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Living an Offline Life |

The internet is a strange place.  On one hand, it is full of wonderful information, on the other, it can be an out of control vortex that sucks you in and sucks the life out of you.

I enjoy writing.  I enjoy the challenge of learning new things about the internet.  I enjoy interacting with people online, and reaching out to others with the love of Christ.  But, I do not enjoy how much time can be wasted staring at a screen.  I don’t want that for me, I don’t want that for my kids, and I don’t want that for my readers.

It’s a balance.  You cannot simply let the internet happen to you and your family.  It is a tool, and like any tool, it has it uses and it’s place.  Use it properly and keep it in its place, and you have a wonderful resource.  Use it improperly and let it get out of control and you have a monster.

at the computer

Because I run a blog, I must be online.  But, it is entirely up to me how much time I spend online and how productive or unproductive that time is.  I cannot let it become a mindless escape.

I have to live an offline life.

I just learned of an ebook from Sarah Mae on this very topic.  The title says it all – The Unwired Mom (affiliate link).  As I’ve been reading through it, I’ve found it to be so refreshing!


This ebook is only $4.99 and could potentially save you from making the horrible mistake of living your life online until the day you look back with regret.

It’s all about balance.  It’s all about living an abundant life in Christ.  It’s all about being present in your family, not glued to a screen.

Live your offline life first so what you do online is vibrant and real, encouraging and inspirational.

What will you be doing this weekend to live life offline?

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19 thoughts on “Living an Offline Life

  1. This weekend my mentor is coming to visit. I will be putting up peaches in my freezer. I’m sure I’ll probably spend some time with the kids in the pool and reading to them. Thanks for the great reminder that our families needs and wants are much more important than spending time in front of a screen.

  2. Yes, living an offline life must come first. Doing that authentically is so very important – not just saying it – but doing it. Thanks for the reminder Amy. Here’s my question, though. How do you do that, write eBooks, help others and maintain family first while getting enough rest. That’s where I struggle. It is truly impossible to be everywhere for everyone who needs me. And at this point, i can’t hire anyone to help me. It’s easy to tell others to do that – and not identify how many people you have helping: clean, share on social media, edit posts, etc. I recently attended a conference and one person there was very honest with how many people they have working for them – helping them truly do all they can to help/encourage others online without living life online. How do you do that? And does this eBook discuss that very topic? Just curious questions I have before I invest in it. Love ya sweet friend. Thank you for always being there to help, encourage and mentor.

    • So, I wrote this and then promptly ran away for a week! lol I often need to step away and take a hard look at things. My philosophy on blogging is this…do what you can do when you can do it. There will be seasons when you CAN be everywhere and you’ll feel like superwoman, and there are seasons when you can’t even eek out a cohesive post, let alone share it online. This blog is God’s. The minute I start thinking anything I do here is mine, I’m sunk. Like Ken Ham said: God uses people to do what people can do. We need to be faithful to GOD and trust that what He gives us is perfect and good. On the days when I am overwhelmed, I have to just step away and stop trying to do it all under my own strength. I know I could get a whole lot more done if I had people working for me, but I feel as if I’d lose a part of myself if I did that. Maybe someday, somewhere that it doesn’t matter so much (control freak, perhaps?), but for now, I do what I can do when I can do it. Ask God to order your projects. I’m praying for you, my friend!

  3. I admit I spend too much time (when I have free time) online, I would cut it off by son is doing his drivers ed course online,and so there for I am stuck with it until he is done).
    But I blame only myself for being on it all the time, when the house is finished, yard work is done I simply hate sitting there watching tv :(

  4. Thank you we have internet free weekends no cellphones, no tv, no nothing and you know its great. When facebook went down a few years ago I would have not known if it was not for the news. I use the internet for school and staying in touch with family. I am in my last class to graduate and can not wait to be more internet free. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love to read family blogs! Its like a hobby. Some blogs are so inspiring, and I can honestly say I a better person for reading them. However, I am starting to have the goofy blog sense to detect the blogs that manufacture a life just for the sake of the blog. I admit some of these blogs are beautiful and appealing; promising a genuine reader experience. The danger I have found is that when I am attracted and mesmerized by a manufactured blog it usually tempts me with perfectionism, guilt, and competition. After feeling those emotions I usually spiral into a real isolated recoil, not wanting to fellowship with women, but avoiding what I deem to be fake and presumptuous. This is a horrible cycle. Most of time we women stay up late searching the blog world because we have a loving desire to make our home, family, and life better. We genuinely desire companionship and support. We also love to learn and try new things. For a blog to be able to speak to us in those ways the woman writing it has to be a genuine woman. She must avoid pride and reach out through her writing, pictures, downloads, and whatever else she offers on her blog with a genuine desire to be KNOWN; in a good way. That is the mark of a great blog and one that is worth our limited time. A woman who is firmly convinced that she has something genuine to offer, and she does it in the most honest way she can. Every blog that does not speak to the most honest parts of life and family is a waste of time. That alone cuts down on my internet life. Obviously, I am a better person for reading this blog, or I would not be commenting. Thank you for being open and honest.

  6. Just bought this book. I have a home-based business and do much of it online. Balancing the biz, kids, homeschooling, the home and eating healthy meals can be a challenge. I’m incredibly grateful for my biz because it really adds to our income. Our hope is that it will enable the hubby to retire much earlier. Some days are great and other days, I’m just way too plugged in.

    Looking forward to reading this book. Of course, because its a Kdle version, does reading it count as being online?!?! Ha!

  7. I’m sure the ebook is well written, but why do we need ebooks to tell us how to live life offline? Besides the fact that it seems to contradict itself since the book is an electronic book, do we really need someone to tell us how to shut down the computer?

    • I’ve read the book, and mostly it just seemed like her experiences and her struggle. She does give a few tips thru the book of things she does to moderate (NOT eliminate) her time online. She also has a story from an older lady about “the way it used to be”. At the end she has a two week challenge.

      The whole book is about using the Internet as a tool that should be used appropriately, not about throwing the computer out. As I said it’s a lot about her struggle. Overall it was a quick easy read. As you have correctly stated, No we don’t need someone telling us to shut off the computer, or what to do after we shut it off.

    • Not necessarily, but sometimes we benefit from the encouragement that comes from someone else saying something in a way that reaches our hearts at just the right time. If you don’t need it, great! :)

  8. Looks like a great book, I love learning how to live a more simple and plain lifestyle. I am an advocate for it. Finding your balance in Christ is key.