Some Large Family Links {Welcome Home Wednesday}

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Welcome Home Link Up | RaisingArrows.netLast week there were some really great large family related links, so I thought I would feature them!  Not all of these bloggers are large family moms, but all of these posts are things every large family mom needs in her arsenal to keep her household running smoothly.

First up is the Babies on a Budget Series Roundup at MamaGab.  If you’re going to have lots of littles, anything you can do to save money helps!

babies on a budget series

Serving Joyfully has a Daily Cleaning List & Free Printable!  Chaos will ensue if a large family mom doesn’t keep some semblance of cleanliness, and sometimes all mom can do is get the bare minimum done.  This checklist will help to keep you on track!

Rebecca at Family Abounds gave us 5 Ways to Simplify Laundry because let’s face it…a large family has loads of laundry (pun intended!).

Laura from Blessed Mom of Many also offered up her laundry solution – a Family Closet – in her post Laundry Made Easy for the Large Family.

And finally, The Mark of a Big Family from Anchored in His Grace.  This is a list of 15 signs you are a big family.  (And honestly, sometimes I have to remind myself that we are a big family because I just don’t “feel it” most of the time!)

The post that got the most clicks last week was also from MamaGab and boy, did it hit a nerve! To the Discouraging Mom in the Parking Lot of Kohls at 7:30 on a Thursday Night is her response to a flippant remark made by a woman in passing. Definitely a must-read!

Time to link up your posts and read other wonderful posts!  {If you are reading via email, click here.}

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