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Homemaking doesn’t always involve being at home.  It is a multi-faceted occupation, ladies.  This week, I’m featuring posts that are a mix of both the in-home management and the outside-the-home management that comes with the territory of being a wife and mother and homemaker.


First up, a post from Rebecca at Mom’s Mustard Seeds that is a sequel to an absolute must-read post on why it is important to train your children to keep a home neat.  The post she linked up last week is about implementing the chores and responsibilities that keep a home running smoothly.  This is WAY deeper than a set of chore lists, folks.  Take the time to read both of these.

Now, lest you think mothering is all about barking out commands in order to get your home in tip-top shape, let me direct you to a post from Brittany at Sweet Country Roots entitled Learning to Love Distractions.  There will be distractions in your home (especially if you are a mother of several little ones).  Embrace those distractions and learn to focus on what’s really important every single day.

Next, let’s move a little bit outside and a little bit inside our homes with the topic of Facebook:  Friend or Foe? from Lori at Blessed Mom of Many.


Facebook reminds me of this verse from 1 Timothy 5:

Besides that, they learn to be idlers, going about from house to house, and not only idlers, but also gossips and busybodies, saying what they should not.

Yes, this verse is in reference to young widows who were up to no good, but you bet you can apply this across the board to any woman who finds herself “idle” enough to spend hours on Facebook.  This post gives a balanced perspective to the power and reach of Facebook and is an important topic for today’s Christian homemaker.

And finally, we leave our homes and head to church with a post on The Why and How of Keeping Your Children with You in Church by Deanna at From this Kitchen Table.  We have been a part of Family Integrated Churches for years, but we often visit other churches in our travels.  We always keep our children with us during these services despite the kind prodding of the greeters in the lobby to send our children on down to children’s church.  We enjoy worshipping with our children, but, you have to realize keeping children in a church service requires work on the part of the parent.  There is training that must be done and it is hard work.  This post gives some great ideas on how to make this happen and also the why behind keeping children with you.

And the most clicked post from last week?  It’s a tie between:

MamaGab with My Friend, the Witch

my friend the witch

and Children Are a Blessings with Should We Have More Children?

caabmorechildrenBoth posts are worthwhile reads!

Now it’s your turn!  Time to link up your posts (limit it to 3 please!) and read other wonderful posts!  {If you are reading via email, click here.}

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9 thoughts on “Home & Away From Home {Welcome Home Wednesday}

  1. Wow, I can’t believe my post was selected. And you are so right – barking orders is not what it’s about. It’s like the post re: Family Integrated Churches and both boil down to being parents who are intentional and working to grow their children for Christ. Thanks Amy. Looking forward to reading through this week’s posts.

  2. Love that verse in Timothy, Amy, that you mentioned about Facebook, that is so true. We need to be very careful that Facebook it not a method of gossiping for us.

    Thanks Amy for hosting these link ups each week!

    Love your blog, been reading for years!

  3. I was reading about St. Teresa of Avila to the kids. She committed her life to God. She became a nun and entered the convent. But in the convent, visitors are allowed and many women from town would come to visit. St. Teresa loved to visit with them and then one day, she realized she was wasting time in silly conversations. Then, she went forth and did her great works for which she is known. She traveled and built many more convents and all the nuns were amazed by her faith and spirituality. The “silly conversations” made me think of Facebook. Facebook has been a great comfort to me as we have moved around so much and enabled me to stay in touch with friends and relatives that I can’t see for years, however….

  4. Thanks you so much for featuring my post! What a surprise to wake up to. It is hard work having my kids in the service with me, but you are right, it is a blessing to worship with them.