Guilt-Free Quiet Times {plus Giveaway!}

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When Emily Ryan of Priority Ministries wrote to me about her new book Guilt-Free Quiet Times, I was skeptical.  Sure, I had written about how God wants more than a Quiet Time to-do list, but was this book a complete cop-out?  Was she going to coddle and even encourage excuses?  Was this just going to be another Christian-mom book promoting selfishness tucked neatly behind a veil of misquoted grace?

What I found instead was a book I have come to recommend nearly every week to other moms wanting meaningful Quiet Time with the Lord, but wondering when and how.

Guilt-Free Quiet Times {review/giveaway}

This book doesn’t make excuses.  It is a book that smashes arbitrary rules without throwing out Quiet Time altogether.  Emily takes the myths of Quiet Time and exposes the Truth every mother needs to hear.  Her witty style and humorous examples force you to face your own misconceptions and fears about what constitutes REAL Quiet Time.

I realized I had some pretty ridiculous notions about Quiet Time – notions I didn’t realize I even had!

Quiet Time Myths from Guilt-Free Quiet Times by Emily Ryan {review/giveaway on Raising Arrows}

I had to ponder this one deeply.  Sure, I use technology all the time to look up random Bible verses, but ever since I installed a Bible app on Ty’s phone and we started using it during church, I felt, um…


The truth, as Emily goes on to clarify, is that:

You CAN use technology in your Quiet Times with the Lord! {Truth from Guilt-Free Quiet Times by Emily Ryan}

Honestly, just about every chapter in this book made me stop and think.  Did I hold any notions about Quiet Time that were holding me back from meaningful time spent with the Lord?  Was I holding on to an ideal rather than being ready and willing wherever I was?  {Apparently, you CAN write a Quiet Time post and still not fully get it.}

Emily has generously made her book FREE in ebook form to anyone who subscribes to the Glo Girl Blog. {CLICK HERE}  But trust me, you are going to want this in paperback as well.  You’ll want to hand it out to other mothers, lead a group study in your home, or even just keep it on your end table as an encouragement to be a woman firmly planted in God’s will, ready to hear Him ALWAYS!

Also note:
Priority Ministries offers discounts for BULK orders!

I am also very pleased to be able to give away 5 copies of Guilt-Free Quiet Times!
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Guilt-Free Quiet Times Review/Giveaway on Raising Arrows

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83 thoughts on “Guilt-Free Quiet Times {plus Giveaway!}

  1. New homeschooler of two boys (ages 4 & 6) and a new mom to our third boy. I just found this blog, looking forward to following it! Thanks!

  2. I have 4 small children and another due in the summer! Quiet? What is that?? :) Someone always seems to be tagging along with me, and I find it so challenging to have time just to myself, to quietly seek the Lord. Even if a little one is in the room with me, though, I know I can still read, pray and worship…but sometimes I use this as an excuse…and I try to wait for a more “perfect” time to have my quiet time…which never happens. I have to let go of the ideals and just humbly seek God.

  3. “Perfect” quiet time I have no idea. What works for me is having a little while just to read my Bible everyday and the chance to see what God may want me to know that day. While I have used a Bible Reader app, when I have written notes on it they have disappeared when the app updates, so I have gone back to my Bible and journal to make finding my notes easier. I’d be interested in reading this book after your review. I admit just the title would have probably made me judge the book before reading.

  4. My four daughters are older children ~ 20, 16, 14, 11. So it’s easier to find quiet time when I need to. . I usually have my quiet time with God and His Word around 8:30 every weekday morning until 9:00. Most of the girls are still in bed. I do not wake them up until 9:00. I get my husband’s bible from when he was a teenager and my bible app from my phone. I will find scripture’s to absorb into my soul from the app and if needed, I underline and take notes in his bible. I love my quiet time with God.

  5. I have quiet time in the evenings, before bed. I find I can focus at that time, instead of rushing through, as if I just have to check it off my list for the day.

  6. I am learning to have quiet time in the midst of my everyday chores. I give each job to the Lord and then talk to Him and then LISTEN! He will give you thoughts that you KNOW are from Him! Actually, we have 24 hours a day where we can have quiet time with the Lord if we just turn our thoughts to Him! That’s abiding!!

  7. When I had just one and she was a good sleeper. :) My “perfect quiet” time was to get up around 6, sit on the back deck with my Bible, Beth Moore study and mug of tea and pray and read and study for at least an hour . Now that reality has hit my house with 4 littles, two of whom don’t sleep in I don’t really have a regular looking quiet time. I just read when I can, pray in the shower (if I get one) or while doing the dishes or with the kids. I would love to have a more regular habit but for right now, in this season, I am trying to give myself a bunch of grace.

  8. For me, the perfect quiet time starts with getting enough sleep the night before, so I can wake up before my little one! go down to my basement sewing room! walk on my treadmill! and then sit down with my prayer journal for around 45 minutes. After this, I feel ready for my day!

