How We Are Building a Unique Education for Each Child

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How To Build a Unique Education | RaisingArrows.netOne of the most wonderful benefits of homeschooling is being able to see your child’s unique gifts and then tailor their education around their individuality.  This is the point when you step outside the “Schooling Box” and venture into true education. But, many parents have no idea where to start, so they stay within the false security of a box that ignores their child’s God-given leanings.

If you’ve been a Raising Arrows reader for very long, you know how passionate I am about Delight Directed homeschooling and making homeschooling LIFE schooling, but even as passionate as I am about such things, it wasn’t until I read and worked my way through Jonathan Harris’ ebook entitled How to Develop and Discover Your Child’s 1st 100 Hours of Talent that I realized how powerful an individualized education can be. 100-hours-cover The premise behind is that it takes 10,000 hours of talent development for someone to reach a world class level of performance. The 1st 100 Hours is a guide to getting started leading your child down a path away from haphazard toward useful life application. Some examples of things I learned about my own children by working through this ebook are: airsoft

  • Blake’s enjoyment of airsoft is rooted in a natural bent toward leadership.
  • Blake’s education needs to include more applied math and accounting because his leardership qualities will more than likely require him to have a grasp of finance.
  • Intertwining opportunities for our children with family interests and goals ensures we will actually follow through with giving our children a useful education.
  • We want to teach our children to produce rather than consume, serve rather than be served.  (Mr. Harris told me he wants to help parents bring their children to a place where they produce something with specific focus that has value to others.  I love that goal!)
  • Having a focused “talent statement” for my child gives us an educational goal that means something.

I see so many wonderful opportunities for my children to take their education to the next level.  While I could give you specific examples of what we are doing in our family with each of our children’s unique gifts, I want you to understand that you need to individualize based on YOUR unique children.  Even if our children have similar interests, the path my children pursue will not necessarily be the right path for your children.  That’s why I highly recommend Your Child’s First 100 Hours of Talent and working through it yourself.  Work through the exercises in the book and begin preparing for an education that will last a lifetime! Perhaps you’d like to get to know the author of Your Child’s First 100 Hours: GreenDadSocialPicSmall-150x150His name is Jonathan Harris and he has eight children at home, ages 15 and under.  He and his wife Renee homeschool in a little community in Northern California.  They run another business from home called, so they have the privilege of being heavily involved in various aspects of their children€™s education at home.

Jonathan says, “What is different about our style of education is that we have implemented a systematic way of cultivating and creating a path to talent greatness in each one of our children. Talent, I firmly believe, is not something that children fall into by accident or birth, but rather it is something that parents have a lot to do with. My passion is to help other parents find ways to get their children started on finding a talent path early enough. Early enough means several years BEFORE the age of eighteen. That early start can make a huge difference to a child€™s future, whether it be in the home, the church, or the marketplace.”

Follow Jonathan on his blog to learn more, and don’t forget to like the 10KtoTalent Facebook page!  I think you’ll find a lot of great information and homeschool help there!

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11 thoughts on “How We Are Building a Unique Education for Each Child

  1. I still have several years before my daughter reaches school age. But I am so inspired to read posts like this! I’m glad I am able to begin thinking about customizing my daughter’s education to her interests even before she begins school. Hopefully this will better equip me when I do embark on homeschooling her.

  2. Thank you, Amy, I needed this post. I seem to be floundering these days between the sigh of relief that our oldest ones are off on their own and doing well, but uh oh! I still have these here needing direction and guidance and training – and I”m tired. This book might be the thing to help light a fire under me.