No More Knocking Myself Out!

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No More Knocking Myself Out!  Why I'm done trying to be a top blogger |

When I started blogging there wasn’t such a thing as social media.

Yes, I’m a dinosaur in blog years.

I’ve sort of “grown up” with blogging.  I watched things change at the speed of the internet, and I’ve had to adjust how I do things to accommodate the ever-changing online world.  In the process, it sucked the joy right out of it.

When I started blogging, no one had Pinterest-friendly images.  When I started blogging, there was no right time of day to post to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.  When I started blogging no one was trying to be better at blogging than the next guy (or gal).  Blogging was just writing, and most people happened upon your blog by accident.  If they stayed, it was because of your content, not because you spoke the loudest or the longest or because you were seen in all the right social media platforms.

I’m not against change.  And I’m definitely not against reaching out to people.  But I am against knocking myself out to do so.

So, I am done with the rat race to be a top blogger.

Social media is a great tool, but I am no longer going to bend over backward so Facebook will see my posts (which means it can’t contain any links or say any words like “blog”, “giveaway”, or “post”.)  I won’t be pinning my posts on Pinterest at the “right time” or begging Google to see my posts as important.  I won’t be stalking all the blogging gurus trying to figure out all the latest tips and tricks to make my blog bigger and better.

I just don’t care any more.

I’m ready to get back to writing for MY audience, not searching for someone else’s.  I’m ready to get back to the heart of blogging – sharing information meant to edify, encourage, endure.  Sharing my heart with my faithful readers and those who happen upon Raising Arrows and stay because they find a home here.

You’ll still see me around social media, but it will be on MY time.  And you can always get Raising Arrows in your inbox and read it on YOUR time.

God has some big things going on in our family, and I am excited to share the journey with you!  I am so thankful He brought me to the understanding that knocking myself out to be a top blogger wasn’t a part of this journey.

For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God? Or am I trying to please man? If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ.
Galatians 1:10

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160 thoughts on “No More Knocking Myself Out!

  1. Your blog doesn’t need to be bigger or better. It is wonderful in its heartfelt sentiments, advice and encouragement. For those of us who have stumbled across it for some understanding and advice, it serves its purpose very well and we have, and will, stay simply to hear what you have to say – no need for “bells and whistles”. Your genuineness (is that a word??!) shines through.

  2. I’m so glad to hear you say that! It’s hard not to chase after success in numbers etc. and just write what I am called to write and let the numbers take care of themselves. Too I want to a good job (stewardship) and part of that is thinking about SEO and social media but I have to keep that a side issue and not a focus which is difficult when the blogging groups focus on it so much. I look forward to seeing what happens next….K

  3. {Kathy} Amen to the Amen!!! You have inspired me as well to quit the rat race and focus on the calling God gave me to begin with — supporting and encouraging moms in their vocation. I’m pretty sure that doesn’t involve pinning, status updates and tweets. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • You know, when I’m not trying to be “on top” of the social media game – I enjoy it a whole lot more! I’ll still be pinning and tweeting and whatever else, but it won’t be b/c I HAVE to! Phew! (and btw, I LOVE the name of your blog!)

  4. This is a great encouragement to other homeschooling, homemaking mothers who blog. It is tempting to try to “succeed” in our effort to encourage others through blogging, only to have it take over too much of our time. Relating to us today about your re-prioritization correctly points your readers to properly fulfilling our own responsibilities and honoring the Lord in them. After all, that’s what so many of us are writing about in the first place! I’ve taken note before of what you have written at the bottom of your blog, “If any blessing comes from this blog, let the Lord Jesus Christ receive all the glory!” Your post today was indeed a blessing; may the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified!

    • Thank you, Laura! My husband and I have been praying through this for a very long time. The answer finally came this weekend. Such a breath of fresh air!