  9. I need direction in this area. In previous years I’ve been reading through the Bible, but I need to do something different this year.

    • Hi there! In the event you don’t win, I’d love for you to check out our other studies as well. We have one study by Laurie Cole called Beauty by the Book, and it has free online videos. Wonderful study, and something you may want to consider for your church. Thanks!

  10. My perfect quiet time would be where everyone in the house is occupied in some way and I don’t feel like I’m neglecting them or having to constantly ask them to go somewhere else. :) I feel like its not possible to get the most out of my alone time unless I get up very early, but even then my husband is awake. I would love to be able to truly be alone with God ….however I need to do it. Perhaps some of these myths she speaks of in her books are some things I’ve never even thought to try?!

  11. My quiet time with God usually consists of prayer, then I often go on a Church web site and read the written text to a sermon, and meditate on it. Due to health I can no longer attend regular church services, so Christian books and online sermons keep me going spiritually.

  12. Quiet times have always been a struggle with me, partly b/c I have not developed the discipline of getting up early to have uninterrupted time. We home school also, so I often try to “squeeze” my time in between subjects, which isn’t really “quiet”!! I do look forward to at least having it on pdf, but I still like having a physical book in my hands also! Thanks for the opportunity!

  13. I have found my quiet time sets the tone for my day. If I get up and jump into my quiet time instead of checking e-mails, news, etc. I can focus better on what God is trying to speak into my life. He likes to be the first to talk to me in the morning. :)

  14. As a busy mom of 8, I often start the day running, and don’t stop until I hit the pillow. I think my biggest problem is a lack of boundaries with my kids. I love being with them, and often after I have put my boys (5 & 3) and baby (1) to bed, I end up staying up with my girls reading to them until my husband gets home (around 10:00 pm or so), and then I spend time with him. I feel like I have no time to even think my own thoughts (without interruption), let alone do much more than check the block Bible reading. I am sure there are areas I can improve on. I just need some help seeing what to do. I would love to win this! Thank you!

  15. My perfect quiet time is early in the morning before my girls get up. Coffee, my Bible, a warm blankie, and my books cuddled on the couch! BUT, two of my four sweet girls are very fond of waking up before the crack of dawn and snuggling with mama! I have to be in stealth mode when I wake before they do, but my coffee maker is not on board with the silence. :) It’s funny how every sound seems amplified when you’re trying not to wake the littles!

  16. I am excited to read this book! Quiet time is something I struggle with on a daily basis. Thank you for posting about it and the giveaway!

  17. Wow, this looks like a great encouraging book! The Lord has blessed us with 5 sons in the past 7 years, and I am always so busy with them and our home, and taking care of others, I use all these as excuses to not keep on seeking my strength and wisdom from the Lord, but relying on myself instead, waiting for a large block of perfectly quiet time. I could really use this book!

  18. My “perfect” quiet time is the time I can actually get my mind to be quiet! Being still sounds so easy, but is so hard. I actually get up pretty early in order to have quiet time and workout time before the kids get up, but sometimes I know I’m not giving Him my all, even in the quiet of the morning!

  19. Ideally my quiet time would be in the morning (after or during breakfast, by myself, with my Bible, concordance and notebook, and QUIET.
    In reality my “quiet” time is at breakfast with 4 noisy kids and my Bible, and I am happy for it. :)

  20. As long as the kids are asleep, I consider it a good quiet time! It’s hard to focus on the Word with a little one wriggling around on your lap!

  21. A perfect quiet time would be uninterrupted time to meditate on God’s Word and pray. I don’t have that right now, as I have unfortunately fallen away due to moving. But I need to get back to it and I’d love to read this book.

  22. Any time I am able to wake up before my 4-year-old is ideal. If it doesn’t happen, I’m trying to “go with the flow” and include her. It’s certainly not as “quiet” that way, but definitely entertaining. ????

  23. My perfect quiet time is somewhere between 5:30 and 8:00 am, where it’s just me, getting ready for my day. Without this time, my day begins and continues on into chaos!

  24. Boy can I use this as a reminder. I’m in awe of the times I’m standing over a stove cooking and I simply shift my gaze to Jesus and He’s right there….just waiting for me to look toward Him :)

  25. A “perfect” quiet time? I guess in my mind’s eye, that would be where I get up early before the kids, grab my Bible, read the entire allotted portion of through the Bible in a year, ask God to show me something specific for my day, and then spend a sufficient time in prayer to where I can arise to face my day with a calm, sweet spirit. All of this, before I ever encounter one of the children. Though this has happened occasionally, it doesn’t happen often in this manner.

  26. Conversing with God, while sitting in my chair with a lit candle and a cup of tea. AND when its over my children and I are ready to enjoy being together again,
    thank you for a chance,

  27. My guilt free quiet time comes very easily for me. Once I drop my daughter off at school, and see my husband off to work, I prepare myself a cup of Java, sit in my easy chair, and my quiet time with the Lord begins. I refuel and that sets the tone for the rest of my day.

