Fleece-Lined Leggings Giveaway!

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Fleece-lined Leggings Giveaway! | RaisingArrows.net  (plus a bonus coupon for FREE shipping when you order $19.99 or more!)

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On Tuesday I mentioned these fleece-lined leggings from Deborah & Co.  These have become a staple in my wardrobe!  The weather is going to be bitterly cold this coming week – so glad I have both the brown and the black!

These fleece-lined leggings were not at all what I expected, so I thought I should tell you a little bit about them in case you aren’t sure what they really are.

Fleece-Lined Leggings Giveaway!They are thick, with a bit of sheen on the outside.  Inside, they are like your favorite sweatshirt.  They don’t add bulk to my clothes, but amazingly they are all I need to stay warm, even in the wind.  I wear these under my skirts AND under my jeans for added warmth.

I have worn other tights under my skirts, but typically by the end of the day I’m so sick of them – hot, itchy, bleh!  But these fleece-lined leggings are not like that at all!  I wear them all day long and they are super comfortable.  Plus, I like the modesty they provide for any skirt I am wearing.

Today, I am super excited to be able to offer you a quick giveaway of these leggings from Deborah & Co.!  If you win, you’ll get to choose the size and color and they’ll be shipped right to your doorstep in time for your holiday wardrobe!

As an added bonus to all of you, if you order $19.99 or more from Deborah & Co. between now and Black Friday, you will be emailed a special coupon for FREE SHIPPING during the Black Friday Sale at Deborah & Co.! (*US orders only*)

That means, you can order these leggings now, get your FREE SHIPPING coupon and order bigger items during the Black Friday Sale with FREE shipping to boot!  This would be a great way to grab some Christmas gifts and holiday attire at a price that is easier on your wallet.

Fleece-Lined Leggings Giveaway | RaisingArrows.net (plus bonus Black Friday FREE Shipping coupon!)

Now for the GIVEAWAY!
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471 thoughts on “Fleece-Lined Leggings Giveaway!

  1. I’m supposed to know what I’m wearing at Thanksgiving? That’s, like, a whole week away! I will most likely wear a skirt, since that’s all I have that fits my big ol’ belly, and a top, because that is definitely mandatory in this country, even in this degenerate age. 😉

  2. I’m wearing jeans and a pretty orangish sweater I’ve been saving

    Been wanting to try a pair of leggings…this might be my chance

  3. I wear skirts, jumpers, etc; this year to dress up is more challenging. I am pregnant with #9 this season with about 6 weeks to go. Finding something that fits is the big deal. Thankfully I can always add nice festive accessories to an outfit.

  4. It is funny that you should ask. I was just thinking about this last night. I grew up always dressing up a bit for holiday gatherings. It seems that now a days, few people dress up any more. A holiday really is a “holy day” set apart for rememberance. So, for our family, I like to encourage us to dress for the occasion. That being said, my girls and I will probably be wearing skirts or dress pants along with a nice blouse or sweater and scarf.

  5. I’ll probably be wearing a sweater and jeans. I’m on the lookout for comfy skirts, just haven’t found one I like yet. These leggings would be great under jeans or a skirt – I’ll be showing the website to my daughter later today.

  6. Not completely sure what I’ll be wearing on Thanksgiving but thinking my brown pants, orange turtleneck with a patterned sweater.

  7. Outfit is not confirmed, but for sure a skirt, some sort of leggings, and a long sleeve. These Alaskan Thanksgivings are very cold.

  8. I’ll likely be wearing a red sweater and denim skirt. I love these leggings! I might have to go ahead and order one even if I don’t win. :-)

  9. We are having a VERY low key Thanksgiving because our entire month of December will be spent traveling. I plan on wearing comfortable clothes, but look nice.

  10. Oh boy…I haven’t even thought about what I’m wearing Thanksgiving. I’m totally into scarves right now though so I’ll probably build an outfit around one of my scarves. :)

  11. I think I will find some super stretchy pants to wear this year. I will be 5 weeks from due date so comfort is key! :) Something short sleeved since it will probably be warm at my Moms house and of course my moccasins. :)

  12. Hello I’m not sure what Ill be wearing yet. I would love to try the leggings. It gets pretty cold here in the mountains of VA and windy. Warm leggings sounds nice.

  13. I honestly haven’t planned that far in advance. Something comfy since ill be entertaining-these stockings would be a great go to!

