Christmas Art Projects {1 day giveaway + HUGE See the Light Sale!}

Christmas Art Projects {giveaway + HUGE See the Light Art Sale} |{affiliate links included}
This Christmas season our family is adding in art lessons from See the Light’s Gift of Love DVD as part of our special Christmas projects.  This DVD has 143 minutes of Christmas content sure to focus your heart and mind on Christ this season.  We started early so you could see some of what is offered on this DVD!

We watched the story of Jesus’ birth with chalk art and then decided to do the lesson on creating our own manger scene with colored pencils because we all wanted to do the black light reveal!  We had purchased the DELUXE Gift set (which I’m giving away today!) so we could get the black light and special extreme colored pencils and chalks.  We had everything else on hand.  (see a complete list of supplies needed here)

Christmas Art Projects {giveaway & HUGE See the Light Art Sale!} |

I am always, always amazed by what my children end up drawing following See the Light’s instruction.  I watched this lesson with skepticism as to how well this was going to turn out. This wasn’t some lesson on drawing stick figures, this was real art and I really wasn’t sure they could do it.  Boy, was I surprised!

First of all, I have to share with you what my preschoolers produced:

Preschoolers Christmas Art {giveaway + HUGE See the Light Sale} |

The top one is from my newly turned 3 year old and the bottom one is from my 4 year old!  Yep, mom is impressed!

We took our time with this lesson, pausing it as needed so everyone could catch up and see what was on the screen.  My job was to keep the colored pencils sharpened. ;)

Here are the children proudly displaying their final products:

Manger Scenes from Gift of Love |

And a few close-ups to show you what kind of art your child will be producing:

7 year old

12 year old15 year old

And finally, the moment we had all been waiting for…

The black light reveal!

Gift of Love Art Lesson with black light reveal! |

I wish I had better photos of this, but it was incredible!  We all crowded in our windowless bathroom and turned on the black light and spent a long time oohing and aahing over the children’s beautiful drawings.  What fun!

Gift of Love Giveaway + Huge See the Light Sale |

I would recommend if you own the Art Class DVD’s (our favorite homeschool art curriculum, by the way), that you to do a quick refresher course of Disc 2 before doing this DVD, but it isn’t necessary.


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Want to win the wonderful
Gift of Love Christmas Story & Art Lessons DVD DELUXE Gift Set
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Gift of Love Deluxe Gift Set Giveaway! TODAY ONLY! |

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133 thoughts on “Christmas Art Projects {1 day giveaway + HUGE See the Light Sale!}

  1. This year one of our projects has been jar mixes for family and friends but ex wanted to have a message with them so we put a scripture verse on each label.

  2. Crafts in December have become a tradition. Our children do crafts of differentiating degrees for Christmas gifts. They may be simple or complex for friends, neighbors, relatives, Sunday School teachers, our pastor, or our immediate family. They also like to do artwork to display around our home. Craft supplies are kept busy at our home in December.

  3. Other than ginger bread houses with graham crackers and butter cream icing we don’t do many Christmad crafts. This would be a great project too!

  4. We did Truth in the Tinsel crafts last year, and really enjoyed them. This year we will do a few that we skipped last year. With a big age range with my kids (11, 7, 5, 3, 2, baby) it can be tricky finding things that keep everyone engaged. See the Light sounds like it may be a solution. Thanks!

  5. Wow! Your kids look like they had a ball. This would be a fun project to try. I have kids similar ages to yours. I think the black light part is cool too!

  6. What an amazing way to spend time with my children and enjoy the Christmas Season! I am definitely purchasing! Thank you for sharing!

  7. I wouldn’t say we really do special crafts during the Christmas season. Just gift wrapping or whatever else we just decide to do. Nothing especially planned for the most part! My kiddos like to draw anytime! :)

  8. Every day before Christmas starting on Dec 1 st the kids and I make one craft or candy and decorate the house.. By the time Christmas Eve arrives the house is decorated:-)

  9. This is the first time I’ve seen a dvd that teaches art, and I love that it’s the Christmas Story. Very curious how my kids would do with it!

  10. We try to do lots of arts and crafts, but we have not yet tried chalks. I’m loving what you and your family are doing and really want to try them. Your kids have done a fantastic job!

  11. Wow, that is awesome! I haven’t really done a lot of special crafts/etc in the past, mostly just baking cookies, but this year, with my oldest being “officially school-aged” (she’s 5), I’m finally motivated to start doing these little projects. I LOVE this and would love to win!

  12. Now that my kids are a little older, we do not do as many art projects at Christmas, but I do have one little booklet to make called Thumbbody Special to do with the 6 year old that the olders did when they were young. It is the story of Jesus, but uses thumb prints for all the faces and animals. Very cute!

  13. We usually do some little crafts, like paper chains and the like. I have boys ages 6 & 3. The older has fine motor issues and the younger is special needs in many areas, so it’s a challenge finding crafts they can/want to do. This set might help encourage my oldest to do something he doesn’t normally like to do just for the cool effect at the end.