  28. I Don’t Think I’ve Had A “Perfect” Quiet Time Since I’ve Become A Mom. Or At Least They Seem To Be Less Fruitful With Lack Of Sleep And The Inability To Focus. :) I Have Tried Different Times Of The Day And Saying “Mommy Is Having Quiet Time”, But It’s Not The Same. Just This Last Week I Was Noticing How Long It’s Been Since I Needed To But A New Journal. Oh My! :) Most Times, By The End Of The Day (After School Work Is Complete And Everyone Is Finally In Bed) I Can’t Remember If I Had A Quiet Time… I For Sure Don’t Remember What I “Learned”! :) Only By The Grace Of God Am I Leading My Kids Down A Godly Path and Raising Them To Grow In The Strength Of The Lord. Day By Day, God’s Grace Is Sufficient!

  29. A perfect quiet time would be me getting myself up early and getting in around 30 minutes….and being consistent with it! I do good some days and not so good others.

  30. Honestly, I don’t have a perfect quiet time. I did enjoy doing housework while listening to the Chronological Bible reading plan on YouVersion this morning. I’ve “read” a lot more by listening since I started being able to check off the boxes on YouVersion.

    That sounded all gobbledy gooked, but that’s how I’m doing it. Isaiah is even beginning to make a bit of sense, but just a bit!

    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  31. Perfect quiet time? A half hour in the morning before everyone gets up. And that wouldn’t be too hard if I could just get myself out of bed early in the morning….

  32. My perfect quiet time is spending time reading and talking about what I read. Time alone is hard with 3 girls ages 7, 4, and 2 and homeschooling as well.

  33. I guess my perfect Q.T. looks like when I was single. Late at night, quiet, my bible faithfully read, a notebook. I do guess in my mind though the perfect Q.T. “should” be in the morning.

  34. My quiet time usually involves getting something done from my “To Do” list that has been bugging me because I haven’t got it done, usually yard or farm work. This includes things like weeding and trimming the flowerbeds (I really enjoy this), scraping out the chicken’s run, raking pine needles from the driveway, etc. These are times that my body is active, but my mind is free to think. I also use these as times of prayer and worship. To me, there is nothing like some physical activity to clear and focus the mind.

  35. The perfect quiet time for me would be simple… some Bible reading to direct my thoughts, meditation on some Scripture, sincere prayer, and all in a very quiet house.

  36. Praying the Divine Office then reading a bit of my inspirational book that I have going with a time for reflection, but the key that would be great is uninterrupted quiet.

  37. For me, a perfect quiet time is getting to read at least a chapter of Scripture (ideally in the morning) and then spending the day meditating on how that applies to each moment of my life while I stay at home with two children (ages 3 and 1). I also like to pray about it at night as I prepare and go to bed so it would really be cemented in my heart.

  38. I have definitely enjoyed reading all of your posts, Amy. And it is nice to hear that it really is okay to spend time with God even while using technology (more than a paperback/hardcover Bible and a journal). Thanks.

  39. One that happens…without interruptions, with just the right drink for that day, with something from God’s Word that impacts, with verses memorized to review, and with meaningful prayer.

  40. My quiet time, unfortunately, is squished in somewhere during the day when I can get some down-time. Not the best commitment to the Lord, but it is what I can do right now with three little ones that I homeschool. I hope that this book can give some direction and inspiration!

  41. Currently struggling to get my quiet time in consistently. Prefer to do it at night, but that has been a struggle since adopting two children and my DH schedule gets him home late in the evening. Our only family time is when he comes home which gets bedtime late, and on the cycle goes. Some health and sleep issues make early mornings a no go and since I homeschool, other than Bible time with the kids, finding time for consistent Scripture reading is difficult. I guess “perfect” would be kids in bed at a nice time, house picked up and quiet, mama ready for bed and quietly reading a portion of scripture to ponder as I fall asleep and then again in the morning as I wake up and get things started for the day. Thank you for the give away.

  42. My quiet time occurs early in the morning before my family wakes up. I wouldn’t call it “perfect,” but it works for me. I sit in my office and read from my Bible using an online Bible study. I journal my thoughts using the SOAP method while drinking my coffee. Sometime my daughter will wake up early and join me which is perfect in every way, because I love hearing such pure and innocent thoughts. Even though she is very young, her perspective often brings light top the day. I would LOVE to read this book in hard copy format . . . I am more likely to read it than the PDF, because it gets me off the computer. Thank you for the chance to win this book! God bless!

  43. Perfect quiet time for me would be a time when I was awake and not annoyed. I’m not much of a morning person so I often find with myself frustrated and annoyed first thing (as my oldest son doesn’t really sleep and has the “I’m up the world needs to be up attitude”). I have found that the time just before I go to bed is usually a good time, but know that a morning time would be better (it’s hard in the shower though).

  44. My 4th little one will be here in less than 2 months. I could use some quiet time! Thank you for the chance to win.