  14. I’m so looking forward to Thanksgiving1 I will either wear a casual yet pretty striped brown & black dress or my long denim skirt with a pretty blouse! would love to get some of those leggings!

  15. Oh how cool! I’ve always assumed these would be kind of itchy and sweaty. Now I can’t wait to try them!
    I hope to finish a new maxi skirt and green knit top…but we’ll see :)

  16. I love wearing leggings and have never seen these. I always wear my regular ones with my skirts as I am a wimp and cant be cold :) They work so well with casual or dressy as long as the skirt is longer.
    Thank you!

  17. oh thank you – I was hoping to try these, but just can’t fit it into the budget right now…this might be my chance!

  18. I want to get these fleece lined leggings this year! The reviews they get are awesome, & I can’t wait to try them! Besides, one’s legs are just cold under a skirt in the wintertime! :)

    • I’m in PHX and it’s always sunny and warm here. So i know where ya come from FL. We don’t roast a turkey here….my hubby smokes that bird! Forever summer, forever young!

  19. I will definitely be going for comfort this Thanksgiving and wear something easy to get around in. Probably a nice denim skirt and a layered top. An apron is a necessity while cooking! The leggings look like a beautiful way to add warmth.

  20. I’ve been all about the leggings this year! My favorite part is that they hold up to the work of motherhood so much better than tights or pantyhose. I can’t stomach spending ~$5 per pair of tights or hose and having them rip or snag after only a couple wears. Leggings are warmer, more comfortable and last much longer. Worth every penny! :)
    On Thanksgiving I might wear my favorite floral fall dress and some leggings.

  21. Would love to win these to try them out…I looked at them on the site for the women, do they also have a “for girls” version?

  22. Thanksgiving attire: a wide legged pair of knit pants that are so comfy and a striped knit top. We’re hosting so I need some cute and easy to work in; this fits the bill.

  23. Hmm, I love textures & rich hues, so probably my calf-length moleskin mocha skirt with a corduroy tan jacket. Brown leggings would be perfect to add to it! 😉

  24. Thank you for this give away! I didn’t know this kind of legging existed! My girls need to wear a skirt for their uniform at school and it is freezing here as we speak, so lined leggings would be so nice for them.
    For Thanksgiving I’ll be wearing my jeans, maybe even my yoga pants :)

  25. Hmmmm….probably burnt orange shirt, brown skirt, brown sweater & cuddle duds. Cuddle duds aren’t quite as comfortable as these leggings sound but are definitely better than just regular ol’ tights.:).

  26. I’ll probably be wearing my nice jean skirt and a light sweater. I get hot easily, but also want to look nice and be comfortable!

  27. Hmmm….it’s always tricky knowing what to wear because our urban church feeds homeless people at noon on Thanksgiving. I like to dress up a little bit (a skirt instead of the usual nice pants) but don’t want to over-dress and make people feel uncomfortable. It’d be awesome to have some new leggings, especially since it’s supposed to be cooler this year! But then I might feel convicted to give them away (ah, that battle of the selfish nature…. to think that I would even hesitate :/ ). So glad that Jesus is still working on me! ?

  28. Thanksgiving is different for us this year. My dad has recently been diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer that has spread. He starts chemo tomorrow and radiation on Monday. These are being done just for comfort measures. We live 5 hours from him so my children and I have been staying in our camper for the past 3 weeks while he has been in the hospital. This Thanksgiving we will be in our camper. So I will probably be wearing something warm and comfortable. Love your blog!

  29. Thanksgiving here was last month. I am hoping to wear more skirts this year/winter, but the only lined leggings i could afford aren’t going to be warm enough for our cold winters.

  30. I have never owned leggings before (well maybe as a kid, but I don’t remember!)- these look awesome! I have been wearing more pants lately just cause the legs are too cold otherwise!!!

  31. I love your modest style. I’m getting there by getting rid of a lot of my un-modest clothing. I feel the Lord has been speaking to me to dress more modest recently. For thanksgiving I will probably wear my long sleeved gray sweater over a white shirt with a long skirt and a black scarf.

  32. I was just thinking on how nice these would be with the incoming cold snap!
    For family Thanksgiving celebrations, probably nice pants and layered shirt. My preggo wardrobe is not what I’d like it to be 😉

  33. I am super hopeful about this because I have absolutely no dressy clothes anymore. I lost 58lbs and all my dress clothes are all too big. I went from a size 28/30 to a size 18/20. :) Looking forward to seeing who wins!