  14. This looks like a great set. We do some crafts during the Christmas season. We mainly work on baked goods to give to others. The past couple of years, we made dozens of cinnamon rolls to deliver warm Christmas morning.

    • I cannot get it to work either….any help would be great!! I am at checkout and will checkout when the code gets straightened out. :)

      • Here is what I found out, Rebecca – hope this solves your problem! :)

        Most of those who have trouble can be solved by using the following procedure:

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        For most this works fine. We have had others that it didn’t work because they didn’t put over $50 in their cart.

        The STL code works only in the United States. For Canada, we can supply a different code that will work.

  15. I used to do a lot of crafts with my children. Now they are growing up and graduated! And I miss it! My youngest son – 14 – is very interested in drawing and this would help him a lot!

  16. Normally we don’t do much of anything because I am art-challenged. However, with this DVD maybe my children could actually experience an Artsty Christmas. My oldest daughter loves to do art stuff, but I can’t help her with much because I just can’t draw well.

  17. We love art & crafts. We usually make our Christmas decorations. One year, we didn’t have money for a tree and we actually cut a tree out of butcher paper, hung it on the wall and made ornaments out of construction paper each day. It was a lot of fun to see that tree fill up.

  18. This is fantastic! I have a little guy who’s got some super talent, I can imagine what he could produce with a little help. Love it!

  19. I’ve been wondering how this program worked, and if the black light thing really did anything….I’m impressed also! Love how you had all the kids involved and they each did such a fine job! Yeah, little arrows! Good work!

  20. We try to do several special projects throughout the year, but especially at this time of year. Grandparents are not nearby, so the boys send them things in the mail to let them know we are thinking of them.

  21. I love to take school easy during December and do crafts. We’ve been gathering pine cones, and I bought some small needlepoint ornaments to introduce my oldest 3 to needlepoint.

  22. I want to do more art with my kids and they want to do more art. I have a hard time getting out the supplies and I think something like this and scheduling it will help.

  23. If we have time I try to do some special things. Mostly we concentrate more on the decorating the house, baking special treats for the neighbors, and then delivering them. My kiddos love to spend their free time drawing, so they manage to find time!

  24. Our crafting/projects around Christmas usually consist of making decorations for our home. The kids love to get creative with homemade snowflakes and what not. The “See the Light” dvd for Christmas would kick our artwork up a serious notch and my kiddos would love it.

  25. We usually do something Christmasy but I haven’t decided what we’ll do this year yet. I found a neat idea…but I’ll have to figure out how to do it sans black canvas and paints.

  26. I try to but it does not always work out. One of my middles loves art and I just not super artistic. She would love love love something like this!

  27. This looks wonderful!!! I purchased “See the Light” for this years homeschool art and the children really like it. I’m sure this will be great also. Thanks for your offer!!!

  28. I’m not that great at artsy/crafty stuff, but somehow my kids all 3 seem to just love doing crafts. I usually stick with the easy (coloring, glue, pipecleaners) They would love this set!

  29. This looks great! We have ordered the Cartooning DVD and are enjoying it. We do enjoy crafts and art projects and this looks like it would be a great addition!

  30. I keep a box going for each holiday that I fill with the supplies and ideas for crafts we’d like to do. That way I’m not searching while they’re waiting.

  31. We haven’t done to many special projects in the past for Christmas but it is something I really want to start doing regularly.

  32. I always want to do special arts and crafts but either get bogged down with other stuff or don’t have ideas of what to do.
    This would be wonderful for my kids to do!

  33. yup lots of crafts here. 25 days of christmas countdown, sometimes its just a christmas book or hot cocoa, but we also have some crafts.

  34. This looks so COOL! I know my 9yo artist-in-the-making would love this! He’s always asking to do crafty/artsy things, and the black light definitely adds to the awesomeness! Thanks for sharing!

  35. We do a lot of baking. Some years are more craft-heavy than others. I usually try to stow away ornament kits and craft supplies when they go on clearance, so that we can pull them out on “we’re bored” days. ;)

  36. Yes! We do crafts/Art projects almost daily during the Christmas/Advent season. Cooking, baking, painting, weaving, drawing, and more!

  37. We do special art projects and send them in cards to nursing homes and widows we know. Other than that, we don’t do too much, but I’d love to have some formal art training for them!

  38. Oops! Didn’t answer the question!! We do a Jesse tree each year and the kids color or draw a picture to go with the bible story each night. Other than that, it’s whatever craft catches my eye on Pinterest. ;)

  39. We would love to win this. We have done different art projects over the years. Making ornamets, stockings, paper chains (when Daddy was deployed overseas). to just drawing simple pictures of what we think Christmas is really about. It is always lots of fun with all my kiddos!

  40. I would love to have this! My 8 year old (only girl) loves to do crafty things. I don’t know how to draw well. I would love for them to have this instruction. The oldest two were able to be apart of homeschool, art classes this summer, and I was amazed at what they produced!
    Thank you!

    • As for projects right now…putting up the tree and stockings is enough. My oldest is 8, though, and desperate to add more art to our repertoire for the season. She made “presents” for everyone today…