“I Love Having a Large Family Because…” {you fill in the blank!}

"I Love Having a Large Family Because..." {you finish the sentence!} | RaisingArrows.net

A Raising Arrows reader asked if I would ask all of you to list why you love having a larger-than-average family.  I did a Top 10 Reasons to Have a Large Family a while back for the fun of it, but how about a post that is a little more serious? One that offers tons of pro-family encouragement for moms out there who need a little pick-me-up today.

So, how would you finish this sentence…

“I love having a large family because…”

Leave your response in the comments section!

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36 Comments on “I Love Having a Large Family Because…” {you fill in the blank!}

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36 thoughts on ““I Love Having a Large Family Because…” {you fill in the blank!}

  1. Because when life is hard you have many arms to give you hugs and many smiles to heal your broken heart. (Saying goodbye to my grandpa today, so I’ll be employing this one!)

  2. …I get to witness so personally the Lord working in many lives. We’ve seen new glimpses of His handiwork as each of our children grow in the Lord once they are saved. They are all so different from one another! What a blessing it is to watch the perfect Father lead them and teach them, and what a privilege it is to be a part of that as their earthly parents!

  3. … opportunities abound in teaching character – to myself…. and my kids, but it starts with me. Love this conversation!!

  4. I love having a large family, because I feel that I am on an adventure and have a purpose from God. I am working with Christ to fill the Kingdom with people! There is great joy is knowing you are fulfilling God’s call on your life. We are working together with Christ to bring Sons and Daughters to Everlasting life. I feel that this is a very important job to be done for the Kingdom. I enjoy seeing how God has created them each individuals, unique in the world, carefully crafted by His loving hand to bring Himself glory in diverse ways.
    I enjoy the challenge of training them up daily to follow in His footsteps, to walk the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake. I enjoy leading them to His cross, and falling on my knees with groanings for their lives and salvation. A more beautiful, and fulfilling walk I could not imagine. I enjoy sharing the gospel with them on such a personal level… getting to share my passion for Christ everyday!

  5. …no one is ever alone! And, the Lord uses each one of my kids to teach me to be a better follower of Him.

  6. I love having a large family because God gave them to me. He gave me one, then sent my wonderful husband who had two amazing blessings of his own, then gave us one more to “tie our families together” and then He sent three more our way that needed us to help guide them to the path of the Lord and change their lives for the better. I truly believe God blesses our family to be able to support 7 kids ages 3-11 because He blessed us with them for a reason. When I don’t understand or feel I can’t go any further, I look to Him for strength. <3

    • Sweet! I too agree that He blesses the family who cares for the blessings He provides. Do you have any kids the same age in that range? (I have 6 kids 11-1, and thought that was close!)

      • Right now they are 3,5,6,7,8,9,11. Tomorrow the 5 yr old turns 6 so I’ll have two that are 6 year old till August then he will turn 7, then I’ll have two that are 7 year old until October. And on April 27th the 9 turns 10 so next month it will be it will be 3,6,6,7,8,10,11. After August it will be 4,6,7,7,8,10, 11. By the end of the year (November) it will be 4,6,7,8,9,10,11. If this makes any sense at all! LOL!

  7. I have lots of reasons, but I love snuggles and hugs and with more than the usual number of children, I always have volunteer!

  8. Our newest baby was born last month, & I loved the looks I got when nurses & such in the hospital would ask if this is my first baby & I answer “no, she’s my fifth.” We always get the “you’ve got your hands full” comment, but I love it that my hands are full of so many blessings!

  9. I love having a large family because it opens the door to witnessing Christ to others–everyone always seems to notice us, wherever we go, and many feel the need to say something about our family. Having a soft answer with words about the Lord helps the situation, and can open the door to more in depth discussion.

    • I would really love to know how you incorporate the Lord into your soft answers. I always feel caught off guard, and say something DUMB, even though in advance I know these comments will come, and I purpose to try to share Christ.

      • Since I have a child in a wheelchair, and a baby I usually lug around in a carseat, the comment usually resolve around having my hands full. I just smile and say that the Lord’s hands are bigger and He gives me the strength I need. Often it’s just responded to with a look that says they think I’m even more crazy than they originally thought, but occasionally someone will indicate the door is open for further conversation.

        Another common one I get is Are they all yours? My answer for that one is a smile and a perky, yes! The Lord has blessed us greatly.

        The final comment I receive frequently is something about how they couldn’t do it or are stressed with the one or two they have. I respond that every child is a blessing from God and He is faithful in growing our patience along with our families.

        Sometimes I’ll get a random comment that throws me off guard, and i try to just smile and walk away instead of getting flustered, (doesn’t always happen unfortunately) but I’ve found that comments are usually a variation of one of those three. Since I was getting them so often, I prayed about it, and felt encouraged to prepare by finding an appropriate response. I can’t control the things that other people say, but I am responsible for my words and actions.

