My Azure Order This Month & Some Great News!

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Covenant Ranch Trucking for Azure

I thought I would share with you my August order from Azure Standard to give you an idea of what types of things I order and how I use them.  I usually order every other month because I don’t typically have $50 worth of order every month.  I just put things in my online cart as I go and then place my order near the cutoff date.

Here’s this month’s order:

   Panda Raspberry Chews – 7 ozs. (these are a special treat!  Mmmm!)

   Montana Milling Wheat Flour, Unbleached (with germ), Organic – 25 lbs.  (we like to keep unbleached on hand for those things that really need a lighter, whiter flour.  I recently made Plymouth Bread from Martha’s Family Cookery Book using unbleached flour – it was YUMMY!)

   Celtic Sea Salt Celtic Sea Salt, Fine – 1 lb. (I haven’t been finding sea salt locally that I feel is a good quality.  This is a new buy for me.)

   Earth Circle Organics Carob Powder (not roasted), Organic – 1 lb. (This is what we use instead of baking cocoa.  It is a lighter color and VERY yummy!)

   Bulk Buttermilk Powder – 5 lbs. (This is simply so my husband can make Elvis Biscuits without taking a trip to the store for buttermilk.)

   Red Star Yeast, Dry Active – 1 lb. (I buy yeast in bulk.  I keep an old yeast jar in the cupboard and freeze the rest of the package, filling as needed.)

I also want to share some really GREAT news about Azure Standard!  Covenant Ranch Trucking is EXPANDING to offer Azure in more places!  Two new places will be

Atlanta, GA
Asheville, NC.

But those aren’t the only ones!  And guess what?  You can actually REQUEST A DROP SITE simply by clicking the link or calling their office at 785-380-0034.  Covenant Ranch is committed to great customer service and they welcome your questions or comments.

Also, don’t forget to Like their Facebook page and join the community there!

Those of you who are already Azure customers, give me some ideas of what you order!  I’d love to check them out!

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12 Comments on My Azure Order This Month & Some Great News!

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12 thoughts on “My Azure Order This Month & Some Great News!

  1. We get lots of bulk things from Azure. 25lb of organic oats, 25lb of sucanat, plus 5lb of organic sugar because my husband doesn’t like sucanat in his coffee :)
    25lb of wheat berries, 5lb of unbleached flour, I even got some sprouted flour this month to try out. Of course, I don’t get the 25lb sacks every month, just when we’re getting low. And I store all those things in these food grade buckets with these lids:
    I just fill a canister to keep in the kitchen.
    Oh and sprouted rice comes in a 25lb sack too for pretty cheap.
    We love the Landmark raw mild cheddar. I get a 5lb box of it about every other month!
    They have a good price on bulk almond flour too.
    Dried fruit, dried beans, nuts, seeds, some cleaning products like Biokleen Bac Out and dish soap.
    The 2qt Ball Canning Jars $11.50/6 are awesome! I use them as canisters for nuts seeds, beans, flours, rice, etc. They’re so pretty in the cabinet and under $2 each!
    That’s all I can think of for now. We usually have a pretty big order. We don’t live in a town with many health food options, especially not affordable ones. Plus with 4 small children, one big pick up per month is much easier than going to multiple stores multiple times through out the month.
    I usually can use the Farmer’s Market for produce, a local farm for milk, eggs from the back yard, and avoid the grocery store altogether!

  2. I order from Azure every month. I buy raw cheddar cheese, butter, eggs, 50 lb flour, ground beef, Earthpaste, bulk oats, and so, so many other things. I am very pleased with Azure’s service and prices. I live in Southern California and most local stores prices for good foods are outrageous.

  3. We generally use Azure for bulk dry goods. We live in Louisville, Kentucky and can’t find a single store that beats their price and quality. Recently we’ve purchased lentils, black beans, pintos, and garbanzos as well as Celtic sea salt and some arrowroot powder. We occasionally get some produce but I generally like to buy from growers on the east coast. If we can’t go local then we at least try to keep it regional.

  4. I think you mean Asheville, NC. It is close to the border with SC. That is almost close enough for me but not quite. Hoping they will expand more in the South!

  5. I get my bulk Bragg’s EVOO, bulk organic grains, Alvarado Sprouted Sourdough Bread, Applegate hotdogs, Biokleen Bac-Out, Apple Cider Vinegar, Bubbies Pickles, frozen berries, raw Cacao powder, Charlie’s Soap detergent, Eco-Dent toothpowder, organic ginger, coconut oil, rapadura, bulk Biscuit & Baking mix (for dairy/gluten free pancakes!!), and organic pastured butter. all staples in this house!