  34. I have one pair of these that I wear all. winter. long! Another pair would make it so much easier to keep warm!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  35. This Thanksgiving I think I will be wearing some leggings with a comfy dress. Our Thanksgiving celebration starts with breakfast at my in-laws, lunch with my Uncle and dinner back at my in-laws. Long, fun day!

  36. I haven’t decided yet. Probably my ankle length black jean skirt, grey boots, black boot cuffs that I crocheted myself, and a pretty red ling sleeve blouse. Or blue.

  37. You know, I haven’t really given any thought to what I’ll wear for Thanksgiving. We’re having a big family dinner at noon at my sister-in-law’s house, playing games all afternoon while the kids nap (hopefully, ha), and then reconvening at my house for a finger-food supper and desert party (and possibly more games). So it’s pretty casual. I will probably wear my teal skirt and black 3/4 sleeve shirt, so I’m a little dressier than usual, but I honestly may end up wearing jeans. I guess we’ll find out!

    Thank you for a great giveaway – I hope I win! I entered using my full name – Alena Belleque.

  38. I would love to win these leggings. I LOVE Deborah and company and have been wanting to try some of these..:) thank you so much for doing a giveaway..bless you and yours

  39. I’m not really sure yet. I haven’t thought about it a lot. My parents are the only guests we’ll have. Probably a maxi skirt and cute top. Short sleeves so I don’t get hot.

  40. I’m not sure what I’m wearing for Thanksgiving yet! I just got a cute new wine colored tunic tee yesterday so maybe that, probably with jeans because I haven’t gotten around to sewing my new denim skirt yet…:)

  41. I’ll be wearing something easy to nurse in. Considering she’s not even a month old none of my cute clothes fit so really I have no idea.

  42. I’ll be wearing a jean skirt and top… and my game plan is to wear a skirt that is more snug in the waist so that I’m not able to completely pig out!! :)

  43. I haven’t really thought about that yet. I will probably wear a sweater or cardigan & layer with a turtleneck & jean skirt with my black zip up knee boots.

  44. I’ll be wearing a pretty fall sweater (when I’m not in the kitchen) with an orange t-shirt underneath for when I’m in the kitchen, and my most comfortable pair of jeans. I am doing all the cooking for my family of 10 plus 2.

  45. Unfortunately I’m too sick to attend my family Thanksgiving this year, so my kids will go without me to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. I’ll probably be home in my comfy PJs :-)

  46. They sound so comfy! I’m in New England and our winters are cold. It would be a great addition to my winter wardrobe. They would keep my legs super toasty under my skirts! :)

  47. I will be wearing my favorite Denim Maternity Jumper and either my black long sleeve maternity shirt or my shortsleeves one, depends on how cold it is outside and how warm it is in our apartment! and of course I’ll be wearing my new dearfoam slippers!

    • Oops, now I need to tell you what I’m wearing for Thanksgiving. I’ll wear my black maternity skirt from Deborah & Co, along with one of my nice tailored look Duo button-down maternity tops with corset-style lacing in the back to make it fit more closely since I’m only first trimester.

  48. I love leggings! Can never have too many! I’ll probably be wearing the same thing I wear everyday. Skirt, turtleneck and leggings.

  49. I have to layer well for Thanksgiving. It’s cold getting to the friend’s house we’ll be celebrating at, but his house is kept really warm. So, it’s not unheard of for people to wear a short sleeve shirt under a sweater so they can take the sweater off.

  50. Where did you get those great boots? That seems to be my biggest problem, finding cute shoes to wear with my skirts during our snowy Colorado winters and wet springs!

  51. Since the typical fall colors don’t really look good on me, for thanksgiving I’m wearing a black knit maxi skirt, and a turquoise tshirt under a cropped black cardigan!

  52. I’m usually the main cook in the kitchen on Thanksgiving so I’m generally in something comfy like sweats or an elastic waist skirt along with elbow or 3/4 length sleeves but these leggings are so incredible, I’d definitely be putting these on for my post turkey dinner walk that I always seem to need to go on! Lol

  53. i may be having a baby on Thanksgiving so not sure what i will be wearing. I’m due the day before! Fleece lined tights would be a great option when taking the baby for a winter stroll.

