How Something Simple Can Brighten Someone’s Day {Faith That Sticks Review & Givewaway}

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How Something Simple Can Brighten Someone's Day {review & giveaway of Faith That Sticks} |

One of my favorite things as a kid was stickers. I had stickers all over my bedroom mirror.  I put stickers all over my notebooks.  Oh, how I loved stickers. Judging by my children’s similar actions, I’m going to guess they inherited my love of stickers.  And I’m okay with that because I still love stickers!

When Tyndale asked me to check out their new line of stickers called Faith That Sticks, I couldn’t help myself!  And you should have seen my kids!  They were occupied for hours combing through the pile, finding their favorites, finding things to stick them on (more on that in a moment…)

Faith That Sticks Stickers! (Win a HUGE set!) | Faith that Sticks stickers (+giveaway)

Now, if you are like me, you are wondering why bother ordering stickers?  And is there really a good purpose for stickers or are they just fun?  It was my 9 year old who showed me how stickers are way more than just fun…

Using stickers as a ministry (+giveaway) | RaisingArrows.netShe promptly wrote a letter to her friend and sealed it with a sticker.  That reminded me of how we had helped make cards for a card ministry and used stickers to embellish the cards.  Then, I remembered how every year we put stickers in our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.  Stickers don’t just brighten my day or my children’s day, they brighten everyone’s day!  Stickers just seem to be one of those universal happy things that bring smiles to faces no matter how young or old you are.

Faith That Sticks (review & giveaway) |

See those God Made Everything stickers?  Use them to create your own Days of Creation book!

Choose stickers with Scripture to add to everything from receipts you hand to restaurant staff to bags you hand out to the homeless on the corner.  It’s a ready-made evangelism tool!

Print off corresponding downloadable pages from Faith That Sticks and include a set in your Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes this year!  A great one of these is the Farmyard Animals set!

Put a smile on someone’s face today!  In fact, put a smile on your own face today and then go bless someone else because you could win a

Faith That Sticks Variety Pack
worth $100!

Enter to win below or click here if reading via email!

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120 thoughts on “How Something Simple Can Brighten Someone’s Day {Faith That Sticks Review & Givewaway}

  1. We love stickers around our house too!! My necies and nephews know that every time they receive a card from us we include a pack of stickers. They love it and so do their Moms!! One way I use them for school is I place them on note cards and my kids have to write a story using the stickers on their card. I use maybe 5 or 6 on each card and mix them up as far as the kind. This helps them use their imagination. The stickers provide the starting point with the colors, texture and even smell on some of them. They have turned into some very interesting stories!!!

    • Also I usually put a sticker or 2 on the envelope and you never know when that may be just what someone needs to see. Those letters go through a lot of hands. A great way to brighten someone’s day!!

  2. Who doesn’t love stickers, for sure! :) I would use a boatload of Christian stickers to supplement our homeschool. I’ve got a kiddo in MFW K right now who is learning all about all the things and creatures God made, so the God Made… stickers would fit in to his lessons wonderfully.

  3. Our family loves stickers ~ we send a lot of cards … shut-ins, sick, encouragement, birthdays, anniversaries, thinking of you, thank yous! They do bring a smile :)

  4. We live a long way from family so my kids often and sticker-laden packages and envelopes to their cousins. We also use stickers a lot for fine motor work in the school room.

  5. We like stickers, too! I put them on the kids exceptional school papers. We use them when they go along with what we are learning. We do math with them. We use them in out preschool activity boxes when they go with the theme in the box. We use them for fun. The littles love it when I hand them a paper and some stickers. The kids like to put stickers on their shirts and put them on papers to mail to others.

  6. These stickers remind me of the ones my piano teacher used for rewards when I was young. We would use the stickers in our homeschool for making cards, rewards, and projects. Stickers bring more smiles in our home!

  7. We love stickers! Thank you for bringing “Faith that Sticks” to my attention!

    My youngest children enjoying placing stickers on paper and drawing a matching scene. My daughter especially, loves to seal a note with a sticker too!

  8. I love stickers, too! When I was a kid I used them to decorate my binders for school, letters, sticker books, my mirror, etc. My favorite were unicorn ones. If I won this, we would use the stickers for letters, projects, note booking, scrap booking, and to give away to others. Everyone loves stickers! How cool!

  9. As a violin teacher, I use stickers daily! These look great and I’m sure my 1 yr old will start loving stickers very soon too! :)

  10. I love stickers!!! These are so cute, I used to LOVE scratch n sniff stickers when I was young. I probably still have my sticker book, (which was just a photo album…gee, remember those?).

  11. I know my kids would love these (so would I – stickers are fun!). For sure we’d make some cards to send to friends and family, and I know a few would wind up on the bed rail (where we do allow stickers).

  12. We love stickers! My kids would go nuts and put them everywhere…lol We love to use them for handmade cards, letters to friends, scrapbooking, and pictures.

  13. I loved stickers as a kid too. It’s funny to me how the reward of a small little star sticker on a paper makes my son seem to give more effort to his math work. We would do all sorts of things with these stickers: get well cards, misc crafts for grandparents, a random sticker on a shirt………..or forehead.

