Homeschool Convention Time! {Welcome Home Wednesday}

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Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention 2014

Tomorrow morning, I hop a plane to Nashville for our first homeschool convention of the season! I am so excited! I always get giddy when it comes to homeschool conferences because it means refreshment and refocusing for me.  From the moment I attended my first homeschool convention back in 2002, I’ve been hooked!
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Over the years, Ty and I have attended many different conventions.  They each have their own flavor.  Teach Them Diligently has quickly become a favorite of mine because of its focus on families.  It’s not just about academics, and as a veteran homeschool mom, I appreciate that.  I need encouragement that goes far beyond the rigors of textbooks and spelling lessons.  This Nashville weekend is going to be a breath of fresh air!

I am also presenting 3 sessions of my own in Nashville!

Creating a Peaceful Home
Your Perfect Schedule
Large Family Homeschooling – based on my soon-to-be released ebook by the same name!

Large Family Homeschooling eBook releases April 1! |

I will be offering these same sessions in Dallas later in the summer.  If you are attending either conference, be sure to look me up!  I love meeting readers!

I also want to give you a FREE gift to help you plan and prepare for a homeschool conference.  They can be overwhelming and a bit like drinking from a fire hydrant.  I’ve compiled some posts I’ve written on attending homeschool conventions into a small ebook you can download by clicking on the icon below:

FREE Homeschool Convention Survival Guide |

I also want to note that in last week’s link up, Amy from Plain and not so plain offered a FREE Kindergarten & First Grade Curriculum, and Jennifer from A Heart for the Home gave some wonderful tips for How to Handle Homeschool Burnout.

The #1 clicked post from last week was from MamaGab, and yes, it was about babies – or rather No More Babies.  I ended up pinning this post to my Grieving Mother Pinterest Board because while Gabby’s fears did not stem from losing a child, her words echoed many of the same words in my own heart.  These are fears any mother who has had a traumatic experience must some day face.  A worthwhile read.

Now, it’s your turn! Link up as many as 3 posts from your blog and enjoy the other links left here!  {If reading via email, please click over to see the links and leave yours!}

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13 thoughts on “Homeschool Convention Time! {Welcome Home Wednesday}

  1. Amy, I can’t wait for your new book to come out and I’m so sad I won’t be in Nashville this year to see you. I know you are going to encourage many families with your speaking and your book. Many blessings to you sweet friend. God has blessed my home so much through you.

  2. Thank you for the homeschool convention tips! I am going to my first convention in April and your ebook is exactly what I needed to read. Thank you, thank you!

  3. Amy,
    We are heading to Nashville in the morning and I’m so excited!!! Even after 14 years of homeschooling I love conference time, and Teach Them Diligently in my opinion is hands down the best!

    Hope to see you there, blessings~

  4. Amy!
    Thank you for taking the time to highlight different blog posts linked to yours. I love reading others blogs but often don’t have the time to read them all. On a busy day, this list is awesome. I know that your gift to me of saving time means you are not. :) Thank you.

  5. Hello Amy,
    It’s Saturday afternoon. The shopping’s done, it’s not quite time to make dinner, the family’s all busy, and the laundry is folded… until the next load gets dry. ~smile~
    I wanted to jot a note to you.

    I truly enjoy your blog. I don’t comment often, but I read it often. Do forgive me. I link up most weeks and enjoy seeing so many interesting exchanges.

    Your post awhile back about getting back to THM encouraged me. I’d bought a new scale that read 20 lbs higher than my old one. It really discouraged me. It’s been hard to get myself motivated again. I know I can never go back to the way I ate before, but I’m fudging a bit more than I should. I can start over in three hours. That’s what keeps me going.

    Anyway, all this to say…
    I like you.
    I like your blog.
    I like your weekly link-up.
    I know that Jesus loves you like crazy. Don’t forget it.

    Laura Lane