Thoughts on Being Back to My Lowest Pre-Pregnancy Weight

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Prepregnancy to 25 downMy mom told me this past weekend that I looked like I used to. She was right. I have lost 70 pounds since the day I walked in the door to give birth to our now 7 month old son, and I am currently 30 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight with him, putting me at the lowest weight I have ever gotten pregnant at.

No, this isn’t an announcement 😉 , but it is a place that has made me stop and ponder.

3 weeks postpartum

Three weeks postpartum

I started this journey knowing I wanted to lose weight and get healthier, but I wasn’t sure where that would take me.  When I thought about how much I had to lose, I shut down, so I made small goals and baby-stepped my way through them.  Sometimes it felt painfully slow, but I kept telling myself any amount of weight loss was a triumph.

And here I am…the lowest weight I have ever gotten pregnant at and wondering what is next.  I have about 20 more pounds I’d like to lose.  I’m working toward it every day.  But, I am also not willing to say that I don’t want to get pregnant again until I reach that goal.

As a mom of many, I have allowed myself to use having babies as an excuse to eat entirely too much. Yes, it is hard to lose baby weight.  Yes, being pregnant and nursing makes you hungry.  Yes, pregnancy changes your shape.  But, overeating isn’t caused by babies…or pregnancy…or nursing.  It is caused by eating more than you need.

And more often than not, it is a heart condition.  {I’m still working on that aspect of it!}

As I change my mindset, I actually look forward to being pregnant again!  I know it is going to be hard to change old habits, (you know, the ones where I eat whenever and whatever I want because hey, I’m pregnant!) but I am looking forward to the journey if the Lord should choose to bless us again.   I’m looking forward to a healthy, strong pregnancy!

Until then, I’m going to keep going!  I’m looking forward to cooler temperatures and clothes I haven’t pulled out of storage in years because they didn’t fit.  I look forward to enjoying the treats of the season in moderation and not in gluttony.

I’m looking forward to living this life in God’s grace and mercy and abundance!  I’m blooming where I’m planted.  I am enjoying the journey.  I’m reaching out to others with the love and comfort the Lord has given to me.  This isn’t about what tomorrow will or will not bring.  It’s about today and what I am doing with it in light of all eternity.  The weight loss is only part of that equation.  It’s a lesson I needed to learn.  A lesson I am continuing to learn.  A lesson I need to share with others.  Praise the Lord for his patience and faithfulness.

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48 thoughts on “Thoughts on Being Back to My Lowest Pre-Pregnancy Weight

  1. Very well done! This is something I’m struggling with right now. I “started” my diet two days ago only to not just fall but leap off the wagon today (which I’m now, of course, beating myself up over). Seriously, I couldn’t even last 2 days? Ugh. Time to scour your archives for more inspiration. Keep up the hard work! :)

  2. So glad I checked back in before bed. :) You are amazing! That’s a lot of weight to lose! I use pregnancy as an excuse to eat whatever I want too. My hubby is all to willing to make those midnight runs and I don’t stop him. But all that has gotten me is 50 lbs over where I was when we married. Now maybe some of that weight gain was inevitable with 8 kids, but certainly not 50 lbs! Somehow, I’m struggling to find my “want to” even though I’m not happy with my weight at all. I’m really happy for you though. You look great! 😀

    • Thanks, Jillian! I ended up 50 pounds over what I was when we got married too. I couldn’t believe it. How did I get here? Well, actually I know how. I’ve always had “food issues” so when I stopped exercising in high school my food issues showed themselves. :(

  3. Congrats to you! This is exactly what I needed to read tonight. I totally understand when you say that overeating is a heart issue but I am at a total loss as to how to fix it or get to the bottom of it. Any suggestions for a person in the same place you have been in?

    • Hi Marissa! I’m obviously still working on it. I notice that I eat in order to numb certain emotions…namely stress. If I can catch it before I “need” to self-medicate and get myself in the right frame of mind, I can avoid those calories. The other trigger for me is habit. I have started having warm drinks at night instead of eating at night like I used to. This relaxes me and keeps me from wanting food I don’t really need. If I’m hungry, that’s one thing, but most of the time I am not. 😉

  4. That is wonderful!! So proud for you and your perseverance. It is not easy to lose weight and keep it off. I know from experience.

