Free Family Thanksgiving Worship Service

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Family Thanksgiving Worship Service (free guide) |

I absolutely love songs of thanksgiving!  In fact, for years I have wanted to put together a Thanksgiving Songs CD to have on hand to play during the Autumn season, much like we have for Christmastime.  In my mind the music would have a sort of folksy quality to it that reminds you of sitting outside on a blanket in the crisp air, drinking apple cider and watching the children play in the leaves.  *happy sigh*

It was this dream that made me decide to put together a Family Thanksgiving Worship Service.  I followed the same idea as our Christmas Eve Candlelight Service and created an order of service that took various Psalms and matched them with hymns of thanksgiving.  In the free download, you will find one page that has all the links to the Scripture references on BibleGateway as well as links to the music on YouTube.  On the second page, you will find an unlinked copy, or “clean copy”, of the service for printing.  And on the third page, you will find a few notations from our family, copyright information, and links to the hymn lyrics themselves so you can print them off and learn the hymns.

I hope this will become a family tradition in our household and yours!

Some ideas on how to implement the Family Thanksgiving Worship Service:

*Gather everyone right before bedtime in a comfortable place in your home.  Give each child a verse from the service to read.  Do the thanksgiving prayer time as your bedtime prayers for the night.

*Sit outside on a blanket on a nice Fall day with hot apple cider or hot cocoa and snacks.  Read the verses and sing, enjoying the beauty around you.

*Invite others to your home to share an Autumn meal.  Begin the evening with the Thanksgiving service and then enjoy a time of fellowship.

*Use the Family Thanksgiving Service as the prelude to your Thanksgiving Day festivities.

CLICK HERE to download your
FREE Family Thanksgiving Worship Service!

Family Thanksgiving Worship Service (free guide) |

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5 thoughts on “Free Family Thanksgiving Worship Service

  1. Thank you so much for this resource! We are reading one verse every morning and listening to the corresponding hymn right up to Thanksgiving day during our morning devotionals. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and hard work. May you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving.