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Affiliate ideas for homeschooling, homemaking, mom bloggers and how to use them on your blog |

I know a lot of you are starting blogs of your own (have you read my Christian Mom’s Guide to Blogging?), so today I wanted to share some affiliate ideas you might be interested in and how to use affiliates on your blog.
{yep, there are affiliate links in this post}

But first, let me explain affiliates.  Companies set up affiliate programs to help them promote their products.  Every blogger has a unique referral link, and if a reader clicks through and buys something, the blogger gets a small percentage of the total sale.

Chances are some of your favorite companies have an affiliate program!  Typically, you can look at the bottom of their website or do a quick search on their site for the word “affiliate” and find a page that explains their affiliate program.

How do you use affiliate links on your blog?

In your ad space – Use affiliate buttons and banners anywhere you have ad space.  You can do a header at the top of your site, buttons in your sidebar, and banners/buttons in your posts.  If you are just starting out, chances are you don’t have any private advertisers, so use those affiliate links to fill your ad slots instead!

sidebar affiliate

In your posts – When you write a post and include products you use, add in your affiliate links (be sure to disclose that you are using affiliate links! – see the top of this post).  You can even write posts specifically to include your affiliate links.  For instance, certain companies run sales and ask their affiliates to help promote the sale.  Not only does this give you content to write about, it gives you a chance to make a bit of money.

How do you choose affiliates for your blog?

Products that fit your mission – Raising Arrows is a homeschooling, homemaking, large family blog.  My mission is to encourage weary, overwhelmed moms.  The products I have affiliates with reflect this mission.  What kind of blog do you have?  What products fit well with the mission of your blog?

Products that fit your readership – Who is reading your blog?  Cabela’s has an affiliate program, but if your readership could care less about hunting, this might not be the best fit for your blog.  Consider your readers and what products they might be interested in.

Products you use – This is pretty obvious, but if you have found a product you use and love, you SHOULD be sharing this product with your readers!  I want to know what you have found to be helpful in your homeschool or homemaking.  I want to know how you are using it and how it might solve a particular problem I have.  I don’t care that you make a small bit of money from the sale.  If I have found you to be a trustworthy blogger, I don’t mind rewarding you in this way!  It’s my way of saying THANK YOU!

A few affiliate programs you might be interested in…

Homeschooling related:
See the Light Art (now would be a great time to sign up since they will be running a big sale at the end of the month!)
Kerry Beck (by the way, don’t forget her Christmas Celebrations webinar tomorrow!)
Notebooking Pages

Homemaking related:
12 Week Holiday Planner
Sheri Graham’s eStore
My ebook:  The Homemaker’s Guide to Creating the Perfect Schedule

Mom related:
T-Tapp (big sale coming up here too!)
Deborah & Co.
MadeOn Skin Care

Many homeschool/homemaking ebook affiliates are serviced through E-JUNKIE (mine included).  Many company affiliates are through Commission Junction or  You can search these sites for ideas.  There is no way I could give you an exhaustive list, but I hope I got your wheels turning!

REMEMBER:  Start with the products you love!

By the way, pay attention to the percentage of commission and the payout requirements for each affiliate.  Avoid any commissions below 10% and avoid any affiliates that require over $50 in commissions before payout.  You don’t want to end up discouraged and frustrated.

And finally, take a moment to read my post:
Making Money From Your Blog Isn’t Wrong, Greed Is

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7 thoughts on “For Bloggers: Affiliate Ideas

  1. Thank you so much for this post. I am just entering the blogging world and not made the move to set it up as one that can earn a bit of money for our family. Still thinking about my niche and exactly how to make it unique. I look forward to reading your e-book on Christian Mom’s blogging.

  2. Great advice. I made the mistake of doing one that had a $25 payout thresh hold and a tricky website. I worked hard at it since I loved the product, but just couldn’t make it work. I always check for thresh holds now as well as exceptions.

    I’ve loved having an affiliate program for my ebook. It has been such a neat way to bless others as well as get the word out on my book (Ultimate Guide to Brain Breaks)

  3. I appreciate your post.

    I am starting to wonder if it hasn’t all been done already, as far as blogging in the homeschool world goes???
    I have been at this for awhile, and I still don’t make enough to cover my time. How many different ways can you write the same frugal living, menu planning, homeschool reviews, homemaking posts before the threshold of blogdom has been reached!

    You are blessed to have built up such a following!