  14. My children LOVE stickers as well! I also loved stickers and had a special sticker album made especially for stickers. You could take the out and move them around. Oh my girls would love one and they would love these stickers! We also put stickers in a Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. What a fun giveaway! :)

  15. I had a sticker collection growing up. Loved them! Most of my kids do too.
    I love Julie M’s idea to use them as story starters for kids. We will definitely be trying that.
    I’ve done creation books with all my older kids but not my youngers yet. My 5 year old has some fine motor delays and I don’t want to frustrated him so we haven’t done the creation books yet. Those creation day stickers would be perfect for him.

  16. We would love these! My daughter loves writing sticker stories and I love the idea that faith would be automatically woven into them.

  17. Hi Amy, we have a love of stickers as well! My girls are older (13 & 9) and they still love them. We use them for crafts, letter closures 😉 , rewards system and checks on our daily to do’s & on graded papers! We also have the privilege of being foster parents and our little ones love them just as much. What a great giveaway!!

  18. We would use a boatload of stickers for our personal card/letter ministry. Letter writing is all but dead with all of the electronic messaging now. So, my children & I look for times / occasions / people to send cards & letters to.

  19. I’ve always loved stickers too! I would love to use the stickers as a motivator and opportunity to write letters and hand out little encouragements to people.

    • Oops – forgot to mention what we would do with them. The possibilities are endless with a big family, but I’m thinking they would be fun for our toddler to use as a motivation in some things we’re working on with her. Thanks again, Amy!

  20. There’s so many ways to use stickers. I think it would fun to put scripture stickers on the back of bill envelopes. Making cards is a blast. Using them to illustrate a story.

  21. I am a homeschooling mom of 3 young children and my husband and I run the childrens ministry at our church so we have all kinds of uses for stickers!

  22. Thanks so much for the fun giveaway! I have 3 girls 5 yrs and under and they love stickers! I love that these arent just plain stickers and my oldest loves to make art/drawings/cards to give people all the time. It would be special if she could add these to her artwork! Thanks again!

  23. We love stickers at my house, too! We let the kids pick out a sticker for homework pages when they’re done with them as a special recognition of work well done (and stickers make the papers look happy and fun!). We also use them for cards and envelopes to give extra cheer and encouragement to the recipient, decorating Bible verse cards we hang around the house, decorating schedule books, and we give them as gifts. I love “Faith That Sticks” stickers, and I love the truth and true joy and encouragement the give!

  24. I still have my sticker collection from when I was a kid!! I have used the Creation stickers for a craft in our Bible Story Club. If I got more I would give some to the church for crafts and keep some to reward my boys for getting their homeschool lessons done.

  25. I LOVE stickers too and was thinking where can I find a company that sells a large variety of Christian stickers?!? :) Didn’t know the company existed!! Thanks for sharing!

  26. These stickers are exciting to me because as a Pastor’s family “cardmaking” is one of the things my two daughters can do together as a ministry to our church. We make A LOT of cards :)

  27. We love stickers here. I always loved it when I received them as a child and my children enjoy them too. Stickers have always been a great gift idea when sending a note or letter to someone and we often include an extra sticker or two inside. It brings a smile to most faces young or old. :) Thanks for bringing these to our attention. Blessings to you and your family Amy! :)

  28. I absolutely LOVE stickers! My fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Golloher got me started. She would put smelly stickers on our papers. I started a collection! Now that I’m older I use them to seal envelopes when sending letters or cards.

  29. I remember Faith that Sticks stickers from many years ago. I am glad they are still made. I will look for them to share with my little one and the ‘babies’ I help with in a mom’s morning out class. ::)

  30. If I won these stickers, I would put most of them in Operation Christmas Child boxes. The rest I would share with our church Sunday school classes. Thank you for the heads up on the downloadable coloring pages from Faith Sticks and for offering this give away!

  31. My kids love stickers, guess it’s universal! I like some of the star designs and can see using them on the cover of the astronomy lap books we make at our co-op.

  32. What a fun giveaway :)! We love stickers so much that they are even given as birthday gifts! Our favorite way to use stickers around here is to decorate homemade cards for friends and family :).

  33. Oh how fun! I know what I would do with some of the stickers. My niece and nephews LOVE stickers and would be THRILLED to get some. I’d also love to share them with some of the kids at church. I might use them for awards for the kids I teach on Sundays too, or on notes that I write to them. I’m sure I could find something special to do with them all!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  34. Awww I had a book with my sticker collection in it as a kid! Such memories :) I love the angel miniatures, they’re like little tiny surprises and reminders that little angels are everywhere. Thanks for the giveaway

  35. I too, have always loved stickers! I still send cards and letters the “old-fashioned” way via the mail and I always have stickers all over them. I think the envelope is naked without them. This would be so fun to win these and I homeschool also so they would be put to great use. Have a great day Amy and if I could I would affix stickers to this note to you.
    Toodles, Barbi

