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This week I’m featuring links from last week that held some good advice. Enjoy!

First up is Things You Shouldn’t Say to a Single Girl from Kristen at Where Joy Is.

single girl

I got married at 19, so this wasn’t something I dealt with, but I have friends who have been here, and there are things you just shouldn’t say.

Next, Rach from DiAmOnds In ThE rOuGh writes about Gaining a Long-Term Perspective.  I struggle with this.  I want what I want NOW.  Wrong attitude for sure.


Annette from In All You Do, gave sound advice on Producing Righteousness by Holding Your Tongue.

This reminded me of an ebook available on Kindle from Connie Hughes at Smockity Frocks (another large homeschooling family blogger).
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How to Manage Your Mouth:  A 30 Day Wholesome Talk Challenge is $3.99 on Kindle, but if you are a Prime member, you can check it out on a 30 day loan for FREE!

Next up, Lori from Hungry for God…Starving for Time writes about the fact that God doesn’t need our money, but we need to give it.

And to round off this week’s links:  Stacey from Abiding Woman talks about Preparing Your Heart for Childbirth from her series on How to Prepare for Birth, Breastfeeding, and Beyond.

I can’t wait to see what all of you link up this week!

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