  54. I’ve always encouraged my family to ‘dress’ for the holidays, Thanksgiving included. It’s a special day, making special memories, with special people, so I ask the to dress ‘special.’
    I’ll be wearing a Taupe button-down sweater with a jersey knit black skirt and a cream/black/gold scarf. Oh, and my slippers! I’m hosting 30 people that day and comfort is a good thing.

  55. For Thanksgiving I will be wearing a Black Maxi Dress with a Teal colored undershirt for modesty. I will be 33 weeks pregnant on Thanksgiving Day and I am all about COMFORT, COMFORT, COMFORT right now! The leggings sound like a warm heaven to me! :)

  56. These leggings sound wonderful. I have some sensory issues with tights, tags, seams and the like. But these might actually work for me. Would love to win some to try them out!

  57. I’m still trying to decide for sure but was thinking I would wear the cream colored sweater I just found at the thrift store, along with a navy blue skirt. Guess I have a couple of days to change my mind though. :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  58. Hmmm…I have a tiered skirt my grandmother gave me. It’s cream colored and has little flowers embroidered all over it in matching thread. I wear it all the time, but it’s because a) it fits, no matter how pregnant, or not, I am and b) it is ankle-length and it’s getting pretty chilly these days. That being said, we are not going anywhere. We’ll be saving our travel time and funds for Christmas instead 😉

  59. Ha. We celebrated Thanksgiving on a warm autumn day way back in October, I think I wore a denim skirt, linen t-shirt, and sandles… This coming weekend sweaters and warm socks will be a must as we are already enjoying the snow.

  60. For Thanksgiving we will be traveling so I plan on wearing a grey knit skirt, black V-neck 3/4 sleeve knit top and a long purple cardigan sweater. Can’t wait to hug on my military boy:-).

  61. I’m not sure what I’ll be wearing yet, maybe some comfy leggings and a dress… 😉 Do you know if these leggings are maternity able??

  62. Thanksgiving, for us, is a time to thank God for all He has done for us and is a natural lead-in to Christmas – which is my FAVORITE holiday!! Which is why I usually wear Christmas attire and pull out my Christmas dishes for Thanksgiving!!

  63. I usually just dress casually, but not sloppy. We have two places to go and I need to be able to tend to my young children, so wearing a more sophisticated style, is not a good option. With that in mind, I love to wear dressier clothes, but for this season in my life, a blue jean skirt with a blazer or cardigan, will do it for me!

  64. Thanks for your blog, reading the devotional you wrote….has helped me to focus on Jesus, and for that I am thankful.
    I have no idea what I will be wearing. I would LOVE these leggings…brrrr…..Minnesota winters are cold!

  65. I’m not sure what I’m wearing….a skirt and top but not sure, I have a little time. 😉 I would LOVE to win these, I’ve wanted them for quite some time but didn’t want to spend the money and worried they’d be too hot or heavy.

  66. Most likely something that I can nurse easily in, as I just had a baby on the 17th, and my *sigh* maternity jeans. Can’t wait to get out of those.

  67. I haven’t quite decided yet. I’m cooking/hosting, thought, so it will be something no-fuss first, and then maybe (if there is time!!) something nicer later for the dinner. 😉

  68. I have been eyeballing these leggings for over a month! I’d love to win a pair! I really have no idea what I’ll be wearing, but I promise not to show up naked!

  69. I really haven’t decided yet what I will wear for Thanksgiving. I have black slacks that I could wear with a sweater, but I’d really like to wear a skirt this year, but my choices are limited. My denim skirt doesn’t seem dressy enough for a holiday. Hmmm…I should really start thinking about this; it will be here before I know it!!!

  70. I am freezing ALL.THE.TIME even wearing regular leggings under jeans! For Thanksgiving I’ll just be wearing jeans and a sweater, nothing fancy here!

  71. One of my nicer skirts and a nice shirt. Haven’t thought that far ahead. Just trying to get through today (my dd’s birthday)! LOL But we have our nature walks every other week with our co-op, and it’s getting COLD out there! I have been thinking about investing in some leggings or tights or something, so this is just in time!

  72. I agree with Kim Crawford’s comments on here: ” I grew up always dressing up a bit for holiday gatherings. It seems that now a days, few people dress up any more. A holiday really is a “holy day” set apart for rememberance.”
    This is something I have been thinking about more so lately. I think I would wear these leggings with something special. I would like to try them. Thanks!