    • This is my one blog, too!
      My theme lately has just been to focus on simply walking in His ways … trying not to worry about the circumstances all around me, just focusing on what He calls me to do: Walk with Him.
      So Amen to what you wrote: Just keep pleasing Him by doing what He calls you to do and let Him worry about the rest. :)
      Thank you so much for sharing and blessing,

  5. The Lord has been showing me this in some areas of my life too. I love your blog just the way it is. Don’t change a thing.

  6. Wonderful to see you are putting your priorities in order. I have read a couple others that are doing the same.

    GOD BLESS!!!

    • Yes, I am seeing more and more bloggers burning out and walking away. Ty and I had been praying about whether or not that was where God was leading me as well. This weekend it became clear what I said in this post was what He wanted from me. Such a burden lifted!

  7. I enjoy reading your blog posts. You have provided much insight and inspiration! I am glad to see a post like this. We put so much pressure on ourselves in too many areas of our life. If it isn’t glorifying to God, then it probably isn’t worth the time. Thank you for continuing to open up your life and share with us. Your words are truly doing God’s work!

  8. It takes courage to make that decision but a certain freedom that comes with it as well. Glad you’re doing what’s right for you and your beautiful family. 😉

  9. Thank you for speaking so candidly about your struggle for top bidding. Sometimes it is hard to balance that desire to do well with that desire to be seen. I pray God shows His favor on you as you seek to be his in Him. And, I look forward to reading more! Your blog is a blessing to this large homeschooling family. It is a joy and encouragement to follow you. May God pour out His mercy and grace on you today. :)

  10. I’m one of the blogging dinosaurs too! We started in the “pureness” and cheesiness of templates of it all! 😉
    We happened to find bloggers because the post was a heart prick or encouragement. I found/find bloggers because I needed strengthening. I didn’t care about graphics on their pages or even if it was crazily formatted with the sidebars out of whack.
    “Clean” looking pages are attractive, but the heart of the writer is more attractive.

    Thank you for this post, Amy!!

  11. Hi Amy!
    Brave! You are a huge inspiration for us. No matter what quality is better than quantity.
    Thanks for you kindness help.

  12. I learned the same thing when it came to my sewing business. I found myself stressed and over worked because I was trying so hard to make items for my etsy shop and shows that were trendy and eye catching, but the problem was, I am not always trendy and I didn’t like half of what I was making. It took all of the joy out of using the creativity God gave me. I finally realized that what is in my heart to create is going to reach the audience/customers that need it. I no longer feel the need to “bait the trap” to catch new customers. We, your readers, need exactly what you are offering. I appreciate you so much!!!

    • Yes, Yes, Yes! I never thought about it from your perspective, but I can totally see how that would suck the joy out of what you are doing!

  13. I just wanted to let you know that your blog has been very encouraging to me! I don’t have facebook, or twitter, or pinterest, but I love reading your blog. You have been a big help to me as the Lord grows our family and we learn to homeschool. I really enjoy your post about having to change things with the birth of your forth child because that is where I am right now. It is encouraging to know you went from surviving to thriving! Thank you for all that you do!

  14. I’ve been getting your blog posts in my inbox for a long time now. I love your blog, and definitely feel like you’re competing to be the next top blogger nor do you really need to. You’re content is enough to get you recognized for the great wonderful person you are. We love connecting with YOU as a result, right here on YOUR blog.

    I totally get your frustrations. I feel it too. The ironic thing is when I spend more time on me and doing what my blog was meant to be in the first place, I get blessed ten fold. However, when I do try to get to the top, the opposite happens.

  15. I enjoyed reading this so much! The Lord has been speaking to my heart about this very thing. There is so much “self-promotion” in seeking after the glory of numbers of subscribers, followers, etc. I have felt so frustrated as I pour my heart and soul into everything I write, only to have my blog seem stymied and its rate of growth very small and slow, at that. The Lord has really pricked my spirit about getting caught up into that kind of mindset and seeking for numbers. It takes my focus off of the very purpose of all of the writing in the first place, and it is truly a trick of the enemy to distract me from the purity of God’s will in it all. I am so thankful to read your words today. God bless you as you determinedly follow His will and withdraw from the “madness” mindset. :)

    • One of the questions that gets asked a lot on blogging forums and such is how much is too much to post on social media. Obviously, bloggers are concerned about turning off readers, but it is so easy to get caught up in wanting to be heard. I’m glad you were honest here!