  36. When I was a little girl I loved stickers too! I used to have sticker books to collect all my stickers in. I especially loves stickers that were scratch n sniff, or popped out so you could feel them. Now I have 6 children and they love stickers too! Unfortunately they like to stick them on their new dressers and their bedroom doors, and on the wood frame of their bunk beds(and it is NOT easy to get them off!). However, we have been working on that, and honestly it has not happened for a while, at least not until my 1 year old figures out what he can do with stickers. :) This coming school year will be my first year trying out homeschooling. I had originally planned on going to school for nursing, but God had other plans and now here I am doing something I never thought I would be able to do. I feel so blessed.I know me and the kids are going to have a blast this next school year, and we’re definitely going to be using stickers!! :)

  37. I’ve got a four-yr-old that will sit and take all stickers off and stick them all over himself! Hopefully I might get him to stick them all over a blank page!

  38. I would give the stickers to my kids and have them decorate their notebooks and use them on letters to friends (that was a great idea!).

  39. My son absolutely loves stickers! We turned a cardboard box from furniture we bought into his fort and he covered it with stickers! I would also use them on cards to send people. I have never heard of this company before, and now I’m glad to find out about it.

  40. My 6, 4, and 2 year olds would love these! We go through stickers like crazy! They love to make birthday cards, thank you cards, and get well cards!

  41. A boatload of stickers in this house would be used to help entertain the younger crew during the day, used with our Frontier Girls troop, and probably a few would end up stuck on the walls and furniture. Just being realistic.

  42. I’d use the stickers for my two girls to put on all our outgoing cards throughout the year. In addition I’d give a pack to their friends as part of their birthday gifts. Other neat ideas is to keep some in my purse and use them as rewards for when we go out to the store. Its a sneaky way to evangelize! Have the kids wear them out!

  43. My kids love stickers!! They are great motivators for getting their school work done. Also I love to send things like that in our Operation Christmas Child boxes.

  44. I just adore these stickers!!!! So I’m very old-fashioned and love to mail letters and cards to my various friends around the country and the world. Just about every single card I send has either a Faith that Sticks sticker, or some other Scriptural sticker, on the back of the envelope. So I would get much use from the stickers because I mail out several letters per week. And I would share some with my son too! 😉 Thank you!

  45. My kids adore stickers – especially wearing them on their clothes or hands all day and showing them to everyone they see!

  46. What would I do with a boatload of stickers? Why, hand them to the 8 and 10 year olds, of course! If there were any left after that, I would also use them to add to cards. 😉

  47. We love stickers at my house. We would use a “boatload of stickers” to decorate cards and notebooks and folders and give as gifts and…

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  48. We love stickers! We use them on cards, envelopes, for rewards, to make pictures, etc. I also include a sheet of stickers whenever I send a card to my two nieces. Thanks for the cool giveaway!

  49. Kids and stickers….perfect pair! I keep a drawer full of stickers to occupy my preschooler during school hours. We have a rule though….stick them on paper only!

  50. I loved stickers as a girl. My children live them too! This would be great to share with my kids and others. Great ideas for using them with a purpose.

  51. Oh Amy! What timing. I’ve been looking for “good” stickers to buy as our supply is running low.
    We add stickers to cards and notes we mail, I send sheets of stickers to my grandchildren when I write to them, and I always use stickers when grading my youngest one’s schoolwork. I’ve also been known to put a few stickers on a page to entice an impromptu story.

    I’d love to win this boatload!!
    Thank you for the give-away.

  52. There are so many ways we could use all those stickers! Lapbooking, notebooking, homemade cards, letters to loved ones, gifts to friends, Sunday School & Church projects are some of the ways!

  53. Besides my daughters loving stickers, I see a huge use for these at the preschool where I work. Thank you for the giveaway.

  54. I would use these stickers for letters to my far-away nieces, prizes for the children I babysit, and for my own children. Oh, and I might steal a couple for me, just because stickers are so awesome. :)

  55. We would definitely use these in our homeschool! Decorating notebooks and copy-work are perfect places for stickers and I love the idea of using them as evangelism tools!!!

  56. I don’t usually use stickers, but these would be a great addition to our Faith Formation and Pay-it-Forward projects. Thanks for the opportunity!

    Kate N.

  57. My girls love to make pictures, books, and letters to give away to people. Stickers are perfect for that! They would be thrilled to have these. Thanks for the giveaway!

  58. It’s SO true! My family LOVES stickers, and it can make something simple look extraordinary. Thanks for letting me know about this. We’re going to be doing some fun crafts this summer, so this would help.

  59. My 6 children love using stickers. They’ve used them on their schoolwork as well as their correspondence with pen pals. I’ve also caught the younger ones putting stickers on the bills that I have sitting on my desk waiting to go out to the mail :-)

  60. My children love stickers, too. In fact, my toddler son’s favorite activity is what he calls “sticker work” – placing stickers on construction paper. Sounds like a great giveaway!

  61. Seal it with a sticker! That happens around here a lot thanks to my little guy…he LOVES stickers. =) What a great give away!