  73. I’ve just lost 43 pounds so my wardrobe is limited – I’ll be wear a skirt for sure – and probably an apron since it’s at my home this year! I’ll add a shabby satin flower to a blouse and call it good – very simple!

  74. I am planning to wear a new outfit with a shirt I bought @ a thrift store. It has shells around the collar & it is a turquoise blue. I am planning to wear my tan boots, too. :)

  75. I will probably wear a couplee different outfits. We are going to church in the morning and I have picked out a tan cowl neck sweater dress with tights and boots. It is my husbands only day off until the week before christmas, so we plan to cut down our christmas tree (not really dress appropriate), but maybe ill do leggings not tights?

  76. We’ve already celebrated Thanksgiving twice–once with family and once with church. I wore an autumn-colored top and sweater with a skirt.

  77. I’ll be wearing a printed dress with leggings and tall boots. This would be WONDERFUL, as I wear leggings under my dresses all winter!

  78. We are pretty casual for our Thanksgiving dinners-probably jeans and a sweater or shirt-will possibly jazz it up with a warm scarf!

  79. I’m not sure what outfit I’ll wear, but I’m confident I’ll be wearing my apron as I serve the gobbler my son has been fattening up for a while now! (He was placed on the menu after trying to flog one of the children! – :) ) Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  80. We don’t dress up for Thanksgiving. . .so, I’ll probably wear my favorite jeans and a comfy shirt while I’m cooking and then eating with my family. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  81. Those leggings sound amazing. I have never heard of such a thing before, and where I live they would be a great wardrobe addition for sure.

  82. I’ll be wearing my skirt, a t-shirt with a sweater over it, and tennis shoes. Since I broke my leg last winter, tennis shoes are a must.

  83. I am 8+ months pregnant and will wear whatever fits! ..which isn’t much these days as I carry big babies :) Probably black flowy pants with a long shirt.

  84. Thanksgiving will be a small simple meal this year. Might pull out the china to make it special. Not sure if we’ll dress up or be comfy.

  85. We get to spend Thanksgiving this year at our oldest daughter’s house, but will be doing the cooking, so something easy like a jean skirt and a 3/4 length shirt. (Don’t want sleeves in the gravy!)

  86. I will be wearing a white long sleeve t-shirt with a Christopher and Banks maroon belted short sleeve sweater over it along with a long black skirt. Possibly a pink, maroon, and gray ruffle scarf if it looks good with it.

  87. I will be wearing a denim jumper with brown long sleeve shirt underneath. I will also wear my fuzzy socks and head covering!

  88. Well, since I am 8.5 months pregenant…something LARGE and comfy:-). Although my extended family is leaving for Thanksgiving this year and we can’t as I will be soon giving birth…soooo not sure if we will do any dinner per se. I’m kinda tired :-)

  89. My favorite jeans and a nice shirt. We are having Thanksgiving outside in my sisters pole barn so I might have to go get some long johns, lol.

  90. I’ll be wearing a denim skirt and a long sleeve nursing top that I made, so that nursing my 5-month old baby will be much easier!

  91. I would be excited to try fleece -lined leggings as I do wear dresses a lot! What a nice offer for this time of year! Thank you!

  92. I have no idea what I am wearing. Debating between jeans and a shirt/sweater or khakis and a light sweater. Depends on the weather. I know I should plan that outfit now.

  93. Not sure what I’m wearing. Something I’ll throw together at the last minute. I’ve also been looking at these leggings for long time – they look so comfortable!

  94. I will probably wear a casual skirt and shirt with an apron of course. It will just be my household for this Thanksgiving dinner.

  95. My sister-in-law is taking our family/Christmas card photo earlier that day so we will all be dressed up. But definitely going to bring some play clothes for my 3 year old son to change into after.

  96. I would LOVE to win a pair of these! We are moving to Wyoming from California after Christmas because my husband starts a new job the first of the year. I’m sure I will need them! :)

  97. I actually just went and added a pair to my cart. I really like these and living in Maine they would be a great help in the winter months.

  98. Hmmm… I’m not quite sure yet lol! I will probably be wearing a sweater of some sort with a skirt or jeans! Thank you for the opportunity to win these awesome leggings!

