Being a Homemaker {Welcome Home Wednesday}

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Welcome Home Link Up | RaisingArrows.netThis week, we are going to run the gamut of homemaking from the earliest days to the final days.

Most women spend a lot of time daydreaming about their wedding day LONG before it ever happens.  Miss Jess from Miss Jess Writes gives suggestions on what a Lady in Waiting ought to be spending her time on as she prepares to be a homemaker.

Along those lines, how about a FREE Home Ec curriculum from Amy at Plain and Not So Plain


 and a FREE Quilting for Beginners eCourse from Jillian at Olive Plants & Cornerstones


Once you are married and setting up a home, be sure to pray for your husband as mentioned by Jess over at Our Homestead for Him.

And when it is all said and done, your days as a wife, mother, and homemaker will be defined by how centered you were in the Word of God as fitly spoken in this post by A pearl in His hands.

And the post with the most clicks?


 An Opposite Announcement from Blessed Mom of Many – proving once again, just how much my readers like baby announcements!

Now it’s your turn!  Time to link up your posts (limit it to 3 please!) and read other wonderful posts!  {If you are reading via email, click here.}

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9 thoughts on “Being a Homemaker {Welcome Home Wednesday}

    • Glad I checked this before heading to bed! If I don’t save it while it is still in text form, the link disappears. Didn’t realize I had accidentally saved it in visual. *sigh* Got it fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience. :)

  1. Amy, Thank you for hosting this and the posts you selected are wonderful. It’s beautiful to see other Moms creating and sharing the gifts God has given them. Many blessings to you and your family…

  2. Hi Amy! Thank you for hosting this linky! Thank you for featuring the post about the Lady in Waiting too! I pinned that and want to go through it with my 8 year old who is definitely already thinking about marriage! (Is that normal for someone so young? I wasn’t expecting this for quite a few years yet!)

  3. This has nothing to do with your post just a question for you and your readers. My sister sent me this link and I was completely outraged by it. I was just wondering if your ever edit books for your children. My son has such a huge appetite for reading that there aren’t enough christian books I approve of, so I have a habit of editing books with white out and sometimes sticky labels, so that they are appropriate for us. Like Harry Potter, I know a lot of christians don’t like it because of magic but for us, I just mark of the bad language and inappropriate sexual content or premarital boy-girl stuff… and then its become just a book full of imagination. I do this to a lot of books even christian books.