Week 20 Pregnancy Update

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I know this update is going to seem like it came on the heels of last week’s update since I waited until my mid-week sonogram, but hey, 20 weeks is something to celebrate!

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20 weeks always sort of sneaks up on me, but it is such a wonderful surprise!  Like I said last week, I begin to finally feel like planning for baby’s arrival at 20 weeks.  It’s all downhill from here, and often it goes really fast (at least it does until maybe the last month :) ).  So, you’ll probably see me pinning things to my Pregnancy & Baby Pinterest board:

Pregnancy & Babies Pinterest Board from Amy @ RaisingArrows.net

You’ll hopefully find me in my sewing room too!  I always like to make a little something handmade for the new baby.  Sometimes it is a simple quilt or some cute little cloth diapers, but whatever it is, it is specifically for the new baby – never owned/worn/used by another child in the household.

I also got a nursing pillow through NursingPillow.com:
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The code on the graphic above gives you one for FREE (you’ll have to pay shipping, but it was so worth it!).  I’ve never had a “real” nursing pillow, so I’m looking forward to trying it out!

By the way, August is National Breastfeeding Awareness Month.  While I’ve never had any issues with being able to nurse in public, I know people who have.  Honestly, breastfeeding my babies is one of my favorite parts of having a new baby, and I count it as a privilege and a blessing to do so.  (If you’ve never read my article about breastfeeding Emily, I’d encourage you to do so.  I’ve also written about my Breastfeeding Journey in a series of posts HERE, but it could use an update since it ended with Baby #7).

What’s your favorite part of having a new baby?  I’d love to hear what things about that newborn stage are precious to you!

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11 thoughts on “Week 20 Pregnancy Update

  1. I am 27 weeks one day, (but who’s counting 😉 and I am starting to really get excited about this little girl coming! My Mom just told me she is redoing our nursery for a baby gift! Painting, decorating . . . wow! I am a high risk pregnancy with 4 already to take care of so all of that extra fun stuff is not something I can do right now. I feel so blessed! I can’t wait to touch this babies toes and hear her first cry! See my children hold her and soothe her when she’s sad. Congrats to you Amy!

  2. Congratulations on hitting 20 weeks, Amy! I’m a long time reader, but don’t often comment much! I am expecting my 5th in about 5.5 weeks. I agree with you that it seems to go fast except the last month!

    I take it you aren’t revealing what you found out at the sonogram about baby’s gender??? I like to wait until birth myself, but am always excited to hear what other people are having :) I think I know (99% sure) this time though as I think the student in the ultrasound room during my sonogram gave it away (not only by dropping pronouns, but by accidentally showing me baby’s bottom when she was “practicing”…).

  3. I love to get the newborn baby outfits clean and organized in dresser drawers in the last weeks of pregnancy. I lovingly fold and arrange and re-arrange all those tinny tiny outfits just dreaming of the new baby wearing them. It’s about the only time those drawers will ever look so neat once the busyness of the newborn days sets in. :)
    I delight in those first early weeks in soft baby skin and the intoxicating aroma of the tops of their heads. My littlest turns 1 year next week and although I truly love each stage kids go through, I know I will feel a little sad to say goodbye to the “baby year” and all it’s joys.

  4. I’m just two weeks ahead of you. 22 weeks. I love the overwhelming feeling of love I feel towards my newborn, they are so precious and just a wonder to hold and love.

  5. I enjoy your posts and fresh perspective, I too had a rough start to my pregnancy and at about 18 weeks the dreaded puking stopped. I am now 23 weeks along with our 5th and choosing to leave it all a surprise. This is our miracle baby, I had my tubes tied (long-emotional story) and after 3 years of pain, ER visits, and a few doctors that found nothing wrong, we found a doctor that thought it may be due to the clips. Sure enough, unltasounds confirmed and we had them removed. My husband and i prayed and felt we should have them reattached. January 14th I had them reattached and March 14th I had a positive pregnancy test. We feel immeasurably blessed and grateful for the grace our God has given us. Thank you for your posts, I look forward to reading more.

  6. I have to admit I have an easier time with the kids when they are a little older (though I don’t have teens yet, lol). But I love those moments when I can lie on the sofa with the baby on my chest all snuggled up. And when they start giving out those first smiles (my newborn’s doing that now).

    Congratulations – may the rest of your pregnancy be full of health and blessings.

  7. I too, LOVE the smell of newborn babies! I LOVE their tiny fingers and toes, but mostly those adorable toes! I like to nibble on them and rub them! :) I would rub their toes while they nursed. I was so excited about expecting our 5th and getting to buy Pampers Swaddlers newborn diapers. I would pick them up at Wal-mart and just smell the package. Yeah, I know that’s weird!! :) I also loved my 2 day vacation at the hospital!! It’s nice to have someone take care of me for a little bit! The hospital I go to is WONDERFUL and the food is great too! The nurses are SO good!

    I had a really hard time nursing our first son, but after 7 weeks, I got the hang of it. I think it gets easier the more you have. Maybe it’s because Mom’s confidence goes up. I just felt more confident because I’d walked that road before. I never really loved breastfeeding. Don’t know why. I had planned to bottle feed my 5th, just because I’d never done it. I did some, but strangely, I enjoyed breastfeeding him the most and did it for 13 months. Weaned the others around 1 year. I demand fed my first son but went to scheduled feedings for the rest of my boys. I was very successful with that and really enjoyed the “freedom” I got from that. I also just felt more confident and in control of my days of knowing when my baby would eat. I’m not “graceful” about it! I have to have pillows and a boppy, the works! I couldn’t just nurse anywhere.

  8. I like the first night together with the baby in the hospital. Just nursing and sleeping and eating cafeteria food. Waking up to the sound of little goat cries. I think I might be addicted to newborns! And soon you’ll be holding yours! :)