  16. Yay for you! I love reading your blog and I’m glad you have reflected on your priorities….you have inspired me to reflect on mine! God bless you!

  17. Thank you for this. I used to write for my own therapy on my blog… but then started wanting to earn money at the same time (after all, we did need the money)… and I hadn’t been blessed with more than 50 readers… now I’m only at 100+… and now I find I can rarely write from the heart… a lot of the joy has gone out of blogging for me too … I want to simply write, but I do wish I could bring in money to help my husband. Sigh…

    • There is a fine line and it can be done, but you have to never lose sight of WHY you are really blogging. The rat race is not fun. It gets old quick. It steals your joy and it WILL show in your writing.

  18. The reasons I read your blog is many. But one of the most important to me, is that your posts seem to want to help others , share your heart and help others in their spiritual walk. Other “big blogs” are in it for money and we as readers can tell the difference. And it is a big difference. Money before God and truly unselfishly helping others is not where I look for connections. Those of us homeschooling for years find true depth in your posts, not product promotion, affiliate commissions and the need to “find” things to post about versus what God has called you to share. Letting God continue to lead your blogging will bless you and your family so much more than money and being the best blog in our fallen world. I will pray for your continued peace in your decision.

    • Thank you so much, Becca! I always strive to be candid here and helpful at the same time. I write because I truly want to help others. I told someone years ago, I want to be the blog I was looking for 10 years ago! :)

  19. Hi Amy!
    I have to say I really enjoyed this post. You are going back to basics and I love it! I have been reading your blog for a year or two…because I like what you write here and also because our youngest sons were born around the same time :)

    I don’t have twitter because I don’t have time for it. I only use a personal Facebook for the same reason.

    Some time ago I complained to my husband about Pinterest. I just want it to be a chance for me to pin pictures and ideas that I love and want to keep. It’s an organizing tool. I don’t want to pin items just because there is a “party”…whatever that means… I see some bloggers use it to promote different things, but for me that is not attractive.

    I write my posts slowly, usually I sleep over each one and it causes me stress to think I had to hit “publish” at the prime time. Often I don’t! I trust that God can use anything, anybody, at any time!

    I pray that your success will be in God’ hands! If you fail, if you prospers, it will all be because He loves you!

    • I have had people suggest I give my social media responsibilities to a virtual assistant, but like you mentioned about Pinterest – that is MINE. Those are things *I* am interested in. I can’t give that to someone else. And I can’t have someone else be MY voice on FB or Twitter or anywhere else. It just feels icky!

  20. Dear Amy,
    I’m an aged woman (58), mother of seven (ages 15-38, four biological and three adopted) who has watched and read your blog since your first conversation about wearing pants. I sensed your urgent desire to please the Lord then, but have cared about how social media affected you at the same time. I have enjoyed your blogging, but as an aged woman I know the burdens a younger woman with children carries. You have been in my heart and prayers.
    I just want to say that I think you are going the right direction. The younger woman’s focus is to be on fulfilling the Titus 2 commands and then when you get my age you’ll be able to teach it–probably on a wonderful blog like this is. You are a very talented young woman. I look forward to what the Lord is going to do in your home as a result of this decision.

  21. This makes me so happy, Amy. I am so tired of blogs that I used to enjoy, turn into businesses. Affiliate links everywhere, pushing products in our faces. It’s not fun anymore and you don’t know who you can trust. I love that you’re going to continue to be real and not give in to the hype. I’ll definitely continue to follow you:)

  22. Thank you for this post!

    In my experience, the “top” bloggers don’t need to constantly advertise, post to facebook more than twice a day, tweet, all that stuff! People come to their blogs because they like the content.