    GOD BLESS!!!

  5. Congratulations!! I’m excited for you and you are looking great. I’m not doing as well as I had hoped (i.e. excuses), but I am fitting back into the size I was pre-pregnancy and 2 pregnancies ago. I’m excited to hopefully go down another size. I don’t have a scale and my goal was to loose at least 15 pounds. I don’t know how much I still need to go, but changing clothes sizes is a good sign.

  6. Wow! Your progress is amazing! I’m in the last weeks of my third pregnancy & I have to keep reminding myself that any “empty calories” I eat now, only means I’ll need to work harder after the baby is here. Thank you for the reminder that it really is about the heart and not about a certain number on the scales. And I too, am looking forward to the treats of the upcoming fall seasons…in moderation :)

  7. I appreicate your story. I have needed to lose weight and still do. I am struggling with the motivation and the lessons God wants me to learn. I am struggling to get started and read your posts everytime.

  8. Yay for you Amy! It is all about being good stewards of our bodies. It’s about being able to do the Lord’s work and not grow weary because of our weakness due to negligence on our part. I have lost 30lbs and need to lose 20.more but mostly I need to exercizing to gain strength cuz I’m so flabby and weak. My father is 98 and I have to live 34 more yrs to get to that age, Lord willing. Kahllie’ s (1-15-13) mom, Brianna, started working as a STNA at a nursing home and has told me about the health of some of the residents there. That also gives me more incentiveto take better care of my body. God bless you and strengthen you with His grace and mercy. Aggie ( Kahllie’s great grandma)

  9. Way to go! I have also been on the same journey. I did get pregnant again before reaching my final goal, but I’m a lot lighter than I have been for 13+ years AND I’m 11 weeks and have not gained a pound yet. I usually put on like 5 right away. I have been using the wisdom from the book Trim Healthy Mama to achieve these goals and plan to continue while pregnant. Way to go us!


  10. You look great! I always eat healthy and keep up with exercise while I am pregnant and don’t gain a lot of weight but ruin all that hard work after my baby is born by becoming “addicted” to something and going overboard eating it all the time. This last time in was rice crispy treats!

  11. Good for you! The best thing about being healthy and losing the weight is how good you feel. It make such a difference. We have 7 kiddos and I know how easy it is to use the excuse that you are pregnant or nursing to justify bad eating habits! When it came down to it, every time, I always felt so much better when I was eating healthy! Good luck with maintaining your new healthy lifestyle!

  12. You look amazing! I found your blog from a friend who reads it. I’m pregnant with my eighth child and had a miscarriage a little under three months ago. After the miscarriage, my mindset changed and I started striving to lose weight, get fit, and stay healthy. I’ve been doing really well and now that we are pregnant again, I’m having to change my mindset. It’ll be harder than you think too! I’m used to a low calorie diet now and having to bump it up is proving to be quite the challenge. I’m working on it though and so grateful that God has chosen to bless us with another baby. Like you, I would have loved to have worked off my weight down to my first prepregnancy weight but I love carrying a sweet blessing even more and look forward to “getting at it” after this wee one gets here. Now off to eat my second small breakfast of the day!

  13. Thanks so much for posting this. I stumbled upon it. I am a Mommy of 2 boys. I weighed more than I’d like before even having my first, and lost quite a bit of weight after having him. Then, it started creeping back. Then, I got pregnant again, and told myself I’d be healthier. Well, I gained even MORE weight the second time around, because I took the liberty of thinking “I’m pregnant, it’s ok if I gain weight”. I don’t even know how much I gained, as I stopped looking at the scale at my appointments, but it was too much. Anyway, my little one is now 4 months old, and I am almost back down to his pre-pregnancy weight (I have lost about 17 pounds so far), but am still about 30 pounds away from my ultimate goal. Sometimes it’s slow, and I get discouraged, but I know I can’t give up, because then I will never get there. If I get off track, I can always get back on track. It’s just nice to know I’m not alone, even if I don’t actually know you personally. :-)

    • Hi Erica! I started out too high as well. I just let it continue to escalate out of control. Thankful for the weight loss thus far! Great job to you too!

