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This year, I have 2 middles, ages 7 and almost 9.  They both enjoy acting out what they are learning, so it’s been fun to watch them together.  We’ve been reading Little House on the Prairie books aloud, so they are both into frontier living right now.  After visiting a museum in Colorado, my daughter asked if we could create a “cabin” downstairs by the fireplace just for them.  Absolutely!


Here’s their school work for the year, starting with the 7 year old:
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He is working through Horizons Math 1.  He’ll move into Horizons 2 sometime this year.

Horizons 2He also started A Reason for Handwriting A for reasons I’ll explain below.


He will be doing the 1st grade level of Phonics Museum (there are 2 years to the program – K & 1st, we have used the complete set – you can read my review of it HERE).


We are doing Five in a Row (see my Homeschooling the Littles post to learn more about it.)


I am also reading Apologia Science aloud to my middles this year.  We are doing Flying Creatures and also notebooking (I did not purchase Apologia’s notebooking set, but it looks really great!)


Speaking of notebooking, I am using notebooking pages from the collection at as well as creating my own using their software.  I have a Lifetime Membership there and LOVE it!  You can read more about how we do notebooking as a large family HERE).  Notebooking Pages still has a sale going on where you can get $15 off a Lifetime Membership, so don’t miss it!

Now for our 8 year old daughter (she’ll be 9 soon).  She is doing many of the same things as her brother, just a level up.  Here’s her list:

Melia outside

She will be doing Horizons Math 3.

Horizons 3I purchased her Horizons 3 workbooks from the Teach Them Diligently Store. (YES!  They have an online storefront now!)  By they way, start planning now!  Teach Them Diligently is coming to 4 cities next year!

Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention 2014

Okay, back to curriculum…

Lia is finishing up Phonics Museum.  After that, I’ll have her read aloud to me once or twice a week to make sure she is pronouncing words correctly and understanding what she is reading.  She’s an avid reader, so I have no doubt she will continue to excel.

Now, I mentioned above that I would explain why we were doing handwriting.  After working through Phonics Museum, I decided her handwriting was not as nice as I would like it to be even though the program includes writing, so I pulled out A Reason for Handwriting (Level B) to help with that.  I can already see an improvement after only a couple of months doing it!  I just don’t think Phonics Museum is strong enough in that area, but I like the program enough to keep it and simply supplement with handwriting help.


Soon, she will be starting Phonetic Zoo spelling.  This curriculum worked really well with my oldest son, so I’m expecting similar results with my 8 year old.  (You can read my review of Phonetic Zoo HERE.)

She is also the driving force behind our Art lessons right now.  Art is one of those things I can easily let slip, but this little girl is eager to do art with her siblings, so she gathers them up and puts in one of the See the Light Art lessons.  I cannot rave about this program enough.  We own the entire boxed set and have found it to be so doable there’s no excuse NOT to do it!

See the Light

I have a review of this art curriculum HERE, but I will also be talking more about it later in the month and offering a giveaway of one of their products, so don’t miss it!

She is also doing Five in a Row and Apologia Science with her brother, and taking piano lessons with her sister.  I do want to say that in the past, I have chosen to wait to do the Apologia Science until the child could read it on their own.  I may decide to do that again this year, which would probably exclude my 7 year old and have my 8 year old doing it on her own.  We shall see.

We are also honing her cooking skills.  We decided to do this after working through  We realized that her cooking skills could definitely be channeled into something that would bless and benefit others.  (You can read more about how we used this guide to create a unique education for our children HERE.)

Additionally, we go to a lot of museums, have deep discussions, and just live life.  I don’t require a ton of seat work because there is so much that can and should be learned outside of traditional school.  (You can read more about our philosophy of education HERE.)

By the way, you might have noticed as you are reading through these posts on curriculum that you haven’t seen anything about Bible curriculum.  That’s because this year we are focusing on simply reading through the Bible and discussing what we are reading.  We are doing some missions studies, but I talk about those in my post on Homeschooling the Bigs.

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5 thoughts on “Homeschooling the Middles – 2013/14 School Year

  1. My sweet girl is going to focus on cooking this year, too. Do you have any specific ways you are going to teach her? Using your favorite recipes or new ones she selects?

    • A little of both. I like Angie Kauffman’s ebook on Home Ec skills and I’m bringing her into the kitchen with me every chance I get. And she always has requests for things she wants to make, so I try to accommodate that as well. :)

  2. I have 2 8 year olds(Rachel and Morgan) and a 7 year old(Hannah) too this year but with a 13 year old(Lilli) and a 16th year old(Sarah) they are the littles.
    Their curriculum is
    Math-Math U See- Beta(H) and Gamma(R and M)
    Language Arts- Learning Language Arts Through Literature- Red Book(H) and Yellow Book(R and M) A Reason for Handwriting B(H) and C(R and M) Rachel and Morgan will also do some typing I just don’t know what yet
    History- Story of The World Volume 2 with Activity Book(all)
    Science- Apologia Exploring Creation with Botany(all)
    Art and Music- no formal art curriculum and piano lessons(all)
    Have a great year!