    I am personally tired of all the affiliate links, “bundles,” webinars, etc. My favorite bloggers are those who don’t treat it like a business.

    I will always come back to your blog because your compassion shines through in every post you write and I think you attract quality people instead of a large quantity of people (not saying you don’t have lots of readers–just saying that numbers doesn’t seem to be your focus and I love that!)

    • My husband asked me about a year ago (near the time I started struggling with all of this) if I never made another dime blogging if I would keep doing it. I said absolutely! That was my answer! I write because I enjoy it, and I enjoy connecting with people. The money I make is secondary. And I do not want to make money selling stuff I don’t really like. I’ve always been pretty picky what I promote here, but it is soooo easy to get caught up in the rat race! I want to make decisions based on what is good for my readership and what glorifies the Lord. :)

  23. Dear Amy,

    Your post made me giggle. This past month, I wondered if I should “go professional” with my blog, just because I have heard that blogs can be money-makers, and our finances are beyond abysmal. Thus, I checked out every book on professional blogging in our library and started reading, and I was immediately overwhelmed with everything you mentioned above. The blogging world has become absolutely insane for those who want to fight to the top of the heap, and as you say, it isn’t worth it one bit. I sent those books straight back to the library and determined to blog just for myself rather than trying to enter the blogging rat race.

    Additionally, I read blogs for real content. Not for the link-ups, the give-aways, the product reviews, etc. I usually skip those. I want to hear from the bloggers (like you) who have wisdom from long experience of parenting and home education and who are writing about those things that they know. That’s what makes a great blog – not the Google optimization, the ads, the whatever.

    Thank you!

    • There are things you can do to make money from blogging without “selling your soul” if you will, but it constantly has to be kept in check! Happy writing! :)

  24. Thank you for stating this! I don’t have Facebook or Twitter but I can imagine how time consuming it would be to keep up with the madness. I feel like the homeschool community, too, is getting out of control. How many new curriculums are developed and shoved in our faces by advertisers? Let’s get back to the basics and just use what we already have and what God has already provided for us to teach with such as the Bible and nature and loving moms and life experiences, etc.
    I think you made the right decision and I bet the Holy Spirit within you confirms it.
    Love your blog and I will continue to love it without social media stuff.

    • Thank you, Lisa! I’ll still use social media, but I don’t want it to rule me. It’s really all about the people who are already here!

  25. I thank you for blogging! After reading your post today I thought you may appreciate a little feedback. I have never commented before but I read everything you write. I appreciate your focus on your family and serving the Lord. You have taught me much and encouraged me and made me think. Thank you for blogging! I hope you continue to do so knowing that you are touching people you may never know.

    Susan from Wisconsin

  26. High-fives, sister! 😀 I’m so done with trying to trick Facebook into showing things to my audience. It’s just annoying. If people want to see our recipes and what we’re doing, they know where to find us.

    And I just don’t have time right now with three teens and four kids under three years old to drop what I’m doing and be a slave to social media.

    I’m so glad you wrote this! I feel better about just doing it my way, when I have time.

  27. I’ve been hearing similar things from other bloggers & being a newbie, it’s nice to hear you, along w/others, speak to this! I can’t tell you how wiped out I got trying to keep up & then just decided the same thing you stated…I’m doing this on my time table! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!! :)

  28. I have been a subscriber for years. You have always been one of my top bloggers. I am thankful for each post and know many others are too. Thanks so much for always edifying and encouraging me.

  29. I’ve had several of my blog posts go ‘viral’ on pinterest and facebook. I was even featured on a Catholic radio hour a few weeks ago. I NEVER participate in social media outlets, much less worry about the time of day I post. Okay, I do have a facebook page, but that’s more for reader interaction than anything else.

    In my opinion, if you have good content, people will share your work. No need to stress. Just let them make it popular for you. If it’s good, it’ll get around. So keep writing, Amy. I love your stuff. Continue being helpful and your blog will continue to grow.

