On-the-Go Skin Care for the Entire Family

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There are certain products that are a mother’s dream.  The new sticks from MadeOn Hard Lotion are a dream for me, which is why I wanted to share with you about this new product and a big sale they are having right now.
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On-the-Go Skin Care for the Entire Family | RaisingArrows.net

There are 4 different kinds of these sticks (Beesilk, Au Chocolat, Simply Soothing Rash Cream and Bug Block), but I don’t like to smell chocolate (I know, I’m weird), so I decided to try out the other three.  I was already a fan of the Beesilk in bar form and the Simply Soothing Rash Cream in the tin, but having these in a stick form has me jumping for joy!  And I am excited to add the Bug Block to the family as well!

Here are a few reasons why I am thrilled with these new sticks.

1.  They are easy for my children to apply on their own.

On-the-Go Skin Care for the Entire Family | RaisingArrows.netThese sticks are bigger than a glue stick, and a great size for little hands.  The bars are difficult for my little people to maneuver, so having these in stick form makes it great for them to grab and use.

2.  They are a great diaper bag addition.

I keep a set in my diaper bag, and with the sale this month, I’ll be adding another set to our bathroom.  They are perfect for taking on-the-go.  You have the rash cream stick for little bottoms (I also highly recommend keeping a separate one of these for rashes in other places and marking it on the label to avoid cross-contamination).  You have the Beesilk for all over skin hydration.  And having Bug Block on hand no matter where you are is a great idea!

3.  They are so versatile.

The Simply Soothing Rash Cream is great not only for the diaper area, but for rashes on faces, eczema, and acne.  Having it in stick form makes it that much easier because you don’t have to try to dig out of a tin.

The Beesilk is our family’s dry skin go-to.  Feet, elbows, faces, and hands are all nourished with this formula.  My husband has always been a fan of Beesilk, but still insisted on using chapstick to handle the dry skin on his knuckles because it was easy for him to keep in his vehicle.  I was thrilled to be able to hand him Beesilk in a stick!  He loves it!

I have known Renee of MadeOn Hard Lotion for years, and can attest to the quality of her products and the care she takes with each of her customers.  She’s the mom of a large homeschooling family who works hard to make sure you get pure quality products at a reasonable price.

If you would like to try the new MadeOn Sticks, May is the month to do it!  When you order any 4 sticks (yep, you can even order that chocolate one 😉 ), your 4th stick is FREE!  That means you can try all 4, order a couple of sets or mix and match any way you’d like!

Add the sticks to your cart (START SHOPPING HERE), put all 4 in your cart, then at checkout use code:


to get one of those sticks FREE!
Offer expires May 31, 2014.

Heading over to snag some more for my crew right now!

On-the-Go Skin Care for the Entire Family | RaisingArrows.net

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