Top 10 Reasons We Are Lilla Rose Customers {+ Giveaway!}

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Top 10 Reasons We Are Lilla Rose Customers (+ Giveaway!)By now, I’m sure you are familiar with Lilla Rose hair clips.  They seem to be everywhere!  Perhaps you’ve seen these pretty hair embellishments when you’ve been out and about.  Maybe you’ve always wondered about them, but never really looked them up.  Maybe you have looked them up, but weren’t sure you could justify the cost.  This post is my Top 10 Reasons we are Lilla Rose customers so you can see why we think they are definitely worth the investment!

lilla rose hair clip

Reason #1 – They are pretty.  Yeah, I know that’s kind of petty, but I can’t help but be drawn to pretty things.  These clips make me smile, and some days with a house full of little boys, I could use a little pretty.

Reason #2 – They actually work!  The girls in my family have super thick hair.  These are the first clips we’ve owned that can actually handle our hair.  Don’t have thick hair?  No worries!  They work for thin and normal thickness hair too!  Watch the sizing video to learn more!

Reason #3 – They look better than a ponytail.  Don’t get me wrong, I like ponytails, but Lilla Rose clips look so much nicer!

lilla rose hair clips

Reason #4 – They are just as easy to do as a ponytail!  The main reason women put their hair up in a ponytail is because it is easy.  Lilla Rose clips are just as easy!

Reason #5 – The company is reputable.  I have seen nothing but good from this company. I am impressed by their business model and how they treat their consultants.  Did you know once you establish an account with a consultant, no other consultant can “steal” you away?  My consultant is Misty from Sweet Hairlooms and no matter whose Lilla Rose ad I click on, it will always redirect me to her site!  (Interested in becoming a consultant?  Misty would love to have you on board!  Click HERE for more info.)

Reason #6 – There are great sales all the time!  Right now, Misty is offering BUY 3 GET ONE FREE for all of her customers (new and old alike!)  Simply order 3 clips from Sweet Hairlooms and email Misty from her business page so she can give you details on how to get your 4th clip FREE! (this will give you 10 points in the giveaway too!)*

Reason #7 – These clips are great for all the girls in your family!  All the girls in our family use Lilla Rose clips.  Sometimes we simply put them over our ponytail, sometimes we do a fancy up-do, sometimes we do a little clip to pull back one side of our hair.  In fact, it isn’t uncommon for me to find Lilla Rose clips in their doll’s hair!  And you can guarantee if we had a dog and it was a girl, my daughters would have that dog all gussied up with Lilla Rose too!

Reason #8 – They go with everything!  Lilla Rose has a HUGE selection of clips.  You can match outfits with specific colors or choose clips that are super versatile with clear beads or simple gold or silver.  You can choose fancy with dangles or plain and classic.  Whatever your style, Lilla Rose has a clip for that!

Reason #9 – They are pretty!  Oh yeah…I said that already.  Well, it’s worth saying again! 😉

Reason #10 – My friend, Misty, sells them!  And she’s giving away 3 Lilla Rose items worth $16 each from her Lilla Rose shoppe!

*The Buy 3, Get 1 Free offer is ONLY for customers of Sweet Hairlooms.
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117 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons We Are Lilla Rose Customers {+ Giveaway!}

  1. We would love these!!! We have long hair and its hard to find something that actually will hold. This would be perfect! Something with a bit of style that really does the job. Thanks!!

  2. I love the medium Lilla Rose clip I have. I wear it just about every day (including now). I’d love to get a smaller one for half-up dos.

  3. EVERY time I see Lilla Rose products or a friend hosts a party I want, WANT, W.A.N.T. to buy one,two, ten BUT I simply don’t have the money to spend on myself (I’m sure all mom’s can relate to that, something for EVERYONE else, just usually not ME!) So, needless to say, I would LOVE to win one :-)

    • I joined Lilla Rose initially to fund my own personal stash of Flexi Clips. As a mom of 5 girls, we love them! The business grew from there, and so did my personal supply, lol.

  4. I would love to try a different size of these. The one I have doesn’t work well in my hair. My daughters have mini’s and they work great for them.

  5. I would love to win this giveaway because: 1. I have four daughters who are all into their hair. 2. I have four daughters who are all into their hair and love things that sparkle. :)

  6. I live that you say they hold a lot of hair. My daughter and I both have a hard time finding clips to hold our long thick hair!!! Can’t wait to own one!

  7. I was just looking at these beautiful hair clips last night! I am a homeschool mother of four and have medium long hair. I always end up pulling it up or back somehow. The Lilla Rose clips are so pretty and practical. I am hopefully going to be able to purchase one soon!

  8. This is the first I have seen these clips and they are just beautiful! With five daughters, no doubt we would get a lot of use out of these! Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. I have waist length, thick curly hair and have a hard time finding hair items that are big enough to handle the weight and thickness.I understand having something pretty for yourself as I live with a household of males also.

  10. I’ve seen these a lot and would love to try one, but can’t justify the cost right now. I would love to win one so I can easily pull my hair back.

  11. I have two of these clips in our house, and me and my daughter really like them! They work great for my thick, straight hair and for my daughter’s super curly hair too!

  12. I think these clips are beautiful! My sisters and I have several, but none of them are the right size for me. I’ve been seriously thinking about buying another, but so far, I haven’t been able to bring myself to sped the money. I would really love to win this giveaway!

  13. I’d love to win, because I can’t really afford to pay that much for a hairclip. This would be a great chance to try them out!

  14. I recently just got my first 2 clips and would love to have more! I really want to get one of the purple ones with a butterfly because it reminds me of my dear mom who passed away a few years ago.

