Confused By Homeschooling Methods?

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I have something really exciting for you coming next Tuesday!  I wanted to do this earlier, but I was too sick to even think about planning this, but now that I’m better, Kerry has agreed to put together one of her FREE WEBINARS just for Raising Arrows readers!

Here are the details!

7 Approaches to Christian Homeschooling
July 29, 2014

6pm Pacific | 7pm Mountain | 8pm Central | 9pm Eastern

During this webinar, Kerry will reveal tips & strategies to help you choose the best homeschooling approach for your family.  She€™ll be sharing tips that you can take and use IMMEDIATELY after the workshop!  BUT, most importantly… she will reveal how you can match your family’s needs, personality & goals with the right method of homeschooling.

Not only will you be able to HEAR Kerry, but you’ll also SEE and WATCH it happening in real time on your computer screen, complete with real examples! (And it doesn’t matter what connection speed you have or even if you have a PC or Mac.)

This is a great way for you to really get a grasp of the different Christian homeschooling methods and which ones fit your family best, and how you can implement them now!

Kerry has only 200 spots for my readers, so SIGN UP NOW so you don’t miss this FREE webinar!

P.S. €“ Kerry has something VERY special cooked up for those who attend the online workshop LIVE. It will be worth your while to be on this workshop I guarantee it!

P.S.S. Remember there are 2 things you should do right now and they are FREE:

1. Register for next Tuesday’s workshop: CLICK HERE

2. Enter Kerry€™s blog contest to win her ebook!  CLICK HERE

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7 thoughts on “Confused By Homeschooling Methods?

  1. I’ve tried to register twice for two reasons: I’m not receiving an email, and I don’t know if she hosted this last year, but when I “register”, it tells me I’ve registered for September 17, 2013.

  2. Just got my email for April 22, at least I’m in 2014 now; but is this correct? Your blog post says next Tuesday, July 29th (2014 lol).

  3. So excited! Thank you for doing this! I read your blog all the time and refer to it a lot. SO helpful and what a blessing. Keep it up and thank you very much.