  10. I have six grown children and 1 in heaven – 3 boys and 3 girls. I look at the Duggar family – and that’s a large family! But to most, mine is considered large.
    I love having a large family because I know God loaned each one to us. Our home was full and fun. We are close and stick together. We are there for each other – and I can honestly say, they are my best friends. I love a large family because they have so blessed my life.

  11. The older ones have a wonderful opportunity to learn to be servant-hearted, patient, and kind with little ones before becoming parents themselves.

  12. Although we don’t have a large family (yet! 😉 ) the Lord blessed us with “Irish Twins” within the first two years of our marriage, which makes us a rather unconventional family by today’s standards. I love that each child is an expression of the love my husband and I share, and it is so much fun to witness the wonderfully unique looks and personalities that come from the same two people. They fill our home with laughter, fun, and constant opportunities to rely on Jesus and express His love. Parenting is as much for our sanctification as it is for theirs. I love that I am never lonely and when I am sad, happiness is just a baby snuggle and smile away. I have found deeper fulfillment and more abiding contentment in daily sacrifice than I ever did in pursuit of selfish pleasure. .Children are a joy and a legacy, what an honor to be blessed with them!

  13. I love having a large family because…they make my life “interesting”. We are blessed with 6 girls and 4 boys. We have older ones who are fun to hang out with and great at helping with household needs. We have middle ones who see wonder in everything and love learning. And we have little ones who say the most remarkable things at the most awkward times and who still need kisses to make booboos better. But most of all, they love the Lord Jesus so I know all this loving fun will last for eternity.

  14. I love having a big family because my children are such neat people. I am constantly learning things by viewing them through their eyes. God uses them everyday to confront my sin, challenge me to pursue excellence, be “child-like” in my faith…I could go on and on. (Mom of 9, grandma of 2)

  15. …my kids learn so much from one another on so many levels.
    …we work together to accomplish a goal and it feels awesome!
    …there is never a dull moment.
    …there is (almost) always at least one child who wants to cuddle on mine or hubby’s lap.

  16. I love having a large family because it keeps us young at heart having little ones around! It’s so neat watching the teens interact with the toddler and baby, and the love they offer them in return. It has also changed our parenting focus, we now so clearly see how little time we have for influence and at the same time what ultimately will really matter.

  17. I love having a large family because with each one you get a glimps of how God loves us. I love each one more than I ever thought I could, that’s amazing. becuase God loves them and us more. If you think of everyone you meet as someone precious that someone loves like that, if no one here, than God himself loves them like that. It gives me a compassion, a more Jesus type love for people than I ever had before. To love whole and completely is to understand Gods love for us, and I really don’t think you understand love until you have little blessings. There’s a reason he’s called the father. Every time I have a baby I think to myself, “wow they are the luckiest kid in the family,” becuase they were born with so many people that love them. And really, can we really be selfish and not share the awesome feeling of being born into a clan that loves you more than anything? So when people stare at my band of tiny men, I say give me more, because large families really do bring the best kinds of joy to your heart.

  18. The benefits of family are multiplied in a large family. I love watching relationships develop within the family. I love that life lessons for humility and self-control are abundant (for the kids and for ME!)

  19. I love having a large family because I’ve always wanted to be a mother, and a teacher, and now that I have 5 kids and am homeschooling them, I get to be both a mother and a teacher at the same time and neither “occupation” takes anything away from the other, but rather being a mother enriches my teaching and teaching my children’s school enriches my parenting. When people make negative comments I often respond, “Oh no! I always WANTED to have a big family! I’m LIVING MY DREAM! How many people get to be that lucky, to live their dream?! I am truly blessed!”

  20. I love having a large family because I grew up with only one sibling, and I thought it was lonely. I love that my children will always have playmates, and I pray that they will always love and support one another, as lifelong friends.

  21. Late to the party, but I still wanted to chime in on this one! Why do I love having a large family? Ummm, hello! Look at all those smiling faces in that pic! You know the saying–the more the merrier. That is a fact with large families. Life isn’t peachy keen perfect, but man oh man, is it so much sweeter with all those smiling faces, and little hands to hug on!

  22. Because inevitably at least one of the kids is happy with me at any given time.
    Because they are all so different that just when I think I have this parenting thing figured out, someone throws me for a loop.
    Because they say such funny things.
    Because I have learned that love is a choice that I can make every day.

    I’ve got 6 kids (the oldest is 12) with the 7th due in 11 days. With a mixture of bio kids, adopted kids, special needs kids, etc. there is never a dull moment.

  23. I love having a large family (although it doesn’t feel THAT large to us, 5 so far!) because my children are each different! People think it’s great that we have a mix of girls and boys, and comment as if there’s 2 to the set (boy version and girl version) and once you have 1 of each, you’re done… but I have found that each of my children are sooo different and I love them all the more for the variety and fun and change they bring to our lives! Variety is the spice of life, as they say, and children are one of the best blessings we can have, so how much more is variety fun when it’s varied children?!
    I love Mother Theresa’s quote “How can there be too many children? That’s like saying there are too many flowers!”