and we have always encouraged that; however, we’ve also been well aware of how dangerous traditional news media can be for a young person.

We don’t have network television in our home, so most of our current events information comes via the internet.  However, as you probably know, current events need a filter…a Christian worldview filter.  This isn’t something typically provided by the traditional media.

This weekend in Nashville at the Teach Them Diligently Convention, I had the opportunity to speak at length with the people manning the WORLD Magazine booth.

World Magazine


I became familiar with World many years ago when our pastor’s wife shared her subscription with me.  A few years later, I was made aware via our homeschool group of the children’s versions of WORLD, called God’s World News.  So, I knew WORLD as a quality current events magazine, much like TIME, but with a Christian worldview.

What I didn’t know was that WORLD now has a Podcast!  I’ve been having my oldest son read and listen to clips on the FOX news app for our iPad, but today we are moving to WORLD instead.

This brings me to the point of discussion I want to make for this post…

Current events are both dangerous and important.  

We start out by filtering current events FOR our children.  We digest the information, we filter and sift through it, then we offer it to them around the dinner table (or wherever else we might happen to be discussing the world).

As they age and gain more discernment (like my 15 year old), we teach them to start using their own filter by giving them the opportunity to hear current events from others who share our worldview.

Eventually, they are able to filter content on their own, no matter the source.

One word of caution…

I think it is important to understand each of your children and how they will handle current events before moving from one stage to the next.  A particularly sensitive child will take longer to move from the first stage and perhaps even longer to move to the third stage.  I learned the hard way that exposing a child to some of the weighty issues of today before they are ready is not a good idea.

You won’t be able to ward off every instance of unfiltered information (sometimes it’s even coming from the pulpit!), but you can do your best to work through current events as a family and with a common worldview that puts current events in proper perspective.

So, are you a current events family?  How do you filter information?  Do you have any children who seem more interested in current events than others?  How are you incorporating current events into your homeschool?

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17 thoughts on “Raising a Current Events Child {In an Ungodly World}

  1. Hi Amy! We just switched to My Father’s World curriculum this past year for all of our kids, and they recommended World magazine to us as well. We just got our first issue and it is wonderful! They have kids subscriptions as well. Great magazine!

  2. The Fox News Website has yucky stuff on it at the bottom. There are these little pictures will all kinds of racey pictures and yucky entertainment stories. I usually just look a the top of the page for the most recent stories. We did God’s World News for K, but even some of those stories were a bit heavy for my young ones. I wanted it a little lighter for the young kids. When I taught 4th we had God’s World News and sometimes I would have to throw away entire issues (one was all about abortion) because I felt the stories too much for 4th graders, so you really have to filter EVERYTHING even Christian stuff. I don’t want my kids to think life in the world is perfect, but I don’t want to rob them of the time of innocence either.

  3. We used God’s World News for our highschooler this year. I ordered it again for next year, along with the middle school edition for my girls. My kids are all at the age now where we dialogue about current events. We’ve recently discussed what the I.R.S. is and how they were wrongly targeting conservative groups. I still shield them from certain topics, such as the harsh details of what happened to the three young women that had been kidnapped. I will carry that for them now, just like Corrie Ten Boom’s dad explained to her that some things are too heavy for a child to carry, like a heavy suitcase, and therefore, we as parents will carry that burden for them until they’re ready.
    Looking forward to an update about your weekend!

  4. Thanks for writing this. I’d imagine especially with the events of the past year that it can be challenging to walk that tightrope between keeping them informed and giving them more than they can handle.

  5. I was wondering if you have any of your kids take assessment tests. I homeschool my children and we are Christians. I know that standardized testing is and should not be our main goal, however, I would just like to see how they’re doing and if they’re “behind” or not. I’ve searched online and really can’t find any testing you can do at home. I can only find practice tests. Do you have any ideas?

    • We live in a state that does not require testing; therefore, we do not do it. I’m not a fan of standardized testing as it causes parents (and teachers) to “teach the test” rather than allowing true learning to occur. It’s a whole paradigm shift, if you will. So, no, I don’t know of any practice tests online. I do know Kahn Academy has ACT and SAT prep tests, but that’s probably not quite what you are looking for.

      • Thank you, I totally get what you’re saying and I agree. I was just a lil curious I guess. I live in Idaho, by the way.

    • Hi Diane,
      I don’t know what state you live in but, in NY we do have to test so we use the california Achievement Test (CAT) We buy ours online at christianlibertypress.com. They have a traditional paper version or an online version. Either is $25. Hope this helps. : )

  6. I feel like I’m drowning in information so often, we share some things with the kids, but I can certainly never keep on top of it all! World magazine sounds like an amazing resource for current events…wonder if they do subscriptions to Canada ;0)

  7. Just wanted to tell you that your blog is like my personal little reference tool. 😉 I remember you had written this post a while ago, and came back looking for it and here it is! Thanks!