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Make History Hands On with Homeschool in the Woods |  I was given these products to review and compensated for my time.  All opinions are my own.  I was not required to write a favorable review.)

This year, we are working our way through American History.  I’ve told you before how we use chain-link learning to make our lessons span the ages, and today I want to tell you about how Homeschool in the Woods has made our history-based chain-link learning hands on for all ages.

Homeschool in the Woods has a wonderful history series called Time Travelers.  These activity-based history lessons offer fun and meaningful projects that follow United States history.  Who doesn’t like the idea of traveling back in time to actually LIVE what you are learning?  While it isn’t exactly time travel, the projects and activities make it come alive!

Live what you are learning with Homeschool in the Woods Time Travelers!

What I would like to do for you in this review is take one lesson we did from The American Revolution Time Travelers CD and show you how you can use Time Travelers in your homeschool to bring hands on learning to multiple ages.

The American Revolution Time Travelers from Homeschool in the Woods

Let’s just start at the beginning – Colonial Beginnings, that is!

 Homeschool in the Woods Time Travelers Series
as a Stand-Alone History Curriculum

The Colonial Beginnings chapter starts with a short, 2 1/2 page lesson, covering the beginnings of colonization in the Americas.  Supplements that go along with the lesson are copywork, the beginnings of a lapbook that the children will continue to work on throughout the series, a timeline (I really liked this timeline compared to many I have used in the past), and a hands-on project making a Jamestown replica.

Projects included in Homeschool in the Woods Time Travelers Series

The lessons in Time Travelers are twaddle-free.  You can easily read through them without losing the kids in the process.  While I would not recommend using this as a stand-alone curriculum for upper grades, I do believe it is sufficient for elementary ages.  It would also make a nice review for older students needing a refresher course.

For teaching multiple ages and using the chain-link learning concept, have everyone sit in on the lesson part and then have Junior High and High School students dig deeper on their own using books and online resources.  Your younger students can work through the penmanship/copywork lessons while your older children research and prepare and then present and work through the time line, lapbook, and hands on projects with their younger siblings.  This offers a perfect example of how multi-level learning works!

 Homeschool in the Woods Time Travelers Series
as a Supplemental History Curriculum

Jamestown ReplicaThe Time Travelers series also works well as a supplement to any history program.  I really love our history curriculum, but I have a difficult time incorporating the younger children.  Homeschool in the Woods gave us great hands on projects that utilized chain-link learning to introduce lessons to my younger students and reinforce those same lessons with my older children.  I matched up lessons from Time Travelers with lessons from the older children’s history and then let the older children prepare the Time Travelers lapbook pieces and hands on projects as a way to solidify what they were learning and give the younger children an introduction to this time period in an engaging way.

As we’ve worked our way through American history, we have taken a slow, solid pace where I work mainly with my older children and then take a few days a month to share coinciding hands on lessons from the Time Travelers series with my younger children.  This has kept their history lessons living and fresh without being too tedious and arduous for them.  We are looking forward to diving into the Early 19th Century Time Travelers lessons in the new year!

If you are looking to add a hands on aspect to your history in the coming year, definitely put Homeschool in the Woods on your list!  And please, take a moment to peruse the website and their Pinterest page!  You will be inspired!

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101 thoughts on “Make Your History Hands On with Homeschool in the Woods

  1. We use My Father’s World and their curriculum often includes things from Homeschool In the Woods. I’m always impressed with the quality, so I am exited about trying these too! Going to go check out their website and FB page now!

  2. We are preparing to work on Martin Luther King Jr. (We are currently doing a Unit Study on Alaska to talk about Winter, weather and polar animals.)

  3. I have several children in different grades – studying different time periods. I need to get everyone on the same page. It would make “everything” so much easier. Something to plan next school year.

  4. We are studying modern history for this year. Thank you for offering this. They are on my list to buy for next year. It was good to hear another positive review!

  5. We are currently in the middle ages so we will be in early modern times for next year’s history. Looking forward to that time period!

  6. I would love to win this. I struggle to get the littles involved too! I have six from the ages of eleven to one. This sounds like it might be the missing link.

  7. We are studying ancient history with Mystery of History and using the timeline pieces from Home school in the Woods. We really like them. We have also casually spent some time on early U.S. history. The Time Travelers resources look just right for our style of learning!

  8. I absolutely LOVE this curriculum. I am teaching high school down to pre-school and one of my students (DD) is severely handicapped. This program works for all of us together. I am a crafty person so these are fun and easy but even if you are not, these make you ‘crafty’. :) The kids will love you and all of you will learn a lot.

  9. We are currently studying from Creation to the Greeks. I feel like we have been in ancient history forever ;). We are surrounded by historical sites since we live in Virginia; I would love creative tools to study American history when we get there!

  10. We are jumping into American History next year. We’ll have 8 in pre-K through 10th grade. And they all love projects! (and their teachers like easy lessons).

  11. My littles are starting right at the beginning with Creation and my oldest is studying the Civil War era….thanks so much for the chances to win.

  12. We are studying American history this year & are just past the Pilgrims arrival, so this would be great for my kids! One of my sons is very Kinesthetic, so he would love something like this! Thank you!

  13. We are just finishing up the Romans, something my 10 year old daughter is glad to be free from while my 10 year old son could stay here the rest of his life.

  14. I’ve been looking at these for a couple of years now and would love to win this, especially since we are studying the early part of U.S. history this year.

  15. We are currently studying American History, during the time of the earliest English settlers. My second grader would love this!

  16. This looks like it would be a lot of fun. We just finished the American Revolution and will be working on the states and presidents. We currently use My Father’s World and really enjoy it!

  17. How fun! I love the Activity Paks from Homeschool in the Woods but we haven’t tried the Time Travelers yet. They look fun! We’re studying early modern history right now (finishing up Story of the World 3 and moving on to Story of the World 4).

  18. am not currently teaching history but thought i’d like to start when I got this blog post! Love the American West and Civil War times as well as Jamestown.


  19. I am just beginning my journey of homeschooling with our three young kiddos. I remember Homeschool in the Woods from the HS Convention my husband and I attended last year. We were interested, but it was too early to buy at that time. I’d like to learm more about them!

  20. We just finished studying the Civil War. We did it mostly with biographies and DVDs from the library. My 6th grade girls were not interested in the battles and bloodshed, so we skipped most of that kind of thing and focused on some of the main players.

  21. I love Homeschool in the Woods! We just started using one of their timeline figures for history this year and these look great for when we get to american history! Thanks for the opportunity!

  22. This looks really interesting! I’m on the prowl for a good hands on history lesson- I’m definitely going to look into this!

  23. I have seen wonderful projects created from this and similar resources from the Time Travelers collection. Thanks for your review!

  24. We are studying the middle ages now but plan to focus on U.S. History next year. I looked at Homeschool in the Woods stand at our homeschool convention last year and already decided to use them. Love their stuff!

  25. We are trying to revise our homeschool this year and this looks like just the thing we need to give us a break and learn to enjoy history again!:)