  30. I have never read your blog before (at least not regularly – it’s possible that I’ve read a post or two before) – but I just LOVE this post. I was just commenting in my mastermind group today that I’m just SO OVER this rat race to be the perfect blogger!

    This is what I said there:

    I feel a bit of dread opening bloglovin, wondering how far behind I am in reading, again. And then I see all these posts flooding my news feed here on FB that I just literally skip over time and time again because ain’t nobody got time fo dat.

    Do you ever look at this blogging world, this rat-race, this pincredible, tweet-tastic culture and just shake your head at the insanity of it all? Do you ever feel like we are all trying too daggone hard to be heard?

    Do you ever just want a break? and then get that break and wonder if it’s all worth it – the reading and sharing and tweeting and pinning and blah blah blah. I don’t know. I mean I’m getting ready to write a blog post right now…but I’m just over the competition and constant flood of WORDS WORDS WORD and graphics and stuff that bombards me every time I get online, especially now that a ton of my friends are bloggers.

    Anyway, thanks for listening to this rambling rant. Here’s my thoughts in tweetable form:

    “Bloggers: sometimes the best thing we can do for our readers is stop trying so hard, producing so much for them to ingest. Give them space.”

    “Blogger: You are not a content machine. You are a person. Don’t forget to live your life and let your readers do the same.”

    Sorry this is long. I just love this post and will be sharing in my monthly link love post.

  31. You’re the second blogger I’ve read in just a week that’s going back to blogging the old way. Glad to hear it, hope you’re able to enjoy it more.

    • I really thought God might have been leading me away completely (several of my blogging friends have quit recently), but as Ty and I prayed through it, we realized that was NOT what He wanted for US, but rather a change in HOW I was handling the extras of blogging. Glad to let that craziness go!

    • Yes, your brand of business operates a little differently than mine does, but the principle of quality remains. I think a lot of bloggers are sacrificing relationships and quality for social media and a quick buck.

  32. I always go to you blog posts via Facebook, because is what is most convenient for me. But it is not because it showed up in my newsfeed at “just the right time” but because I go to your page to see what you have posted.

    Your blog is a blessing to many! I always leave feeling like I have learned something new or was encouraged in my walk with The Lord.

    • Facebook has just become a nightmare for bloggers. I appreciate that you come to check. I’m not sure what I’ll do there, but it definitely won’t involve trying to be on there at the “right” time. 😉

  33. Hello Amy,
    I have a great deal of respect for you and how openly and honestly you share yourself and your family with your readers. But I believe the decision you have made is VERY wise. Sometimes one can become so focused on meeting demands (most of which don’t come from God) that we take our eyes off the Lord. God can, and is using your special brand of encouragement to reach others right where they are, at that moment. He will lead people to, and you to them, even without Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. I personally refuse to be a part of any of those things. The whole world is on Facebook……not me! It becomes the number one thing in the back of peoples minds. No one has time to check what the good Lord has to say, but a dozen times a day they’ll check these other things. Anything that becomes more important to us than God is idolatory in His eyes.
    Be encouraged….God is definitely using you to sow seeds in people’s lives. :)
    Dani (mother of 10, homeschooling the 5 left at home)

  34. Good for you, Amy! Your blog is one I always read in my email. Your subjects and writing style always interest me. Keep on keeping on.

  35. I found your blog via a 4 Moms post and have been subscribed via a blog reader ever since. Keep posting when you want, and I’ll read it. 😉 No backbends or yoga moves needed.

  36. I only follow your blog Amy and I love every bit of it. I read it when it suits me as it comes into my inbox. Keep up the good work in sharing your life to encourage those who read and may you honour God as you do it.

    • And THAT is exactly the way I want it to be for people – read at your convenience. If I ever become a pain in your inbox, then I’m doing something wrong. 😉

  37. I seem to hear the sign of relief you just breathed out. Congratulations on breaking free! Facebook, Twitter, Google+? Those don’t have a place in my life. My life doesn’t have a place for them. God’s given me enough “life” that I don’t need those things. Enjoy the journey – you’re just beginning!

