A Mother’s Love {Welcome Home Wednesday}

A Mother's Love {Welcome Home Wednesday Homemaking Link Up on Raising Arrows}This week my mom is here visiting and helping our family pack up for our move. At night, we all sit around the table and play games. We have laughed so much this week that my throat is hoarse and my sides hurt, but I go to bed every night with a smile on my face.

My mom is here because she loves us. She’s willing to do anything within her power to make this move easy.  I am grateful she is here, and especially grateful for the evenings spent laughing.

This week I want to honor a mother’s love with links from last week that really spoke to my heart as a mother who dearly wants to love her children with the love my mother has for me.

First up, a couple of posts with photos that made me smile.

Lisha from The ‘Blish shared her day in photos.  There was a lot of love there and it was a fun post to look through.

Jilllian from Olive Plants & Cornerstones shared 13 Lessons motherhood has taught her, but it was the photo that caught my eye.  Perhaps because my own son will soon be 16, and I could see myself and my little guy all those years ago. *sniff*


Jennifer from A Heart for the Home talked about Embracing Your Season.  Considering I’m in quite a season right now, this stood out to me as something I needed to read.  Stress abounds, but the ability to embrace it and even laugh through it is beautiful!

Whitney from Beauty in the Mess had a wonderful post on grace and forgiveness toward your children when they do something that really bends you out of shape.

I also enjoyed seeing how Katheryn from The Fit & Healthy Homeschool Mom is building relationships with her children.

And finally, a must-read from Lisa at Frontline Moms & Dads entitled 10 Reasons My Older Kids Still Go to Church.

The common thread you are going to see in these posts is RELATIONSHIP – the kind of relationship that packs up a household by day and sits around a dining room table at night playing games and laughing far too long and far too loud.

Thank you, mom.

Before we head on into this week’s link up, the most clicked post of last week was from Meghan at First Comes Love and her post on buying clearance now with next fall and winter in mind.

Now, it’s your turn!
Leave up to 3 links that will encourage homemakers this week!
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11 thoughts on “A Mother’s Love {Welcome Home Wednesday}

  1. Reading about your special times with your Mom resurrects so many emotions inside my heart! My precious Mom went to rest in the arms of Jesus almost two years ago. I still can’t believe it as I type these words. We were SO close, and we, too, spent many nights around our table laughing and playing board games, along with so many other precious times. Dad died almost 13 years ago, so the last several years of Mom’s life were very lonely, sad times for her. Losing a parent is truly one of life’s greatest sorrows…especially, when you lose the last one. It is one of the saddest chapters in life to close and leave behind. Cherish every moment with your dear Mom! Those moments are some of the sweetest treasures in life, and they will become some of your most precious memories. I miss Mom so much…she was always there to help in every moment of my life…selflessly helping, doing all she could to see me through the rough spots. Only God knows how much I miss that comfort now.

  2. Thank you for hosting, for highlighting my girls & our day, and for sharing all of those wonderful posts about the sweetness of relationships!

    Praying today for you and your family, Amy :)

  3. I only get home to visit my parents a few times a year but those times are precious (especially now that they are getting older).

    In reading through the links that you shared in your post there is no link for Lisa at Frontline Moms & Dads post.

    Thank you for hosting this link-up!

  4. There didn’t seem to be a clickable link to the last one about the older kids going to church….did I miss it? Maybe it’s just my computer…:)