Raising Children With a Strong Spiritual Foundation (+Free Resources!)

Raising Children with a Strong Spiritual Foundation - New book + FREE Resources! | RaisingArrows.net

Raising children is hard work.  There are so many things to consider, analyze, learn, and look for.  But, as Christians, we are not left to our own devices.  We have God’s Holy Word, and a spiritual power like none other to guide us through the raising of these precious little ones!

Raising Children with a Strong Spiritual Foundation (new book + FREE resources!)| RaisingArrows.net

Dr. Tony Evans has just released a brand new book, Raising Kingdom Kids, that helps to walk you through raising children who gain true wisdom and knowledge in the Lord Jesus.  Some of the practical spiritual advice included in this book are:

  • Create an atmosphere where your kids can maintain their identity in Jesus Christ despite the society around them.
  • Help you grow in confidence as you discover your worth as a parent on God€™s Word and not on your kids€™ actions.
  • Experience the freedom that comes from influencing your children, rather than the futility of trying to control them.
  • Gain new strength as you view the daily duties of parenting from a kingdom perspective.
  • Trade reactive parenting for intentional parenting and marvel at the freedom this brings.

The book is available for pre-order (find out more HERE) and if you pre-order by September 1, you receive some wonderful FREE resources!  (who doesn’t love free stuff!?!)

FREE RESOURCES – $80 value!

Kingdom Woman audio book ($20 value)

Kingdom Man/Kingdom Woman Devotional Sampler€”20 Daily Devotions ($7 value)

Kingdom Family, a previously unaired and unreleased message from Dr. Tony Evans ($12 value)

One Family Under God, a Bible study by Dr. Tony Evans ($15 value)

Biblical Manhood, a Focus on the Family broadcast with Dr. Tony Evans ($9 value)

Biblical Womanhood, a Focus on the Family broadcast with Dr. Tony Evans ($9 value)

Courageous Parenting, a Focus on the Family broadcast with Dr. Tony Evans ($9 value)

30 Days to Financial Victory booklet ($3 value)

To get these resources, simply pre-order your copy of Raising Kingdom Kids (<—link tells you where you can do this), and then enter your information HERE.

If you have a moment, watch the book trailer below (or click through to the blog to see it if you are reading via email).  Great message!  Love how Dr. Evans talks about “Cotton Candy” parenting.  It’s time to change how we view our parenting, friends!

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6 thoughts on “Raising Children With a Strong Spiritual Foundation (+Free Resources!)

  1. Are the extra resources all downloads? I ask because we have limited bandwidth and I don’t want to use all our bandwidth on the extras. Thanks!

  2. Hi Amy! Thank you for this post on training your children up to be kingdom workers. I know I will enjoy reading through it. I have a special request; it is a concern/worry from a friend of mine. She has posted a question and I don’t know the best answer to encourage her. May I get your wisdom on this concern of hers please? I know you are so busy!! but you do SO much to encourage me and I just thought that your input would be so valuable here. Thank you in advance!! :) :) (Here is what she is asking)….and when she says “my boys”, she is referring to ages 10 and 13.

    Parenting question… What are your academic standards for your kids and what happens if they don’t meet those standards? What if you don’t think they are giving 100%? My boys hate school and rush through just to get it done. They aren’t learning and don’t care. How do you force someone to try? Kids are hard work.

  3. Just wanted to let you know I pre-ordered the book and got the downloads. I don’t know much about computers and internet stuff, but all the free stuff was 380MB. It took my computer over an hour (or more, I had to leave the computer and not sure when it really finished) to download. I used my in-laws internet and not sure what speed they have. (I don’t have internet at home.) So, it may be faster for some people. Just wanted to let the readers know so they can plan accordingly. Thanks for the post! I love Dr. Evans and his no-nonsense preaching!!!

    I’m new to your blog, but really enjoying your posts!!!