  99. Since we live in the south our weather is unpredictable this time of the year…if it’s cool enough a sweater and pants or jeans :) We are having a small, quiet Thanksgiving this year :)

  100. I’d love to have a jean skirt and boots/leggings like yours, but for now, it will be a gray skirt, some sort of sweater or fleece pullover and…not sure what else yet. :-)

  101. Since we live in the south, our weather tends to be unpredictable this time of year. My best guess…a sweater and pair of jeans since we are having small a Thanksgiving this year :)

  102. I don’t know what I’m wearing tomorrow let alone a week away. But since we are having a bunch of folks over I will probably put on a nicer pair of slacks and a nice shirt. Depending on the weather I may or may not add a sweater. (Although if my daughter asks, I will probably dress up a bit with a skirt and nice blouse (she is at a stage where she loves to dress up for everything!). Thank you for a fun give away.

  103. This Thanksgiving I’ll be wearing some black leggings, my blue stretchy tunic dress, and my royal blue booties. That is, unless I find something cuter before then.

  104. I will be wearing some type of nursing top with my favorite denim skirt, and most likely a worried expression…LOL! This way I can stop and take care of our littlest one while cooking and setting up for our first BIG thanksgiving celebration – with BOTH sets of grandparents visiting (thus the worried expression – I’ve never cooked a turkey this big before)! :)

  105. Not sure, I am a last minute clothing person. Seems even when I do plan I change it at the last second! :) I do wear leggings under all my skirts, for warmth and modesty . I would LOVE to try these, they sound very comfy! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

  106. I have 2 thanksgiving celebrations to attend this year. I plan to wear my one-and-only nice comfy jeans, paired with a 3/4 sweater over a layering tank top. One outfit will be brown tones, the other probably black over red.

  107. I honestly haven’t thought about what I’ll be wearing! I know it’ll be a skirt and nice top and probably a pair of flats!

  108. On Thanksgiving I will probably wear a pair of comfy stretch jeans and a lightweight sweater. Something comfy since I have 2 dinners to attend.

  109. Wow! These looks wonderful! I don’t live in a super cold part of the country…but I am in the mountains of Arizona and it does get chilly!

  110. It’s going to be a casual day with friends, so probably wearing my ‘nice’ yoga pants, long sleeved t-shirt and a pretty scarf.

  111. Jean skirt and nice shirt! All I have are skirts 😉 Been looking at these would really love some to wear with my skirts this winter! Thanks for the chance to win!

  112. I think I will wear a new tunic style brown sweater with layers. Not sure what for bottoms. I have been skirts only for 3-4 yrs. But I like the the look of a longer top with leggings and tall boots. We will see if I feel comfortable. :) If not, i’ll stick with my beloved skirts!

  113. I generally wear skirts, so probably a comfy skirt and some leggings underneath. Sure wish I had those fleece lined leggings. :)

  114. Since I just had my 4th blessing 3 1/2 wks ago, I will be wearing whatever fits! At least being post-partum gives me a good excuse to wear maternity clothes with all that room to Thanksgiving 😉

  115. These look fabulous!! A lot of times we don’t have cold days but the wind will bite through any clothing I have on. Would love a pair of these! :)

  116. I’m hosting 16-20 people for Thanksgiving and running a 5k in the morning and don’t think I’ll have too much time to get ready before our 2:00 eating time, so probably jeans and a nice sweater. Oh and my pretty apron with the built in pearls 😉 lol

  117. I’ll probably be wearing a long-sleeved black/red floral dress, tights, and heels or boots. I know that, but I still have to come up with the menu for at least a dozen people…I’m hosting!

  118. I have no idea what I’ll be wearing! We’re a family of 8 (youngest is only 2 months!) and we’ll be sharing our meal with a family of 7 at their home… Layers… and something that will not attract pet hair! 😀

  119. Probably leggings, denim high waisted skirt with a brown sweater and wide belt. I was thinking i might be cold but a house full of people and the oven on all day, I’ll be wonderfully warm on a usually cold day. :)

  120. I will likely be wearing a warm, cozy SWEATER! It doesn’t seem to matter where I go, even in my own home, I am just cold if I’m sitting still. And in my family, sitting still is what we do. We visit. :) I’ll probably be taking my knitted boot slippers along, as well!

  121. I’m not sure exactly what I’ll be wearing, but probably a nice sweater, some simple jewelry and jeans. My husband’s family doesn’t dress up for Thanksgiving, and I don’t like to seem overdressed.