  15. I would love to win this giveaway because I have used one and love how easily it holds my slips-out-of-everything fine, slippery, very full head of hair.

    • I was in your shoes dreaming of owning one for a year before I finally signed up as a consultant in hopes of earning enough to pay for my own clips. It turned out to be a nice business for me, paying for a lot more than just the Flexis that I wanted!

    • Absolutely! Depending on your hair, and how much you want up, the mini or ex-small should work well for you. I use the mini for my 3 and 6 year old girls and the x-small for my 9 and 10 year old girls. My olders have fairly thick hair. Mine is really thick and I use ex-small and small for half-ups.

  16. I also have super thick hair and would love to find a clip that would stay in place and hold it all! I wear ponytails daily and would love to find something just as simple and pretty all at the same time!

    • These would work great for that purpose! Sometimes sizing can be a little hard for pony tails, but no worries, Lilla Rose offers free exchange for sizing issues, shipping included!

  17. My hair is just long enough to pull back and a pretty clip would give me some variety to the same old style. I like easy hairstyles and makeup and this would be awesome to win! :)

  18. We’ve only just started using these. I bought some small ones but would like a bigger size. Thanks for the giveaway.

  19. I just found out about these recently and was looking at their website just yesterday!! I wasn’t able to order any at this time, due to lots of other things needing our monetary attention. :) I have very long hair, and it is rapidly turning gray…and falling out (must be the age thing!) which doesn’t make one feel so pretty, unfortunately. Having some of these to wear would be the perfect pick-me-up! Would truly love to be the winner!!!! God bless you.

  20. We love Lila Rose hair clips too! When in was in labor with my most recent baby I actually thought to myself, “If I had put a Lilla Rose clip in my hair instead of this ponytail the birth photos would turn out a lot better!” But I was too far along in labor to do anything about it!

  21. I have thick, long hair and I usually just twist (and twist) it into a bun because we have a small farm and goats like to chew on hair 😉 I’d like something pretty and feminine to add to my farm ‘do.

  22. These are so beautiful! My daughter has long hair and I’m always looking for something a bit nicer for church days!

  23. I have five girls and naturally curly, thick hair. As a matter of fact, so does my husband, so our household is full of thick hair! It is hard to find anything that can even hold our hair up in any way. I have always wanted to try a Lilla Rose clip but just haven’t been able to justify it in the budget, lol! This would be great to try. Thanks for the giveaway!


  24. I love Lilla Rose! I got my first clips in January and have since added bobby pins. I’ve haven’t used a traditional pony tail holder since. Would love to add on to my collection. :-)

  25. These clips are so pretty that I would love to win some. I always have my hair pulled back, but I use cheap plastic clips. It would be nice to have some fancier ones.

  26. I usually pull my hair up in a plain rubber band or unattractive plastic clip. These are so beautiful and would make it so easy to do my hair quickly, but have it still look lovely.

  27. Lilla Rose products are great especially flexi clips. I have five daughters and we love sharing them. The clips we do have are worn on a daily basis by someone. They are wonderful and more to choose from would be a blessing.

  28. I would love to win , I have very thick hair and am always looking for something that will stay in it and look pretty.

  29. I’ve wanted to try some more of Lilla Rose’s products. Once I get home, my hair is usually pulled back…I need something new!

  30. we bought some for Christmas and thought we went a little overboard, but no, we love every single one we purchased and use them all the time! I would love to win another one to share with my daughter some more

  31. My daughter and I both have long hair. My hair is so thick that I can’t seem to find any barrettes that won’t pop out and still hold all the hair. It would be nice to have something a little more decorative than a ponytail elastic or something for a fancier updo especially for church and special occasions. My youngest has super fine hair. Both girls love all things girly, fancy, sparkly :)

  32. I love these,
    especially for all the long-haired girls in our house!

    Links to open an accountbon her page
    Still do Not work.
    I copied & pasted & clicked the top of page
    to enter my info.

  33. Thank you so much for the giveaway! I recieved my first
    Flexi clips last spring for Mother’s Day and love them!

  34. I’m with you on needing a little “pretty” once in a while! =) My daughter (almost 2) loves “pretty” things and I need to be more feminine for her… since she has 2 older brothers and will have a younger brother in a couple months. =)

  35. I really love my flexi clip. I have super thick hair, and until a few weeks ago it was at least two inches past my waist. I never did much of anything with my hair except a pony tail because it’s just too much trouble with that much hair. But with the flexi clip, I could pull it up into a pretty bun in less than a minute, and have the added blessing of not having my hair in my face on a windy day, and not have to keep brushing out tangles nearly as much. I even sleep with my flexi in my hair, in a bun, so that it doesn’t get tangled during the night 😀

  36. I LOVE lilla rose! Myself and my 3 young daughters would ALL wear the clips and accessories! They would be the nicest we’ve ever had!

  37. I would love something dressier to pull hair back for work. I am interested seeing if they work in fine hair.

  38. I have 4 boys, so a little something pretty for my hair is just what I need. I just had my first daughter, so I need to brush up on my girly-ness. I’ve been knee deep in boy stuff for 12 years!

  39. I have one of these clips and wouldn’t mind having more — and my daughter has told me that she would REALLY like one, too! :-)

  40. As a mother of two girls with beautiful long hair, I can’t believe I’ve never heard of Lilla Rose until now! I’ll be ordering at least two clips for my daughters – I’d love to win one for myself! :-)

  41. I would love to win one if these because my girls and I have thick hair and I have never tried one of these before :)

  42. Thanks for hosting this giveaway, Amy!! I really like the Celtic knot and cross flexi clips, although I do not own any of the Lilla Rose products, they are on my list!