    • Thank you, Donna – it is a relief. It’s not that I don’t enjoy much of social media, but since trying to do all the “right” things with it, it lost any enjoyment and connection with people it was meant to have. Bloggers are constantly trying to manipulate the system and the system keeps changing so we don’t manipulate it. It is truly maddening and rather ridiculous! I want to be on those sites when I want to be and not because I have to be. I have better things to do and a life to live!

  38. So glad to see you say this. I love blogging, but the social media part of it makes me crazy. Like you, I want to have followers that are friends, part of a community. Thank you , Amy, for being an inspration to those of us just starting out and for leading the way that is pleasing to God as well as family friendly!

    • Social media has this ever-changing algorithm that keeps bloggers running trying to be “seen” – it is exhausting (and frankly, rather silly!) Enjoy your blogging and enjoy the people there!

  39. When we blog to be a top blogger, we lose sight of the people we want to encourage and we begin to please people rather than God. You have amazed me over the past 3 years – you have been an amazing mentor and more than that, you’ve always been so very honest with me and your readers. You are a blessing. You are a wife and a mom and those come first. I can’t wait for your podcast to go live. That mixed with this, will bless your audience, your heart is for them…and for God first and foremost. Thank you Amy for being a writer – and one who will stand up and say ‘it’s enough’ and keeping it real and the focus where it should be.

    • Thank you, Rebecca! I enjoy the people aspect of blogging and the added income is a blessing, but the clawing and fighting to the top is just ridiculous…yet so easy to fall into. Excited to hear the podcast – we had such a good time!

  40. Amen!!! I have come to the same conclusion. All that extra stuff just isn’t for me! God will provide the audience and income that we need in the way that He sees fit without my having to sacrifice my first ministry for it. And I believe that as a mother the first ministry that I am called to is my home and family. Blogging is nice, but I got sick of trying to earn this or that and feel like I’m fighting for interaction (and validation). I know that the Lord will bring readers who need to hear what I’m saying, just as when I seek Him first, He will provide me with the message He wants me to share.

  41. I was one of the ones that stumbled across your blog. I don’t remember why or what caught my attention, but it captured me. I’m one of those people who follow several blogs, but none of them faithfully like yours. This is “home” for me, and when I met you at Teach Them Diligently last year it sealed the deal for me.You were exactly how you write warm, friendly, caring. giving, and a real friend. Just keep doing what you do, sweet lady and let God take care of the rest.

  42. You have an amazing blog that has blessed me more times in more ways than you know. But I SO appreciate your attitude here. I LOVE to write and blogging seems a wonderful outlet for that energy, but it’s all I can do to produce a post once a week! I can’t imagine trying to manage tons of advertising and working with affiliates and obsessing over my social media presence, too! But you’re confirming to me again that it’s OKAY not to be the perfect blogger. I should focus on being the best Christian, wife, and mom I can be…and then blog some along the way. :)

  43. I truly appreciate this. I don’t blog but I feel over the past few years it has turned into such a business and not so much about reaching out and ministering. I have stopped following many blogs lately because it seems many posst are almost like an advertisement. :(

  44. Amy, ‘member that hug I gave you last year when I was so blessed to get to see & talk to you in person again??? Well, just imagine me giving you that same hug now! :-)

    Love your transparency here! And it’s so funny to me that you consider yourself in the rat race to be a top blogger because in my book (and in the books of many others) you ARE a top blogger already!

    There was a period of time when I wanted to join that rat race and tried desperately to get in, but I just never seemed to be able to get my foot solidly in the door and last year I gave up trying… I even blogged about it too! I feel so much free-er to write…

    And today I even decided that I think I’m going to chuck the FB page for my blog. Folks can just as easily “Follow” my personal FB account… and see and interact with my blog posts that way because I publish them “Publicly.”

    More power to ya Momma! But most of all, keep up the wonderful encouragement that you so willingly provide here for so many of us that deeply need it!

