A Weekend Newsletter for My Subscribers!

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There’s something new at Raising Arrows and it is just for my email subscribers!
(If you were already a subscriber by last Friday, you got a taste of it this past weekend!)

This week I’ve been working on tomorrow’s installment of a weekend newsletter and it has been so much fun!
Weekend Newsletter for Raising Arrows Subscribers!

See the cute little monkey?  He’s my MailChimp buddy.  Because of the number of subscribers here at Raising Arrows, I pay for email service so all of you get reliable emails from the site.  As part of that service I have the ability to create newsletters and send them out, but I wasn’t sure what that should look like until last week when I realized I wanted the newsletter to be a more personal place with a conversation feel to it plus a recap of the past week’s blog posts and some other things thrown in the mix.

So, if you are interested in joining the Raising Arrows subscriber list, all you have to do is sign up below.  You’ll get the weekend newsletter (as I am able) and a whole bunch of Subscriber Freebies as a THANK YOU for being a part of the conversation here at Raising Arrows!

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And FYI, tomorrow’s post has our favorite cheese ball recipe in it – I’ll be making it tomorrow afternoon!

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