  14. Congratulations on you weight loss and health!!
    I was wondering if you have ever heard of Trim Healthy Mama? These sisters who are both strong Christians put 5+ years of research into their “plan.” I have been reading the book for about 2weeks making changes as I learn and I have dropped 10lbs while feeling satisfied after every meal.

    • Hi Rachel! Yes, I actually started while pregnant on THM and lost all the way until about 10 pounds ago and then got stuck. We travel a lot and I needed more accountability, so I joined Weight Watchers to help with that. I still eat Breakfast and Lunch the THM way. :)

  15. I love this – beautiful attitude! We are all a work in progress, and you sharing these thoughts is an inspiration! Thank you for working so hard and taking time to both examine the emotional aspects and put them into words for the rest of us!

    Much appreciated!


  16. Thank you so much for the encouragement of your progress! I’m thinking I should set myself some goals. I don’t really need to lose much weight, but I definitely want to be healthier.

    I hope if/when you get pregnant again, that you will continue to blog about making healthy choices while pregnant. I’m a bit unsure how to handle pregnancy while making healthy food choices too.

  17. Congrats Amy! Oh how I wish I had your ability to do this and work through the struggle of this process! <3 It's very much a heart healing process too. I'm at that point right now trying to figure out my heart. You are in inspiration! Keep it up.

  18. so may I ask? What are you doing to lose the weight? I am so frustrated in this right now. ANd I am the mama to 7. My youngest is a 6 month old living with Jesus.

    • Hi Evie! The last month of my pregnancy, I started following Trim Healthy Mama. I followed it in a modified way (meaning I ate that way for breakfast & lunch and then ate normal for dinner) all the way until about 10 pounds ago. Then I got stuck for 3 months. I decided I needed some portion control and more accountability and joined Weight Watchers. :)

      • Thanks! I joined ww last month and have lost 8.6, but any and all help is great! And you look beautiful, and amazing, no matter what. I love you blog!

  19. Thank you for saying that our eating, rather over-eating habits, are a “heart condition”. I really needed to hear that! I’m also wanting to lose weight and need to remind myself that it is SO much more than a physical thing.

  20. Amen! God is so good! Life is so exciting as we trust and obey and learn, learn, learn! I have gained most of my weight overeating while pregnant and nursing. I am excited to conquer that area in my life and be healthy always. Thanks for sharing. Very encouraging today.

  21. Yay! Hooray for the weight loss! I’m in that struggle too. Butt unlike you, I’m not losing much. I’ve got a muffin top and I’m the biggest I’ve been post pregnancy after 3 kids. It’s really veery depressing getting dressed everyday. I wish I could just wear a mumu. But then mmy husband and chikdren might disown me.

  22. GREAT post! Pregnancy does not mean I get to forgo all self-control and self-discipline. Thank you for reminding me of that! God bless you as you continue your journey! xo

  23. I loved this! Such a good perspective, a balanced one between the extremes of “I can eat what I want when I want because I’m feeding two” and “this is my body, I don’t let baby change one thing about it!”. Thank you for sharing, I am very encouraged. As I am 21 weeks pregnant, and still struggling some days with the scribbles of stretch marks that came with my first daughter (not to mention the diastasis…), I fight to hold on to a godly perspective. Again, thanks for this!

  24. I am soooo happy for you! I have recently had similar convictions to dieting and weight-loss and am so excited that the Lord is teaching us so many new things along this journey! Keep going! and Glory to God!!!

  25. Congratulations on losing the weight. Your husband must be very proud of you. I love reading your story, it makes me very inspired. I used to be the same way with my weight, always making excuses, until I decided to take it off. And I did. I have an inspiring story as well. I was inspired by women like you who posted their weight loss story.
    Check mine out. at

    Congrats and keep pushing through.


  26. Amy, you look great!! Just wondering if you are still using T-Tapp?
    Which T-Tapp did you start with? I keep looking at the website, but I get lost…as where to start.
    Keep up the great work!

    • Yes! Need to be doing it more. My kids are way more regular with it than I am. And I use the Basic Workout Plus. I agree…the site is a bit difficult to navigate.

  27. You look amazing! And yes, I agree that many subsequent pregnancies can become an excuse to get out of shape…although I must attest that our hormones can really wreck havoc with our emotions (thus affecting our appetites) during pregnancy and nursing!
    Small little changes are good though :)

    Thanks for sharing your journey with us, Rachael @