  45. i will occasionally go to a blog because they have a competition or some such and never go back. Yours is one i look for in my inbox and seek out on the net. I’m not even christian but love your blog all the same.

    keep doing what you’re doing 😉

  46. This came at just the right time. Since this past sumer my blog has grown from 50 readers to a few thousand. We are military and in the midst of a move and I have been panicking over the thoughts of this affecting SEO, my ranking etc :). I finally prayed myself about this and God laid it on my heart that I stay home for a reason and do not work outside of the house. So, my family should be first before my blog. I am going to do what prep work I can before the move, which is very short notice and leave the rest to God. I am going to enjoy the cross country trip before my husband heads overseas again and make memories. My blog will be there after be boards the plane. Thank you for the post!!! I have read and followed your blog since the dinosaur days of MOMYS :)

    • :) It is difficult to just let go (especially when everyone tells you that is going to totally mess up your blog), but we have to stop living that way. Enjoy your move (as much as you can 😉 )

  47. Amy,

    God gave you the skills to write and to help others with words and you do it so well. Living life to please the Lord, is to be happy in what you are doing, so you are correct in getting rid of the things that bring you down. It is so refreshing when I hear that someone has said “NO” and turned away from a stressful project. Now quit reading all of these comments and go love on your family!

  48. Right there with you Amy! The more I follow the Lord’s leading with my blogging, the more blessed I am. Defies logic, or at least the blogging experts! Just another beautiful example of the paradox of following Jesus, those who give up their lives will gain it and those who save their lives will lose it. Looking forward to meeting you at 2:1!

  49. Good for you Amy! I’m just now getting back to blogging after a three year hiatus and I’m amazed at how much has changed in 36 short months! I often wonder when these lovely ladies have time to do anything else! Thank you for being so transparent and reminding us of what is really MOST important.

    • There is a lot that can be streamlined, but I do think there are bloggers out there living most of their lives online (or thinking about it when they are offline), unfortunately.

  50. Thank You!
    I have stopped reading two blogs because the authors have gone so far down the “professional blogger hole” that their readers just became revenue streams.
    Thanks for staying focused.
    Big Hug

  51. So glad to hear this. I found your blog several years ago and was thankful to find a “kindred spirit”–wanting to raise godly children to become godly adults in a godless world. I appreciated your honesty at hard hitting thoughts, attitudes, and ideas; the struggle of being a good parent while not caving in to the worlds’ ideas of what a good parent should be and so on. Of late I have fought the urge to hit unsubscribe as I have watched your blog go from that perspective to being like everyone else out in blog world. I understand that as time changes we change. But not all changes are for the good and not all changes are always necessary. Sometimes the old paths are really the best! Guess there was a reason the Lord told us not to forsake the ancient paths. I look forward to what is ahead for you and your family. I appreciate your honesty in where you are at right now. Will be sticking around a while longer.

  52. Hooray for you!! Thank you for this post. It means a lot to me. And I especially like the scripture you used at the end. Many blessing to you and your family. xo

  53. Thanks for sharing this, Amy! I appreciate your honesty and your willingness to focus on your true priorities, even at the expense of being a “big name blogger.” (Which you are anyway and probably will continue to be!)

    Occasionally, I have been tempted to try to “get my name out there” and really build up my blog. This is what the Lord clearly spoke to my heart concerning that endeavor: Genesis 11:4 – “And they said, Come, let us build us a city and a tower whose top reaches into the sky, and let us make a name for ourselves, lest we be scattered over the whole earth.” (Amplified)

    The Babylonian spirit is that of building great “towers” and trying to make a name for ourselves. The Lord is only concerned that I build His kingdom, promote the name of Christ, and build up my husband. If He wants my name to be known and my blog to have a big “Platform,” then He will have to do that not me! :)

    Thanks for hosting this link up, for blogging, and for sharing your heart and life with us!

  54. I am so happy to read this! I wonder if the social media “busyness” is the enemy’s way to overwhelm and finally silence women like you? I’m thankful that you also involved your husband in praying and that you are not giving up this Christ-focused blog that obviously is such a blessing to so many women! And like some of the other commenters–this is one of only 2 blogs that I read regularly. May God bless you richly for this!

