Learning to Love Every Age and Stage

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Learning to Love Every Age and Stage | RaisingArrows.netWe have a wide range of ages in our household – all the way from little bitty to nearly grown.  It’s a lot to keep up with, but I enjoy it so much!  However, I remember a time when this wasn’t the case.  I remember when I didn’t relish every moment because I didn’t know I was missing anything.  And even if I had known, I probably wouldn’t have known how to change it.

Then I reconnected with a childhood friend who was very vocal about loving her children.  She loved them “out loud.”  She told me she would memorize their little faces as they nursed because she didn’t want to miss a moment.  And I was in awe.

It had never occurred to me to enjoy my children right where they were.  I was always too busy trying to get them to the next stage.

Learning to Love Every Age & Every Stage | RaisingArrows.net

So many mamas are rushing through their children’s childhoods. Some are excited for the future. Some are weary of the present.  Some know they should slow down.  Some never give it a thought and just keep plodding away.  Most are a mixture of all of these, and far too many of us are “missing the moments.”

Enjoy Every Age and Stage | RaisingArrows.net

Baby Creed is 14 months old.  Every day I wake up and stare at him and realize he is growing up before my eyes, and if I don’t enjoy the very age he is right now, I will never have that chance again.

I am thankful the Lord brought someone {back} into my life who truly loved her children and showed me by example how to make memories with my children before I found myself with only memories to hold on to.

You may never know the pain and emptiness of losing a child, but if you do not grab hold of the age and stage your children are right this very minute, there will come a day when they will be gone in the figurative sense, and you will wonder why you didn’t savor their growing up years.

Learning to Love Every Age & Stage | RaisingArrows.net

There isn’t some magical formula to loving your children right where they are.  It is more a careful and purposeful slowing down to gain perspective.  It is a hug, a kiss, a smile, a listening ear.  It is taking photos and videos – even if they are on a cell phone.  It is keeping a journal with them or sharing a Special Night.  It is being a student of your child, learning more about them every day.  It is thinking before you speak, and loving more than you lecture.  It is speaking out loud just how blessed you are.  It is looking for the good in every age and stage, rather than dwelling on the bad.

It is realizing they do grow up, faster than you would ever imagine.

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7 thoughts on “Learning to Love Every Age and Stage

  1. Sooooo true!
    We are in a new season of life with an 18 year old and a new little one on the way :)!
    Life is busy, but I am enjoying every moment we are under one roof together.

  2. I was thinking about this topic today as I nursed my youngest early this morning. Part of me this week has been saying to myself, “Only 3.5 more months,” looking forward to her birthday. After all, I’ve been nursing and/or pregnant all but 1 month the last 4.5 years. Today I thought,”Only 3.5 more months!” with a sob as I know this could be our last baby and the realization that these days, though tough at times, are numbered and pass so quickly! I know I’ll forget many of the sweet moments I share with my 3 under 4, but I savor them while they happen – the 2-year-old’s snuggles this morning, my 3-year-old’s ridiculous jokes that always make me laugh, the baby’s funny way of sucking on her toes…Good times!

    • It’s hard when you are in the thick of it. I remember those days very well – wasn’t sure I would ever get through them. And then suddenly, they are gone. :(

  3. A touching reminder!
    I too have been challenged to stop & smell the roses while raising all my littles…to be honest, I find it easier with my newborn than my tween/teen(s) :)
    Working on enjoying every moment, thanks for sharing this!
    Rachael @ Diamonds in the Rough