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Homemaking Basics {Introduction} | RaisingArrowsManaging a home is work – hard work. In our modern society, many woman are not equipped to run a home effectively and efficiently. They feel stressed out by even the simplest of tasks.  I’ve written before about how I feel homemakers are pretty wimpy these days, but I also understand that many of us lack the skills needed to do the job.  We haven’t been trained. (or we didn’t listen while we were being trained€¦or we didn’t retain our training€¦or, well, you get the idea…)

What I want to offer here on Raising Arrows throughout the next year are some of these basics to managing a home. You aren’t going to find fancy, time-consuming projects or picture-perfect meals or gorgeous tablescapes.  But you will find the basics to managing a home.  How you fill in the blanks will be up to you and your unique giftings.  I’ll help you lay the groundwork€¦you get the build the home!

Before we get started, I want to impress upon you something of major importance –

Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain€¦
Psalm 127:1a

All your hard work will be useless if you don’t start your foundation on the Rock – Jesus Christ.  You may succeed for a time, but you WILL fail.  You WILL have bad days.  You WILL have messes and screaming children.  Jesus doesn’t make these things magically disappear, but He does makes these moments bearable and worth fighting through.  With Him, you won’t just survive, you will thrive!  You don’t have to despair that you will never get it “right” because Jesus went before you in perfection.  So, as you build, there will be gaps (and sometimes gaping holes!) in your work, but Jesus fills those with His grace and the house-building continues.

I’ve set up a page here on Raising Arrows to hold all of the Homemaking Basics posts.  You might want to pin it or bookmark it somehow as we work our way through these skills.

Homemaking Basics | RaisingArrows.net

I’d also encourage you to check out Homemaking 101 from Family Vision Films.  This DVD includes short segments of homemaking information that will get you started on your journey to building a better home without overwhelming you.  The DVD also features advice from a Titus 2 woman, easy recipes, and footage of the Ross family actually living life (it’s not all perfect, folks!)

You can check it out here (affiliate link):

I also wanted to let you know that The Pursuit of Motherhood is on sale all month for $3.99! This is a study guide as well, steeped in Scripture and wisdom from many different mothers from many different walks of life (myself included!).

The Pursuit of Motherhood Sale!

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17 thoughts on “Homemaking Basics

  1. This sounds great. Every time I look at the pile of dishes, I suddenly need another cup of coffee and while I am drinking the coffee, I’ll just check email and facebook one more time. I really have to get over this but part of it is sensory. I hate the icky feeling of getting my hands wet and touching the icky dishes. Once I actually do it, I can’t stop until they are all washed and loaded in the dishwasher.

  2. With that verse we can pack it up and go home! Thanks so much for sharing your perspective. As a mom of 5 with kids ranging infant to 8 I am overwhelmed most of the time. I have cut Facebook out of my life but as a mom of many I am too busy to fellowship, socialize or hold an adult conversation. I have to keep remembering the most important thing. Its refreshing to be encouraged on a blog like this….Thank you, looking forward to the series.

  3. This will be interesting to me as well. I didn’t marry until I was nearly 30, so I had plenty of experience with cooking for 1. Cooking for 2 wasn’t that big of a change. Adding in a 3rd (a baby) was also not so bad – I think that’s one of the reasons God gives us marriage, then children! And that children usually come as newborns – give us time to grow into our roles!

    The things that I found hardest in managing my home was the more complex financial things. Not the how-do-I-stick-to-a-budget thing, but things like “How do we pick the best medical insurance plan for our family?” and “How do we go about creating a will now that children are here?” and “What’s the best way to structure our financial accounts (like savings and checking accounts)?” Things that my husband and I decided on together, but often fall to me to make happen and things that I want to be able to have an informed opinion on.

    And now we’re in the “how do I raise children well?” part of life…even more questions arise!

    Managing a home is way more than cooking and cleaning and decorating – those are important, to be sure, but I don’t want to have a SMALL vision for a BIG task.

  4. Didn’t know if it made a difference for you with affiliate links, but I was interested in that Homemaking Skills video, so I clicked on that link you put there and actually ended up ordering a copy. Just wanted to let you know. I have NO idea how blogging works, lol!

  5. I am very much looking forward to these posts! As a mommy to 3 and one on the way, I have already found in our last year of homeschooling, our first one as well, how much your children can learn from just being with me and helping me in everyday tasks. I love my mom, but she did everything and didn’t allow us to help. I am not going that way with our children and I can already see what a difference it makes! For my children and me! I am always looking for ways to improve myself as a homemaker since I have been married for almost 9 years and my husband was my guinea pig and still is for many of my new recipes or new ideas :-) love your blog and can’t wait to follow this whole series! Sorry for rambling :-)