  55. I’m so with you Amy!!! You’re doing the right thing. I’m feeling the need to cut right back too. For me, since I’m just a small blog, it may mean the death of my blog. :( That would be hard, but I really have to weigh up what the most important things are at the moment. I just want the freedom to go to bed early, spend time with hubs in the evening, and just have my head space cleared up of all the online clutter.
    I know the Lord will continue to bless you on this journey. You’re an encouragement to many. :) – from Victoria

  56. Well said!
    I too am tired of trying so hard. I’ve slowly been letting things go and getting real with who I am on my blog. Getting past “trying to be that top blogger”.
    It might mean I don’t post for a week. If I find I have time, great. The Lord will provide the time I need to blog, should that be something He desires. :)

    Life can truly be simple. Trust Him, acknowledge Him in all our ways, He WILL direct us. Even in blogging. :)

  57. I don’t even remember how I ran across your blog…I think it was by accident. :) And I stayed because I found a LOT of helpful, Scripturally sound posts; because you write about a variety of subjects, and not just the same old thing; and because you actually DO post. (So many blogs I run across just quit posting and everything is two years old.) I will of course stay. Yours is really the only blog I check frequently, and it’s not because you’re ‘keeping up with the other blogs’…It’s because of your good content! I’m glad you’re able to find a way to keep blogging but without the pressure. Good for you!

  58. Amy, Way to go. That is the way it should be. I had to learn the hard way as well….I haven’t set up a blog and I still need to.
    I use FB for almost everything…
    I am grieving mom as well. it is hard posting all day and trying to help everyone. There are just too many of us….
    I love my family on FB. Yet, as with any family, they can wear you out. SO I have had to cut back… A lot…
    I haven’t found a good medium but I am working on it.
    I enjoy your blog. I wish I could spend more time writing a note now and then.
    Enjoy your stress free time now.

  59. Amy,
    I am one of those who stumbled upon your blog (don’t ask me now when or how, because I honestly don’t remember) but I am so glad I did. I ALWAYS enjoy your posts and seeing how God is using your everyday life circumstances to encourage and uplift others. I also homeschool my youngest 3 children; I also lost a baby; I also am a mom of many ~ we just seemed to have a lot in common and I could relate so much to your posts, so I have stayed and loved hearing what you had to say. I honestly don’t see how you have had time to blog so much and accomplish all else that running a nurturing, educational, love-filled home requires!! So, all this to say, “Good for you!” Yes, God has used you to reach out and encourage many of us, but the greatest task He calls you to are those He blessed you with to raise to His glory. I will look forward to hearing from you when you do have time to post, and when I don’t hear from you for a few days, I’ll be remembering you and your family in my prayers. God Bless you all!!

  60. I find your blog incredibly refreshing and encouraging. I am glad that you agree finding freedom in setting boundaries here and not being a slave to it! However I hope you will stay around, on your terms and when life permits, because I’m sure I’m not the only one who can say how grateful I am to the Lord for your ministry here :) I always leave here encouraged and joyful, provoked to fully give myself to the roles that God has graciously given me.
    Thank you for all that you do and be there first for your family! And take care of yourself! I’d feel terrible if you burnt out in account of your blog.

  61. I have been blogging for six years and my audience remains small. About two years ago I tried making my blog “bigger and better” and it was stressful, took valuable time away from my family and just was not worth it. I had to re-evaluate my motives and it boiled down to be a huge pride issue with me. So, I got back to the “heart” of why I am blogging. I no longer track who comes to my blog, I don’t view my stats and I even unplugged from facebook because it was a distraction to me. In a cyber world that is constantly bombarding the blogger with how to be bigger and better it was a breath of fresh air to read your post and know it is OKAY to make it simple. Your blog is encouraging, uplifting and Christ centered… HE will bring the audience and bless the works of your hands. Blessings to you!