Family Finds – April 5, 2014

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Family Finds - April 5, 2014 {lip balm, Bible Bee, free ebook, military, much more!} |{affiliate links included}

Vanilla Dust Lip BalmI got an email this week from Renee at Hard Lotion about some new products she is adding (I’ll be reviewing a couple soon!). One limited edition product is the Vanilla Dust Lip Balm – a hint of vanilla, a hint of sparkle. The last time I checked there were only 13 left in stock.  I really like Renee’s lip balms & tints, so this would be a great addition to your Spring & Summer!

YWAM Spring Sale

YWAM is having a HUGE sale just in time for you to stock up for next school year!  These missionary books are a favorite in our family.  We often read them right after devotions in the morning, and my kids always beg me to read more!  There are a lot of sale items, but look for the Mix & Match, and the 47-50% entire sets!  And don’t miss the history curriculum built around the books – really neat product!

Bible Bee

The Bible Bee just opened its family registration for 2014!  Last month, I took a look at the Sword Studies they use to teach Scripture and was thoroughly impressed.  These books take your entire family through the same book of the Bible, but at a level each age can digest.  At the end of the week, you do a project or family activity that solidifies what you have been learning that week.  You can take a look at their website to see where your nearest Bible Bee will be held and start digging into Scripture!  You can also purchase the Sword Studies for personal use without being a part of the Bible Bee.

Bible Based Homeschooling ebook

Yesterday, I downloaded a copy of Bible Based Homeschooling by Karen DeBeus.  This ebook is FREE, and is a great place to start learning how to use the Bible as your main text for homeschooling!

And finally, some recent Amazon purchases…

Heaven by Randy Alcorn
I’m going to tell you upfront – I am not a fan of books on Heaven.  I don’t trust them.  With having lost a child, I don’t really want my head filled with nonsense and speculation, but this book came highly recommended, and I was willing to check it out.  I have really liked it so far!  In fact, so much so that I purchased a copy for Ty’s Granny.

Digital Photo Frame
These were supposed to be Christmas presents to my mom and my father-in-law, but I just got around to ordering them! *blush* (sorry guys!)  Several years back, I bought one for Ty’s office and he loved it!  So, this year we decided to buy these for our parents and load photos on a thumb drive to run through the frame.  If YOU decide to buy one of these, don’t take as long as I did to get it to your parents! 😉

Patriotic Patch Quilt
This was a purchase for our new bedroom! I was so excited when Ty told me to go ahead and order this! I was even more excited when it came and I could see the QUALITY of this product! There are only 2 left in stock of this pattern, but I imagine any products from this company would be well worth the price.

Pic Stick
Here’s one I bet you haven’t seen! This was my son’s order. He works at a shooting sports lodge and quite often he has to pick up spent shells. This Pic Stick has a super strong magnet on the end of it that can pick up a lot of shells at one time. He can’t wait to use it today at work!

Spenco PolySorb Cross Trainer Insoles
This was on my husband’s list. He was introduced to these insoles while in the Army. He will not buy any other insole. In fact, he changes out insoles in every pair of shoes he owns as soon as he buys them. (Yes, they are that good.) He recently purchased another couple of pair of these for his new military boots – yes, that’s my sneaky way of announcing my husband is back in the military – Army National Guard to be exact.  I’ll elaborate more at a later date. 😉

Have a great weekend!

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5 thoughts on “Family Finds – April 5, 2014

  1. I recently read Heaven – also because it came highly recommended by a friend – and found it quite encouraging. I have to admit, though, I didn’t realize how long it was when I went to check it out of the library! The book gave me much food for thought. (I have two children in heaven – one who was stillborn and one that I miscarried.) Hope the book is an encouragement to you as well!

  2. My mother recommended Heaven a while ago, and I finally got around to reading it in the fall. When I finished, I bought my own copy because I loved it so much!!